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  1. I had purchased the CB Shine SP last year in April. The bike has a strange problem i.e. gear shifting problem which to my surprise ( which I got to know later) is very common in almost all SP version models ( which has 5 gears instead of 4 ).Whenever the bike comes to standstill the bike gets stuck at a particular gear unless the clutch is re engaged. My bike is still under warranty for 2 months. I repeatedly took my bike to Honda authorized service centres to rectify the problem & they stated it is quite normal so that they could evade the issue. I also had a talk with Honda customer care but got no help from them . I am extremely frustrated about what to do . There are several owners of Shine SP who face this issue but Honda never addressed this problem ( because of the strong fake goodwill they have ).It's an earnest request to the Autocar team if they can guide me about how to proceed with this issue.