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  1. Saw interiors on NDTV...looked OK but no aircon!!
  2. IMHO Lemons are everywhere - be it Toyota, Honda or any other manufacturer. Its more of a luck/chance thing - whether you end up with one or not! Just that good manufacturers have a low lemon:good car ratio than ordinary & bad ones.
  3. i say buy this only if you really miss the airline economy class seating - cramped & overpriced!
  4. @Sgiitk: not taking into account body repairs & Mobil1...I'll upload the charges shortly.
  5. @sgiitk Looking at your expenses my Altis has been far cheaper to run and maintain. Just 1 service in 1 year. (except the first service done within 1month of sale) almost 5000kms done. very satisfied with the car. Approx money spent on it Rs14-1500 (will give an exact fig later)
  6. Ive got two words - claustrophobic rear! imagine peeping out of the rear windows!
  7. @goenkakushal: mine's pretty low 5000 odd kms in 1 year!!lol
  8. Brake pad wear depends on use too, i.e, how fast you drive and how you brake!
  9. Tested the vehicle today, there were issues with 4x4, wasnt engaging properly. Had it checked at MASS and they advised against buying the vehicle!!
  10. @rameshbabu: spares wont be an issue as Gypsies are in production for the Army. @sarabjeet: have checked, no issues in transfer. Mechanicals are yet to be checked though the person selling it is my mechanic who works on the Fiat 1100. I also checked with the car-bazaar guy who rotates the staff cars for us, he suggested around 65k.
  11. Its 1000cc (MG410) presume MG410W was the 1.3
  12. @sgiitk: what about the asking price? I think should be around 50k?
  13. There's a 1990 MG410 with 85000kms for sale; the vendor is asking for 1,00,000. Tyres are bald. Body looks decent. Paint is original and all monograms are intact (though dull). Govt vehicle - Ex-Soldier Welfare Dept or something like that. This evening Im will inspect the mechanicals. Look at inputs from members. Thanks.
  14. @cyrus: can you please divulge some specs of the thar and when can we expect it to hit the showrooms?Kinshuk2010-07-26 11:41:16
  15. @atulhost & dr_nishu: AFAICU, Winner48 wanted to know which TypeR honda's planning on introducing in India!
  16. AFAIK, it'll be a hatch. According to the source this information has been communicated to dealers, so hoping soon means in the coming 6-12 months!!
  17. Ive heard from very reliable Honda source that the Civic Type R might be here soon at 18Lac range!!
  18. Exactly Chevy cars are not tomatoes which make good curry but lemons which cant make good lemonade!!
  19. Kinshuk

    Lemons of India

    @maximas007: well any car or for that matter anything which you buy and are stuck with it for bad service or workmanship can be construed to be a lemon! Fiat handed everyone lemons back then and the poor folk werent even able to make lemonade! In other words Fiat took the mickey out of its customers!Kinshuk2010-07-16 12:04:42
  20. Kinshuk

    Lemons of India

    Fiat UNO Chevy UVA Chevy SRV Ford Fusion (in case its not listed above)Kinshuk2010-07-16 10:23:06
  21. Absolutely super Anjan...thats a delight to look at! btw bit of hardcore Hindi in the background!
  22. I went to the car spa. Got a 3 step polishing done and nano /anti glare coating on windscreen. Cost 3500 + 2 free steam washes complimentary. Life of treatment 8 months. Been instructed not to wash it for 3 days and no dusting required. Fully satisfied by the result. Kinshuk2010-07-10 17:35:52
  23. @goenkakushal: Maybe a heat/humidity issue - you can get this re-programmed at the service centre in a couple of mins. If remember correctly, the manual says one can get the entire locking system reprogrammed as per one's preference - so if you dont like the 5min delay, can get it turned off or 5mins delay changed to 2mins or something!!
  24. Once again had the urge to by a Mahindra Jeep! Dont like the Scorpio's looks, Thar not available & Bolero Euro3 Only option seems buying a 2nd hand Jeep and renovate!