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  1. Hello All, I booked a new Suzuki Access-125 DIsc variant(BS-IV model) on 30th March 2020 here in Pune. I paid full amount over a phone on the same day, whilst the dealer promised me that all paperwork, delivery will be done once lock-down is lifted in coming days But it gets extended until first week of June. On 10th June 2020, I got delivery of a scooter with some accessories but registration was still pending. Dealer said it will be done in the coming days and provided me print out of registration of vehicle on 'e-vahan' website - dated '30th April 2020' and showed status as 'pending inspection of vehicle from RTO'. Last week, Supreme court of India, prohibited registration of all BS-IV vehicles sold after 25th March 2020. My question is; 1. I am not able ride scooter in the city since registration is still pending and I fear traffic cop could fined if I caught driving without number and registration 2. I haven't received documents such as Road Tax, Insurance & payment receipt etc from the dealer. 3. What will happen to registration of all BS-IV pending vehicles? Will dealer recall all sold vehicles if SC kept prohibiting registration? I am in a trapped situation and don't know what to do next, Please help me! Thanks & Regards, Ashitosh Gajare