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  1. i think the 8 lakh tag is without taxes and duties...
  2. anyone who paid a visit to Paris would have seen tiny little devices named LIGIER AMBRAs running around.Just like the Nano they too are powered by 2 cylinder gasoline engines with almost same dimensions.If Europe can live with an Ambra why not India.This car is meant for families who haul 4 to 5 human beings on scooters and dream of weatherproof and comparitively safe transportation in future.I dont think any of those tread the expressway on scooters regularly or go drag racing in the weekends.This is just a means of transportation which is lot safer for a group of people,something which is within their reach and not meant for desi stigs and Jeremy clarksons.Im sure this car will be as reliable as the 2 stroke bajaj chetak.
  3. If TATA MOTORS manufactured motorcycles Mr.Ratan Tata would have given us a 4 cylinder superbike for 75000/- rupees.When he said "a promise is a promise" it was really emotional.Wish our politicians,self proclaimed nation builders etc etc etc learnt a thing or two from this man.For me he is the epitome of cool.