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  1. I own a 2009 Mahindra Logan diesel in Mangalore, Karnataka. This is the first major issue I'm facing in 10 years! The car broke down on a 120 kms one way trip. Got a temporary fix from a local mechanic, said it was be a circuit/fuse issue. Could see some of the wire casing had worn out. Gave it for service to authorized service center, Karnataka Agencies, on returning. They replaced the circuit/ related fuses, diesel filter etc (Bill attached). But the car is not starting now and still in service center. The contact person said it might be fuel pump and nozzle issue (Delphi make) and needs to be sent to thrid party for service/repair costing around 10k.New replacement will cost around 60k. But they are still not sure about the issue. Could anyone please suggest good car service centers in Mangalore to get a second opinion. Also, are these price quotes reasonable ? Thanks in advance.