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  1. Tata Magic based products are very popular in the rural areas...recently I was driving down from Lucknow to Delhi and was pleasantly surprised to see that these have completely replaced Mahindra Jeeps! This too should sell well in semi urban & school van markets.
  2. This is a good looking vehicle and will give tough competition to Tata Winger. Good for airport transfers. Add some lazyboys and you have a comfy highway cruiser!!Kinshuk2010-01-06 08:48:50
  3. IMO designwise Toyota Etios looks slightly better than this! Keeping in mind that its a concept, hope Honda does something to spice up the front! Honda I presume weren't ready with anything concrete but since Toyota was bringing an almost complete small car, they had to do something...might be a reason for such an ugly concept! Talking of concepts like the Suzuki MPV concept.Kinshuk2010-01-05 15:53:30
  4. Altis...better brand value, over all package and is cheaper than Civic. I own one and am very happy with Altis.
  5. Whats Toyota launching this Autoexpo? (adverts on the tele show a sedan, its not the diesel Altis or Hybrid Prius as the tail lights dont match either)...Vios maybe??
  6. Worldspace tried to create a niche where none existed. Who would like to pay when a decent broadband connection had world radio channels at your fingertips for almost nothing (considering one was/is already paying for a decent broadband connection!) Paid radio is not a very viable business proposition. Internet radio is still a viable option...I listen to bbc radio 1 almost daily.Kinshuk2009-12-28 20:21:25
  7. 'eeky' economical vehicle =Eeco
  8. call Honda 121 they'll have a better answer.
  9. @rkw: everything should be working as its mentioned in the manual, if its not take the car to the dealer and ask for a demo! if something's wrong you'll automatically come to know!!
  10. Ive heard that they have done some basic restoration jobs as well...not sure though!
  11. yup these are all scans...those days I was somewhat interested in learning proper photography and was using a Nikon FM3A...manual SLR!! Those days a long gone, use a sony cybershot at present but am looking to buy a Nikon D500!
  12. It has beige and black interiors...wood trims are a nice idea but will need a good woodworker to get the job done!! Had i been in Delhi would have approached Autopsyche!
  13. @BS:Thanks and ! nah, ive got a suitcase full of pix...but then cant post everything on a forum can I?
  14. @DD & Cyrus: Thanks, your kind comments matter a lot...she's like a family member! She brought me home from the hospital when I was born and hope she keeps company till the end... Kinshuk2009-12-16 19:35:47
  15. @cyrus: Address, website, email anything would help!
  16. Worked till 3PM and then went through old photographs - scanned and posted them on Flickr then on ACI...I also found this UTT in 2002 UTT in 2009
  17. Is there a Fiat Classic Car Club of India?
  18. Posting some pix from my uni days in Cardiff... Scottish Countryside Ducks at Loch Lamond Somewhere between Cardiff and London Loch Lamond M4 Edinburgh Castle Parking Sterling Castle Great Hall - Notice the roof has no beams or pillars as supports and its a massive hall!! Torchwood Fountain - Cardiff Bay (notice the Millennium Center Under Construction in 2003) Welsh Countryside Relief of Lucknow - Outside Sterling Castle - it also has a mention of the boys of La Martiniere who protected the families during Indian raid of the Residency at Lucknow. I have some more interesting pix but there are even more interesting people in them so cant post them here...esp. of the welsh countryside (which is simply breathtaking) and people (welsh women are said to be the most beautiful lot in the world!!)
  19. I cant even imagine what would happen if suddenly a crater appeared on the road and one tries to avoid it- whilst travelling at decent speed!!! Taxiwallah+Sumo Grande+State Highways= one deadly cocktail!
  20. Thanks BS and you're exactly 10 yrs younger to me!! Sure, I'll take her to La Martiniere (one of the oldest schools in Asia, only one with battle honours and my school) and take some pics of both the car and the bldg (to show what the tourism department cant)
  21. Thanks Alok! Carb was checked by my mechanic whose family has been repairing our cars since the 1930s!! Wipers are good no need to replace. Yes the odo is correct and she's pretty silent - one cannot here the engine when car's idling. (Using Castrol Magnatec) Let me brag a bit...If you'll call all the 1988 model marutis to a convention, my car will have most of the original parts in good working/cosmetic condition! Even the original vinyl seats are intact!! (the car had just 15k kms till 2000 - its was when we sold the good old Amby Mark3 off and bought the OHC that this car came into somewhat proper use - till 1999 we had two of India's fav. workhorses doing regular duty - Amby and Fiat!!)
  22. Have driven both cars in city! I like the Altis - it has adequate power and GC for city as well as highway! (but then people will say I favour Altis because I own one ) Altis represents a more steady head while Civic is more bling bling !!Kinshuk2009-12-15 11:08:34
  23. Its driver driven and mostly used by my mother and these pockets can store things like magazines and files etc...which are of great use in traffic jams! Roof, seats, door panels & laminated windscreen = 6200 Mikuni Carb: 3500