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  1. This one is really a good family car. Hope Suzuki will launch it in Australia. I will definitely buy one for my wife. The only concern about "Suzis" here is the more expensive spares and service when compared to Toyota, Ford etc.
  2. Another victim of the notorious Fiat service. Hope his star image fetched the car a good price rather than the car's brand image.
  3. Come on guys, haven't we Indians got enough of old models still selling after decades of its launch? I am happy to see many companies now considering India as an important market and try to give us new models alongwith the other developed markets. Threads like this and positive comments for relaunching the discontinued models will prompt the companies to think in such a way that Indians prefer only old models. Remember that cars are not made of gold. Its high time we should be treated equal to the developed markets and we deserve latest models. jimgeo2011-10-25 13:15:17
  4. My opinion: Pros: Merc drivetrain Competitive pricing Space Cons: Poor and decade old design Cheap quality Chinese plastic interiors Lack of sufficient sales and after sales service network Quality of components and availability of spares if sourced from China. The force one embelem on the steering wheel looks like a toy car thingy. Huge size and turning radius will keep urban customers away. Absence of ABS and Air Bags makes it an unsafe vehicle for highways Final verdict: VFM SUV for the rich land lords in the villages who does not want to spend more money for a Ford Endeavour.
  5. This is just a copy of Toyota Corolla Verso. MSIL could have done better job if they adhered to the concept model. Anyway this will sell in good numbers with the the new 1.4L KSeries engine and the "Hamara" diesel engine. Expect the Etios Mini MPV only if this one catches the market.
  6. Honda Japan launches a new model with a familiar name. The Fit Shuttle is a mini MPV that will get two distinctively different powertrains: a VTEC gasoline engine, and a hybrid. The i-VTEC engine is Honda
  7. Whatever superior quality engine Fiat makes, they are not able to reap the best sales with the cars in their own brand name. It is the fate of Fiat in India that they will never enjoy a good market share. But their engines can do it. A good engine alone wont make a car well acceptable to the customers. It needs a perfect blend of overall product quality, fit and finish, effective marketing, efficient after sales service, a good brand image and resale value. Just think how many boxes Fiat ticks on the above factors.
  8. I liked the new Dezire. It looks better than the current model. Looks sportier. MSIL can even make either a mini SUV /MPV/ estate version with the same length. It will be a cheaper alternative for the SX4 hatch which they are bit afraid of launching in India. The front portion of the car is more digestable with an MPV/SUV like vertical back. If they make such a product it will definitely be a good competitor for the upcoming mini Xylo MPV. Can any photoshop gurus in this forum render such a design?
  9. Honda is really going down in almost all segments in all markets. I think there is only one reason for its downward growth ie. the lack of tie ups with other car companies. This is the age of mergers, tie ups, take overs and all those sort of co-operation. Honda is very conservative and does not want to have any technology or platform sharing like its Japanese counterparts like Nissan with Renault, Mitsubishi with PSA Peugeot Citroen, Toyota with Subaru, Mazda with Ford, Suzuki with VW etc. If they go for such relationships they can definitely get more models, more engines especially diesels and various common platforms. This can bring down the cost they are spending on the R&D and also on the parts. This can directly bring down the price and can penetrate more into all segments in all the markets.
  10. It is a crazy Aussie Bush Basher travelling around the world. The number plate seems to be a South Australian registration. May be he is visiting India to see the world cup matches. The flag is the St. George's cross which represented England in the middle ages. The 4x4 is a Toyota Land Cruiser commercial version.
  11. I think we have a few other threads about Orlando here in this forum. I had started a topic on this vehicle about a year back and a few other threads were also hanging around for sometime. I am not sure whether all these threads were lost during the server failure of ACI website. I agree with DD that Chevrolet is really planning to dump the Chinese toy cars to India with their bow-tie badge. Orlando may not be seeing Indian roads very soon since the Wuling MPV is about to be launched in 2011 and also the Tavera facelift fitted with Sonalika engine.jimgeo2010-11-28 16:04:41
  12. This faced out old Corolla patch worked car, ie: Etios looks not too bad if the price is 5.25 lakhs. The competitors like Dzire, Ikon, Indigo, Logan etc are also not very good lookers. 1.2 litre version of sedan will be a good option to further lower the price. As most Indians look for durability and economy to maintain, this will surely sell. If the hearse like Qualis was sold well, then Etios will turn out to be a better seller for Toyota.
  13. The back of the car reminds me the Toyota Echo sedan (previous generation of Yaris in Australia). The front looks excellent and side profile resembles a coupe
  14. Latest undisguised pictures of Nissan Micra based sedan: source: Autoincar
  15. Here is the rendering of Manza CS appeared in Indian Autos Blog