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  1. While it's convenient to access many secondhand car offering via used portals, one problem is the misleading information regarding the car condition. Sometimes, customers might be scammed for a car which is claimed to be no-accidental. However, in fact, it was restored to look like new. To keep you from buying cars of this type, here is a guideline on how to check accident history of a used car in India. Check Service Record Service record is an important document that you must check when inspecting a used car. y looking at the service history record, you can tell how the previous owner of the car has maintained and taken care of. Check Windshield crack A crack on the windshield might be the evidence of a past collision. Check for panel gaps or door gaps Body gaps can tell you something about the condition of the car. If the exterior parts are affected, it is likely that some internal parts might be damaged as well. Here are just a few guides. For the sake of the post, I will not post the full guide because it would look lengthy and boring. To be a wiser car buyer, you can visit my article how to check accident history of a car at IndianAuto.com for detailed guides and tips on buying a used car. Thank you Link to the article: https://indianauto.com/tips/easy-cleaning-car-after-holi-festival-nid4419 If you know of any other tips, please comment below!
  2. While the base-spec Creta comes with many innovative features, the one of the biggest disadvantage when it comes to buy the Hyundai base model s its lack of choices of alloy wheels and roof rails. In response to the demand of domestic consumers, the base-spec Creta now comes equipped with a set of shiny 17-inch alloy wheels. Here's a photo as proof: These wheels come from KB Tyres, who are based out of Ludhiana, Punjab. Also, a Mercedes-Benz logo can be seen around their hubs. What do you think of this refreshed alloy wheels? Would it make you buy the base model? By the way, you can follow the link to the full article at IndianAuto.com to read more about the 2020 Creta features here: https://indianauto.com/stories/base-model-hyundai-creta-gets-17-inch-mercedes-replica-alloy-wheels-nid6465
  3. I'm sorry I post link to the wrong article. Here's the URL to the article about longest roads in India. Sorry everyone! https://indianauto.com/stories/longest-roads-in-india-nid3901
  4. Have you ever wonder what is the longest roads in India? Here are some states with longest roads for you to pack your luggage in your car and travel along! Maharashtra - Road network of 247,652 km Uttar Pradesh - Road network of 50,000 km Rajasthan - Road network of 150,876 km Andhra Pradesh - Road network of 123,334 km Karnataka - Road network of 2,090 km Spiritually, hanging out on the roads should be one of the perfect weekend plans for the Indians families and young millennials. And if you want some more good vibes, we have given you the list of best Hindi travel songs for your mind-boggling roads trips so far. To learn more about each of the road and other roads to enjoy your trip, you can visit Indian Auto and read about the longest roads in India at: https://indianauto.com/stories/upcoming-cars-in-india-2020-nid3895 Do you like travelling on long roads? Let's discuss below!