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  1. Hello Everyone, I am planning to buy a new car and this time I want to go for Kia. This would be my second car, earlier I was driving Honda Jazz VCVT. I prefer to drive an automatic car, less headache in traffic. Kia Seltos comes in three automatic trasmission options - AT, CVT(IVT) and DCT. DCT is out of my budget, although I have heard that DCT is the best automatic transmission. Now, I am confused between AT and CVT, Kia seltos AT comes in Diesel version and CVT comes in Petrol. There is not much price difference between both, I would prefer to buy a diesel version. Now my question is, What is AT in this case? Is it AMT? If its AMT then I would go for CVT version , since AMT is not known to be a good automatic transmission. The two versions I am talking about are these: HTK Plus AT 1.5 Diesel and HTX CVT 1.5 Please help me decide, Thanks, Rohit