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  1. Hi, I bought a Nexon XM. It comes fitted with a music system. I asked the Tata dealer to get it fitted with a Touchscreen screen with Reverse Camera. But after the installation, the default USB and 3.5 mm jack that comes fitted in the front around the gear, along with the default music buttons, became unusable. The reason was that the Touchscreen system has its own USB and 3.5 mm jack. This was visible hanging in the glove compartment area. Thus, the entire previous control system of the music i.e the front buttons, USB and 3.5mm jack became inactive. My problem is that I want the default USB and 3.5 mm jack to be operational. If it is possible, I would like the default music buttons (non-touchscreen ones), which are around the AC buttons, to be operational as well. Thus, the touchscreen as well as the previous controls should become operational simultaneously. The touch screen installed is Blaupunkt Longbeach 970. Is there a way to do this?