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  1. @rameshbabu: spares wont be an issue as Gypsies are in production for the Army.

    @sarabjeet: have checked, no issues in transfer. Mechanicals are yet to be checked though the person selling it is my mechanic who works on the Fiat 1100.

    I also checked with the car-bazaar guy who rotates the staff cars for us, he suggested around 65k.

  2. There's a 1990 MG410 with 85000kms for sale;

    the vendor is asking for 1,00,000.

    Tyres are bald.

    Body looks decent.

    Paint is original and all monograms are intact (though dull).

    Govt vehicle - Ex-Soldier Welfare Dept or something like that.

    This evening Im will inspect the mechanicals.

    Look at inputs from members.


  3. @maximas007: well any car or for that matter anything which you buy and are stuck with it for bad service or workmanship can be construed to be a lemon!

    Fiat handed everyone lemons back then and the poor folk werent even able to make lemonade!

    In other words Fiat took the mickey out of its customers!Kinshuk2010-07-16 12:04:42

  4. I went to the car spa. Got a 3 step polishing done and nano /anti glare coating on windscreen. Cost 3500 + 2 free steam washes complimentary. Life of treatment 8 months. Been instructed not to wash it for 3 days and no dusting required. Fully satisfied by the result.


    Kinshuk2010-07-10 17:35:52

  5. @goenkakushal: Maybe a heat/humidity issue - you can get this re-programmed at the service centre in a couple of mins.

    If remember correctly, the manual says one can get the entire locking system reprogrammed as per one's preference - so if you dont like the 5min delay, can get it turned off or 5mins delay changed to 2mins or something!!