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  1. I think the one we have in India looks better esp. the front. Rear to me is ok. Hardly any change in the interiors!
  2. @DD: Thanks but dont know what a bride looks like on a wedding day!! It took 2.5 hrs and have sore ankles...good workout though!!Kinshuk2010-01-30 20:01:31
  3. @subzero: You've now got a complete kit to keep those 2wheelers out of you lane at all times! My car's 3months old but a little TLC will keep it looking spanking new even after 4yrs!
  4. I also got a call from my CA today, who incidenatlly is my best friend of 20+yrs thereafter I decided to celebrate the weekend and wash & polish my car!
  5. @Subzero: Thanks! Driving RHD car in LHD and that too on an expressway was 'entertaining' to say the least!! One thing which still keeps haunting me is the opportunity I missed of owning an Audi A4 !! Had I waited 1 day it could have been mine for the same amount as the Honda!! So for all the young ones reading - learn to be patient, never make a decision in a hurry!!
  6. Thanks Speed! As per Bornfree's request, here's my intro: Im Kinshuk Mishra, 30 yrs old and am a 3rd generation lawyer. Schooling from La Martiniere College, Lucknow; LLB & LLM (Commercial Laws) from Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University, UK. Own a KPO - which operates out of Singapore- mainly involved with legal research and also Dionysus Beverages Pvt Ltd which is an import/export/distribution company dealing with alcoholic beverages. Since childhood have been interested in cars - Fiats mostly - we had 2 Fiats and an Amby till the M800 came by in 1988 which saw the eldest Fiat being disposed off due to parking issues. Learnt to drive on the Fiat Delight (which I still have), learnt how to actually drive on a Gypsy (which we had for a very short time) this was in and around Nainital. Between 1999-2003 we also had an OHC which unluckily suffered a rear shunt and was disposed off after repairs. First car I bought was a Rover 214Si bought for GBP500 and engine died in 6 months then I bought a Honda Accord for GBP3000 which I sold in 2004 before coming to India. Next was HNC in 2004 Dec and now Altis Oct/Nov 09. I have driven across England, Wales and Scotland. Driven RHD car in LHD countries - France & Switzerland. Kinshuk2010-01-29 08:43:38
  7. After hearing/reading all the reports in the media, I checked in my Altis and did not find the mat to be obstructing the accelerator pedal. Dr Gupta is right, the issue will be with the LHD vehicles.
  8. From what I understand its specific to the US & Canadian markets. No such problems have been reported in Asia, so we need not worry.
  9. NiCE! I had seen something similar in Delhi on a white Civic looked cool...but these are awesome! Suggest everyone (who hasn't ) check out Honda Nepal's website, they're offering much more kit on Civic than in India!! I wonder which country has more sales!?! Im waiting for the warranty to run out.... Source: &
  10. Congratulations Rssh, Bluesapphire, Creativebala, Sb-alto & Asethi! Keep up the good work.
  11. cool subzero! Did you pay any duty whilst bringing these into India? If yes then how much?
  12. Nice car subzero! At 7.5L it looks like a steal (though surprised that a civic's value can go down so fast!) Hope you were able to remove the food stain. Some interior pics please.
  13. Thanks 5u3zEro! Im a self employed professional and most of my clients are from overseas. Also though our business is based at Lucknow our interests are in states other than UP and overseas, so it doesn't really matter where I live!
  14. Is there any similarity between Suzuki K series and Honda K series ( Also, whats the difference between VVT-i & I-VTEC?Kinshuk2010-01-17 16:01:56
  15. @5u3zer0: Thanks but you pushed the wrong button when you mentioned the traffic sense & I'll probably end up writing a 5000 word dissertation on this!! Traffic sense?its more of Traffic nonsense! Its sheer madness! Every time you turn on the blinkers they think you're celebrating Diwali!! Pedestrians think if they stop walking India's GDP will drop and motorcycle riders are actually WWII dispatch riders delivering urgent messages to the Allied troops on Nazi's Panzer deployment and some play 'speed racer' whilst ogling at girls walking on the sidewalk and end up crashing into a car which stopped at a red light!!!! The situation in Lucknow is that 80% of the traffic on weekdays is from adjoining districts - people who come here for work. Madness usually reduces in the evening say after 9PM in winters and 10PM summers when these people go back to their towns. Vacation time is hell - Imagine an ageing car at night with bald tyres, lanterns for headlights, black number plates, 80yr old grandpa driving and 5 adults+4 children as passengers!! Hope you visited during Diwali or Holi when everyone's gone home and actual citizens of Lucknow- people with 'Tehzeeb' remain - its a different city then!
  16. Its not that great an engineering marvel, they should have learnt a lesson from the Severn bridge which links England to Wales (M48) and built something with atleast 8 lanes! It already looks congested. The crash barriers on the bridge are not proper ones, keeping in mind the speed of vehicles, they should have installed highway standard double sided guard rails.
  17. Kinshuk

    E10 Petrol

    I read in the TOI last Sunday that they're looking at blending Jatropha oil with petrol in UP - here's the link:
  18. I use it almost everyday and my locality is only stop traffic one hardly gets space to 'go' but on a serious note, only once did my vehicle stall in first gear (stopped on a red and when it turned green the car stalled - clutch release issue - was on the 2nd day). Suggestion: Keep the rev up (very slightly) and you wont experience any problem. (note: you can get a wheel spin if the rev is slightly high and then all the motorcycle people will run for cover !!)
  19. or you can try and have it imported from the US (there's a link on 12:02:13
  20. It does need a bit getting used to; not much of a hassle though!