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  1. Hi, I'm new member here. I badly needs yours opinion. At present i drive renault duster AMT. i have to change it whenever corona problem settles. I have chosen tata harrier 2020 automatic and creta 2020 automatic. But i cannot decide which one to buy. Harrier has hyundai sourced 6 speed automatic and creta offers 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission. I do not like design of creta from very first day. Don't know why. But harrier looks much more imposing, muscular to me. I just love it's design. I drive my car. So driver's experience must be good. I have to buy automatic. All of my cars are automatic. Now i cannot decide which car will give me better experience. Should i go for harrier or creta? Yours opinions will be extremely valuable for decision making. Hope i will buy it once holocaust is over. Waiting for your responses. Stay safe, live healthy do not venture out now. Regards, Sidhu