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  1. This is the reason why the Maruti Suzuki Swift 2016 model looks good, I still prefer the Maruti Suzuki Swift 2015. Thank you for your nice post and dedication! I am planning to buy a Maruti and I've made my decision!
  2. Advice on buying a second-hand Hyundai i20 2015? I am planning to buy a second-hand Hyundai i20 2015. However, I've just read some reviews and many recommend the Hyundai i20 2011 model. If you were me, which model would you choose to buy?
  3. Whats your Budget: cars under 4 lakh Kms driven monthly - 600-700 kms Bodyshell: any kind will works City/Highway split - 40:20 Max No.of Passangers - 4 most of the time Boot space Importance - Low Usage by - Normal Ownership - both City and Outskirts Safety - High Prime requirement - High Passenger Comfort & Decent looks Softcorner'd Manufacturer - Hyundai