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  1. Dr_nishu: Im not looking to replace the engine. This is not an everyday use vehicle, all im looking for is to modernise bit and pieces so that she's still driveable say 10 yrs from now - when the spares become non-existent. I want her to last at least my lifetime - which to be very optimistic is another 40-50 years! Also, adding booster/power brake to existing setup is not an option, Im specifically looking at discs (which will mean that I add a booster as the working pressure for drum and discs is different). Another issue which comes to mind - if I add discs to the front and have drums in the rear - i will need a pressure reducer for the drums otherwise the pads will wear out too soon. So presume the best option would be to have discs all round! sb_alto: I posted this query for two reasons - 1. as I was and still am curious about the issues mentioned but 2. also as recently there have been too many threads which simply lack common sense and the old flavour of the forum had/has been missing. As far as pics go had posted the entire process when I got her repainted had put up pics (older posts got deleted). (I am getting excellent response at another forum)Kinshuk2010-05-30 19:39:34
  2. Spent almost 3hrs with my Fiat 1100D which got me thinking - how about modernising the mechanicals - 1. Drivetrain - custom lightweight flywheel, driveshaft, axles, differetial etc... 2. Brakes - entire system replacement so as to have front discs and rear drums or better discs on all four. Before I get deeper into my flight of fantasy, have a few questions 1. Is this practically possible? 2. Would it be possible to do this whilst retaining the engine and gearbox?
  3. Got the battery charged and took my Fiat for a drive (about 2kms), it was a pleasure driving her around. Surprisingly the motorcycles & 3 wheelers kept well away! Need to get the brakes cleaned, engine tuned and underbody washed and greased.
  4. @asethi919: a few crores (stock, showroom interiors, equipment for workshop, working capital: salaries, electricity, aircons, furniture, internet & computers etc, advertisement...) + land, equipment & building for workshop + showroom space in prominent area + business track record for the company to consider your application + cash for miscellaneous expenses
  5. In most cities there are proper paintshops close to the area where most 2nd hand car shops are located - they are the closest you can get to factory finish - probably better at times. Also you can look at adding a few additional coats of clear coat - which should make the paint resistant to minor scratches and will also add to the overall gloss. From what I know, proper application of clear coat can get you the permanent wet look - which will look very cool on your black car!Kinshuk2010-05-26 08:20:20
  6. watching one of my favourite film - Transporter on Star Movies - doesn't the black BMW 735 look dated now!!
  7. @goenkakushal: there's a formula (ex-showroom cost-discount)*100/112.5 = Total Lease Period Rental which is then divided by the number of months you plan to lease a vehicle (24-60months) to arrive at the monthly rental. To this fleet management services are added - some are standard and some optional ones. So at the end you only pay the rental and nothing else besides the fuel. No downpayment etc... They are suggesting (2year plan) i10Kappa Magna @ 15k/month Fabia 1.2Ambiente Petrol 27k/month this includes accident damage waiver, tyre and battery replacement, total loss insurance, repair and maintenance. With a 50k mileage cap. Kinshuk2010-05-25 10:04:07
  8. have asked for quotes on Fiesta Zxi diesel, Dezire Diesel Ritz vxi, Jazz & Polo Highline - through Leaseplan India.
  9. Ive driven around 3000kms since Nov. 09! @Tanmay97: I wanted to clarify, 2nd service as per the manual is at 10k or 1year but I have a MAY service due sticker - 6months!! When did you get your 2nd service?
  10. Let me rephrase the question: which car has the best resale in mid-top end hatchback segment & mid range sedan segment. Hatches that can be looked at: Swift to Jazz Sedans: Manza to Fiesta/Linea
  11. Its a bit different when you're leasing a in this case...we're just looking for vehicles with good resale in the respective categories, i.e, mid size sedan and hatchback.
  12. My company is looking to lease 1. Mid size sedan 2. Hatchback Since I've been entrusted with choosing the vehicle and variant, looking at pointers from fellow members to make some suggestions. Please keep in mind, good vehicles to lease are the ones which command a good resale - say after 2-3years. Fuel type: Sedan Diesel Hatch either petrol or diesel
  13. @rssh: is CNET - the father of all tech sites.
  14. i10 seems to be the one for you but also have a look at the new WagonR have heard that its very much improved and ideal for city driving and with this you can save approx. a Lac and get all the goodies.
  15. Saw Crazy Heart today...nice soundtrack! @DD: looking cool )
  16. oops! my bad. Any updates on the launch?
  17. Guys any info on Mahindra launching the Thar?
  18. @DD: LOL nice one! On a serious note cant agree with you more on this, they really need to get their act together in this respect!
  19. I hope and pray a speedy recovery.
  20. There's oversupply of cars in the 3.5-6.5L bracket and there are more to one can expect a lot of chaos /confusion both on the streets and in the buyer's minds! Also IMHO there are a couple of niche segments which haven't been catered to - 1. hardcore 4x4 - something akin to Mahindra Classic 2. Sports Car - a convertible or a hardtop coupe Even if we leave the Sports car category, there are plenty of us who would buy an entry level 4x4 Jeep for recreational purposes - priced around 3.5-4.5L ex-showroom. Sad that Maruti didnt introduce a diesel engine and let the Gypsy die a slow death.
  21. Looks like a 70s flower mobile!
  22. Hope its not another 'Parliament rocking scam' in the making!! LOL these days anything can happen! As far as Im concerned...leave alone cars cant even get my school classmates to agree on a reunion date
  23. is anyone getting the Siena look at the front...or is it just me?!? pic courtesy:http://www.advancedcarrent.comKinshuk2010-04-28 16:22:19