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  1. This car looks like it can hold a lot of passengers, and I hope it can play its best role.
  2. Upcoming Cars -- India cars -- Here is the list of all Upcoming Cars which are expected to launch in India in the year 2020-2021. The popular upcoming cars include Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan, Hyundai Tucson 2022 and Tata Gravitas.Here show you the expected price, launch date, specifications and Images.
  3. A new star. Honda's latest compact crossover SUV model, Has been in production since 2016. In Southeast Asia, reputation is small. In the global SUV car market, it still doesn't occupy a place. Because it hasn't been launched globally. It fights alone in Indonesia. Accumulating popularity Its unique features are Modern luxury appearance with SUV For the Indonesian market Expanding interior space (7 seats) High fuel efficiency Manual transmission, smooth displacement As a new product, it is not without flaws Front wheel drive, no off-road function Even if the appearance inherits the tough line of the SUV But less punchline Honda BR-V harga : Rp 251,2 Million to Rp 293,8 Million
  4. I heard that the Lali 458 Speciale broke 100Km in 3 seconds? Although 5 years have passed, Ferrari has produced many new sports cars, but this speed is still commendable 5 years ago. If you like Ferrari in India, last year's new sports car Ferrari Portofino is also very good! ! And it also has a red color scheme, which is cool, and the 458 looks very handsome.
  5. Hello, according to your description, I recommend Honda HR-V. The price of this 5-seater SUV is 297 IDR to 415.7 million IDR. You can try this car as your budget is sufficient. And it meets your expectations of the journey. Advantages: Sports appearance with LED headlights, good front lighting system. Luxurious interior and high quality The safety facilities received a five-star rating from the Aseancap driving safety test. Applied Honda's leading safety technology, motion adaptive EPS + VSA advanced control system. Just for recommendation, hope it helps you!😀