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  1. i dont think the evo comes even close to matching the gallardo where looks are concerned. price is a issue. but as i said if you had the cash.
  2. its possible adi... hope you can get it through.. how you going about it?
  3. for me definitely the new accord. skoda spares are very expensive(if you are looking to buy a car like this in the first place it shouldn't pinch you much, but even rich Indians are stingy) and since Nissan is relatively new in the Indian market can't vouch for their after sales service which is very crucial, if they live up to their standards which they have abroad it shall be worthwhile.
  4. @325i. is there anyone closer to bombay/pune who could do the same. though i am looking to race rather than the technical aspect of the cars.
  5. the logan may be a more economical car where fuel costs are concerned however the fiesta is better looking and has a better resale value. i don't know how mahindra were able to develop a such engine before maruti. good job done by the R&D guys at mahindra.
  6. i don't know if its my imagination or what but the aston martin DB4 GT zagato looka like a smaller and a more compact version of the ferrari dino. ferrari - european roads aston martin - indian roads though the shelby and the mercedes sl300 truly deserve their positon on the list.
  7. the acura nsx, accord, scion tc and the chrysler look like concepts rather than actual production models. the lp 640 - most spectacular of them all and the GT-R comes a close second.
  8. oh man. would love to render my services as a driver for this competition. the only catch is that i m not old enough to drive legally. anyway has this been finalized or is it currently in the discussion phase??
  9. the ambassador has served the Indian people specially the gov people with a lot of commitment and now its time to retire. though you can not compare the amby with the newer cars in terms of technologies like abs or airbags are concerned it could as hell give the cars a run for their money where reliability is concerned. i think they should stop production and a little later produce a LE as said before sellng it only to people who genuinely love the car.
  10. hey thats great, mine are on this monday and i want to say the same on the score front too.Great luck to you too adi1991.
  11. durango dude, appreciate your wishes thanx . i wish the same for your boy too. my prcticals are round the corner....
  12. hey rssh what are you planing to do after your boards...adi1991 planning to do finance and also am most likely to do so too...
  13. i know what you mean adi1991... the reason i said journalism is because being a auto jorno you get to drive cars which you generally see in mags rssh i would love to do what guys at tg do...the only problem is how to get there???