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  1. There was actually a heated debate over the release of the 2021 Honda Civic . This time we can see the look of the Honda Civic 2021. According to media reports, the Honda Civic will be the first to enter the Thai and Malaysian markets. Do you have any expectations for Honda Civic 2021?😛😛🥰
  2. You are right. Daihatsu Rush has already been released today. It does look a lot like Daihatsu Terios, but don't worry about it , its evaluation is pretty good.
  3. From the outside, the 2020 Daihatsu Terios has undergone a complete overhaul of its exterior design that hasn't changed over the years. The shape changed completely to become more luxurious and futuristic. There are no more spare tires hanging on the back door, so it doesn't weigh down the door and it looks like a modern urban SUV. The Daihatsu Terios 2020 now uses a 2NR engine with a capacity of 1,500 cc Dual VVTi, 16 valve DOHC. This machine is the same as that used on the Toyota Avanza 1.5 or Veloz 1.5. But even though you use the Avanza engine, don't imagine that its acceleration performance is the same as Toyota's low MPV. The reason is, the weight of the two is far different, friend, even when compared to the previous Terios, the Daihatsu Terios 2020 is 40 kg heavier. Especially in the gearbox ratio. If Avanza uses a low ratio, then the Daihatsu Terios 2020 carries a high ratio. Moreover, now using 17-inch diameter wheels for the R type, so it requires a lighter gearbox ratio. Not only the gearbox ratio, even the ECU settings need readjustment. With these changes, Daihatsu Indonesia claims that in terms of fuel efficiency, the Daihatsu Terios 2020 is more efficient than the previous generation, even when compared to competitors and other 7 seater cars. 2020 Daihatsu Terios
  4. Honda brio Since 2009 I had my eyes on the concept that Honda showcased during an auto expo. In 2011 Honda launched that concept in India with the name ‘Brio’. We booked one in urban titanium and we got ours after quite a long period. Since then she’s in our family. The car is something of a miracle in terms of driving, the sure footed handling at speeds of up to 145 is extraordinary for a hatch in this segment. The engine is a gem of a unit, vtec gets kicked at 4500 rpm yo. It has a sporty soundtrack to get things even better and that you would love to listen again and again by hitting the redline. Space is more than average, don’t ever go on the looks and say that it would be cramped to sit inside. I have a friend who is fat and also tall and he can sit in her quiet well, two guys like him can sit comfortably. The boot is good for me because the man maximum and machine minimum philosophy works quiet well for me. The visibility is good, no blind spots. the gearing is quiet tall though, like 2nd gear goes up to 85 so you have to to downshift quiet frequently but that’s not a problem considering how good and precise the shifts can be. the steering is well weighted, enough light for the city use and enough heavy for going highways. The things that normal people want are also there. The only problem though is that it goes up to 145kmph only so yes she lost her virginity quiet early. People say cars are just there to go from a to b, sadly that’ not the truth. Cars are more than that, Personally I would chose cars over sex. She is the kind of girlfriend who rewards you with everything she has and you giver her your best. Verdict: If you are car guy with a small family then this car suits you and if you want to be a petrol head then go ahead and buy one.
  5. The Ertiga achieved three stars for adult occupant protection and three stars for child occupant protection. It comes with two airbags upfront in the cabin as standard.
  6. Value for MoneyThe reason why you should definitely consider buying the Ertiga is value-for-money. The Ertiga is around Rs 3-4 lakhs cheaper than its closest rival, the Mahindra Marazzo. Now, even if Maruti is charging less for the car, it's not like they have skimped on the equipment.
  7. I think Wuling did a good job in India.
  8. Video about Toyota New Agya Toyota is arguably very good at guessing consumer wants and needs!! They have made long achievements since introducing Kijang, Innova, Avanza , now through Calya and Agya. The last name got a new concoction after it was officially introduced today, Thursday (19/3/2020). The introduction of the Toyota New Agya had to be done via YouTube live streaming because of the corona outbreak that broke out in the country. Various refreshments and improvements are offered by PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) through its flagship LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) hatchback. For the second edition of the facelift since it was launched for the first time, Agya comes with the tagline "Start to Never Stop", with a more sporty appearance and more complete features. But when I was studying in China this year, I rarely heard people discussing this car. In short, I think this car is pretty. So I post this page.
  9. This car looks like it can hold a lot of passengers, and I hope it can play its best role.
  10. Upcoming Cars -- India cars -- Here is the list of all Upcoming Cars which are expected to launch in India in the year 2020-2021. The popular upcoming cars include Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan, Hyundai Tucson 2022 and Tata Gravitas.Here show you the expected price, launch date, specifications and Images.