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  1. Have you missed the auto expo? Lots of happy customers, lots of new cars on display. The progressing Auto Expo, despite displaying all the dispatches and uncovers, additionally filled in as a stage for the declaration of the (WCOTY)World Car of the Year finalists. The leading 10 and top five finalists for World Car Awards classifications are declared. To read more click here, World Car of the Year Finalists Selected at Auto Expo 2020 | India
  2. Hyundai Creta will get tremendous changes likewise as motor farthest point comparably as force and torque figures. The carmaker may offer to start late made turbocharged oil and diesel motors on the SUV lineup. The oil structure is doubtlessly going to get another 1.5-liter engine that will in like way control the extraordinary Kia Seltos SUV. The new Hyundai Bs6 gen will launch by mid of March this year. To read more click here, Hyundai Creta 2020 | Highlights | Best in Class
  3. In a country overpopulated like India where almost every family does have around 1–2 cars per family, driving or parking a car is almost a hassle in such a scenario. 360 degree camera does it all for a driver, so say to no more hassle while parking, just drive with the flow with the help of 360 degree camera car system (surround-view) and get it placed in your car right now. To read more click here, Is 360 degree Camera in Car Advantageous in India?