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  1. It's Fiat Punto or try to smuggle a Peugeot from Sri Lanka! Slightly off topic: 08:53:25
  2. @sgiitk: LOL these guys are hilariously stupid!
  3. @dtandon: Well I haven't personally visited Maruti - driver does that. We've been getting washing done at Ranjan & regular running repairs by the same workshop which takes care of my Fiat and is bang opposite my house. Chevy was with Gemini which shut shop and now is with an unknown entity. Tata is Tata - no comments. As for now have had a good experience with Toyota.Kinshuk2010-06-19 17:19:48
  4. @subzero: as Dr Gupta said the problem was due to faulty installation of the door sills - a single person's inability to solve a problem and another single person's inability to carry out the installation - Whilst solving a problem one should start from the point when there was no problem and then move to the point when the problem came up and look at what all happened between this period to reach the cause of the problem. Anyone at the service centre with sound problem solving skills would have pointed this out in no time. Also, I disagree with you on the UP Bihar comment, not because I belong to this region, but because A.S.S varies from dealer to dealer all over India. I had my NHC serviced at Delhi after a good soaking in rain and puddle water last year - not a very good experience! Lucknow Honda Service centers (there are 2) are delivering way better service. I have personal experience of visiting one for more than 10 years - had accidental repairs done on my OHC and running maintenance on NHC and can vouch for the service response/ Service Advisor:Customer relationship at Fortune Honda. Kinshuk2010-06-19 12:41:56
  5. @Dr Gupta: Surprised that you're facing such a problem with an absolutely new Honda!! I hope they've been able to diagnose and rectify the problem - pls keep us updated! @creativebala: FYI, I've been constantly getting 10kmpl on my Altis - in city with A/c!
  6. Any kind of fiddling around with the vehicle will void the warranty.Kinshuk2010-06-16 15:23:49
  7. Kinshuk

    Xylo Pickup

    Not 207 it looks more like Tata 407 category product!! Relax guys, end of the day all our passports read Republic of India. Lets not get into Punjab, UP, Bihar, S. India talk.
  8. @cyrus: nahem nahem! ) If were to look at a performance car and had access to Type R I would go for the coupe and not the sedan. Kinshuk2010-06-11 20:54:11
  9. I sencond what Dr Gupta's mentioned. To me there nothing better or eye-catching then a stock car maintained in almost pristine condition - there's a reason - 97% keep their vehicle stock and dont maintain them well, 2% mod them and just 1% maintain their vehicles properly - so end of the day this 1% stands out in the crowd better than the 2%!
  10. @sgiitk: talking illegal number plates, there are many who are still using the old black plates! You can often see these ill maintained vehicles running around after 8pm - when the cops go to sleep - unless there is VIP movement! How are your reverse sensors working? Are they really useful?
  11. @bornfree: Whats the use of cheap and ineffective technology!?! Anything when applied in bulk becomes cheap!
  12. These add aesthetic value to cars but I didnt go for the HSRPs on my Altis for two reasons: 1. These do not provide complete tracking/security option. Assuming a car with hsrp is stolen, now-a-days this has become such an organised affair that the thieves will simply replace the front bumper and bootlid and snap on new plates! 2. Utsav is not the auth. hsrp plate provider in my state. There is more than one company looking to tap the hsrp market, so no one knows whether Utsav or Company B gets exclusivity for producing hsrps! I didnt want to spend money twice on number plates. It would be great if manufacturers can embed tracking devices in the chassis - great for everyone - owners, police & banks! A smart chip of sorts - a non-reprogrammable gps signal transmitter and a programmable part which can store registration & owner details - which would transmit the vehicle reg. number to a wireless number plate! (if anyone has not already thought of this idea or has thought but not made it public - the above shall be considered as first public communication of the same and the person making this post shall be the sole owner of all related IP rights) Kinshuk2010-06-08 17:11:07
  13. @BF: as far as appeal is concerned Tamina (Gemma Arterton) appealed more than Dastan (Jake Gyllenhall)! Anyhow an entertaining movie, often films based on epic video games don't live up to the hype (read Max Payne) but this one's a good entertainer.
  14. Ouch Archit! I banged my knee real bad whilst pulling a stunt on a 'hero ranger' (mountain bike) way back in 1990s (didn't have knee pads etc back then) - still feel the sting, so please be careful!
  15. Congratulations Dr Gupta! She looks beautiful! Oh come on Archit - there's a separate Toyota bashing thread! Kinshuk2010-06-02 16:44:52
  16. @anjan: finally some credit to my Corolla! (Corollaphobia)!!! Big-up to Bornfree!
  17. Well Skoda's been in the habit of horrible introductory pricing. So hope to have a price correction about 8-12months from launch. Looks more like a cross between Logan & Verna/Fiesta or maybe even Logan & Indigo CS!
  18. @dr_nishu: Thanks but please note its a Fiat 1100Delight and not a PP! 1995 was student time, 2010 is professional time...cant spend 9-5 for 3 months on her!! But still weekends are enough to keep her in shape. As reg spares, we do keep a tab on things in the scrap market but I dont need to take my mechanic along - who's just across the street from my place - he does the job for me! He's the 3rd generation who's looking after our cars - though now its down to just the Fiat & the M800.
  19. As this topic cant be on a serious track for very long, let me start off - In case you're not sleeping alone, make sure the person youre sharing the car with doesnt have a very spicy dinner! )Kinshuk2010-06-01 14:59:27
  20. You can try tweeting about it to @anandmahindra on twitter. From what Ive seen, he usually responds & gets people acting on complaints.
  21. @dtandon: probably, will get some work done on them coming Fri-Sat, will get back with updates.
  22. @dtandon: jammed wheels! everytime they jam have to get the shoes shaved a bit. Otherwise they work just fine, very confidence inspiring!! Tyres are old MRF ones - tread's still there but they're old and cracking - need new tyres. Absolutely, next time youre in Lko, let me know we can meet & exchange notes whilst our cars can 'hang-out' LOL!! The front S1 is a bit of alteration I had done in 1995...had just passed ICSE and as a 'reward' for scoring a good %, my grandfather allowed me to get the car overhauled as I liked. The latest in a PP at that time was that piece of metal which look cool to the teenager in me - so out went the plain looking center piece and in came the new one. Spent the whole summer vacation getting the car re-done and the result was fantastic - every one thought its a new PP with old reg! The front windows were also modified at that time - but I had all the old parts stored properly.
  23. @Anjan: Thanks for the kind words! You've raised a good point but the thought of not getting spares does scare me at times! but rest assured I will not change the engine, transmission etc... that is untill I can keep them working and get spares. When I took her out last Saturday I was getting the kind of looks from people which simply make you forget the 40 deg heat! Loved every bit of that drive!
  24. A few pics of my car... @Dtandon: already have alternator installed. I will not under any circumstances be looking to change the physical appearance. Just the mechanical bits. Someone on another forum commented that getting a disc setup would mean altering the suspension too! From what I know only things beyond the spindle will have to be changed and a pressure booster & reducer (for rear drums) will have to be added on...any thoughts on this?
  25. @Luukie: how old are you? Are you considering this option during power cuts/ power failures at night? @mods: is this really a question which needs a national debate? Why would anyone want to sleep in a car with the AC on? If you're a driver- you wont be posting queries on ACI Forum and if you're an owner - go home or rent a hotel room if you need air conditioning!