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  1. 10th Generation Honda Civic 2020 model has the DESIGN FLAW in it with in 6 months of OWNERSHIP faced these 3 problems 1. Fuel Pump Defective 2. Tyres got bursted 3. Complete ENGINE Failure Please BEWARE before making buying decisions of any of HONDA luxury cars ...They might not be FIT for INDIAN CONDITIONS. Not at all VALUE for MONEY ... Don't be the TRAP of exterior LOOKS ...NO RELIABILITY & DURABILITY...
  2. *HONDA CIVIC 2020 & HONDA DEALERS - WORST VEHICLE FOR INDIAN CONDITIONS*** I had purchased HONDA Civic 2020 MODEL in the month of March 2020. *GARVE MOTORS* Staff was really good while making sale and offering discounts post that complete harassment for the customer. Believe me Honda Civic 2020 is a complete *FAULTY VEHICLE* and they sell Models which are defective from Factory hence the discount is higher ...Post 3 months of My purchase Fuel Pump found defective and *DECCAN HONDA* replaced the same post 1 month of follow up with them ...After 5th Month both Tyres got Bubbles & Burst and again *DECCAN HONDA* got this replaced voluntarily & Finally in the 7th Month The whole 18R - Honda 1.8 Zx Cvt *ENGINE Blown up* while driving on the Pune Mumbai Expressway Highway....My humble submission to all the Buyers do not buy any vehicle from Honda & its dealers especially Honda Civic this is not at all made for INDIAN CONDITIONS and Honda will claim that it is their premium luxury brand but they have made this for western countries... Take my suggestion as I have gone through a lot since last 7 months... No support from DEALERS as well as HONDA TEAM. regards