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  1. Smart package, nice Interiors, but the Window line is the Biggest drawbacks in the Design, Donno how Hyundai gonna manage this..
  2. Hyundai have another winner in its Hands., good Luck, hope so soon
  3. Harley Davidson gonna flooded with bookings by the time it's launched in India. I feel 'STREET-750/500' are more affordable to Indian customers.. I lov this model to Own one..!!
  4. It's a long wait in India to look for any alternative for Toyota Innova., Here it is, Nissan playing a perfect game to get the Market chunk, I wish Nissan a great success.. If brought here soon & priced wisely..!!
  5. Honda Civic, the Best in class, but it's the price, low ground clearance, no diesel engine, etc factors made this away frm Indians choice..
  6. Good., a perfect car now., it can't do anything with Honda Amaze but sure it gonna give Maruti's Desire a run for existence now..
  7. Foreign brands tactic approach with Indian Mind set., making a Hatchback a Crossover by just Making Tyre size change and little Suspension changes..!! Cool design but the designer must hav choosen must bigger tyres..!!
  8. Nissan got it in right time, better soon is better business..
  9. Thts too Good from VW., get it soon to India, it could be a fortune changer in India for VW..
  10. nice compact looks, cute enough to win hearts in India,but looks some what out dated, pricing is crucial as the competition is already Heated up with Duster dominating in this segment Ford brought its EcoSport with the best it can give to India with much lower price. now Nissan ready to bring its Duster re-badged Terrano soon, so its a gr8 Challenge ahead for this Korando.. wish some Good luck for Mahindra..
  11. Jeep., hope the legacy repeats in our Market, wish all the very Best for JEEP, for re-entry in our Indian market.. im soo excited about Grand Cherokee..!!
  12. Volvo's fortune changer.. Definitely the best model.. I personally loving this, waitng for the launch in India.
  13. Interesting design, close to new Civic, can do wonders in our Market if it's given a Diesel motor. Hope this model soon in India.
  14. Chevrolet BEAT for sale, 2010 model, done 13000kms, price negotioble. contact: 8790968011