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  1. When the tyre needs to be replaced ideally, a smart choice is to replace all four tyres at the same time for continued best vehicle performance. In case of 4-wheel drive vehicle it is necessary to get all four tyres replaced else, you might end up damaging the drivetrain or having a mechanical malfunction. This is important because when all 4 tyres on the vehicle are the same with the same tread dept the front tyres are going to grip the same as the rear tyres giving a better performance and safeguarding the systems in your vehicle. But in case of two-wheel drive vehicles if it’s not possible to replace all 4 tyres at the same time then most experts recommend buying 2 new tyres and placing them on the rear. The reason being, new tyres have more grip than the old tyres. When worn old tyres are placed at the front, it is reasonably safe as compared to placing them at the rear, because in case of abrupt turns the driver can always steer to compensate for the worn tyres and maintain control. On the other hand, placing the new tyres in the front will lead to an extremely unstable and dangerous condition. In short, all 4 tyres must be replaced simultaneously for 4WD while a pair of tyres must be removed and positioned at the rear for 2WD.