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  1. With 20 ton trucks the kilometer-ton cost is Rs:1-2 Therefore I was wondering how much more costly the Light Heavy Vehicle would be on long haul - highway driving. Ace Gold/super/Plus can carry around 1 ton max but how efficient is it? (it feels a bit weird asking in 'Cars' but apparently it's allowed)
  2. Typically you'd need an inverter but a car battery can put out lots of DC amps so I was wondering if that could be used to heat stuff cheap. An induction stove works on 230V but that ought to be stepped down since it relies on power transfer using a high frequency magnetic field inducing eddy currents in the cookware. Note the use of a bridge rectifier.. unfortunately it also sucks the current upto 15A depending on your cooking mode so What voltages does the electric wiring of a car provide? (and currents?)
  3. car produces approximately 37 bhp (28 kW; 38 PS) of power and runs on 12 inch wheels. Curb weight is 650 kg (1,433 lb) and four passengers (including the driver) fit in. Maruti Suzuki had earlier launched a version with a twelve-valve version of the engine producing 45 bhp (34 kW; 46 PS), coupled with a five-speed manual transmission This car is Bottle Green so it's a 2nd gen Maruti Suzuki.
  4. Hi, so I live in Bangalore and I'm learning to drive a Maruti 800: wanted to know what weight it can carry - I couldn't find anything beyond 4-5 passengers? (and old car) I do a lot of DIY - you can check out my Hobby Forum for more about me (currently growing Oyster mushroom)