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  1. Well, today was very hectic with work. However, I rewarded myself with some good food throughout the day, also played my jam while doing work it just keeps me pumped !. Having some small packets of happiness in an otherwise busy day are something that you need to do in your daily lives. Find some fun and it will feel great. Try it some time! Fave upbeat music loooool
  2. What a beautiful car! The colour just pops and the lines look natural and not too forced. It's a shame that I will never get to afford something like this but I think it's better because I might be too scared to even drive this around in fear of crashes and scratches lol
  3. I highly recommend some anime movies. Of course, people will always say that it is for children because it's animated but there are a lot of films that are not for the younger people. You should look at some Satoshi Kon movies like Paprika which has become one of the most influential films.
  4. I definitely recommend some videos football side of things. There are a lot of channels that show some news and analytical content but OneFootball is a definite favourite of mine. The hosts are great and their analysis of the game is solid.
  5. It is a good choice tho. It is an upgrade! However, it might be pricier. It is better to change a part which can be useful for everyday life. Are you eyeing for practicability or for aesthetics? These are the two things to consider. Well, if you have the money. Why not? haha
  6. It depends on your preference and budget. However, Ather is a good choice. If it is affordable and has good specs. However, there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to e-scooters. Why don't you try a motorbike? Well, understandable, riding e-scooter is much safer than riding a motorbike.
  7. Wow! It is really nice! Hope to see this in real life also. It looks so sleek and probably a beast on the road. Its matte colour also complemented the whole vibe of the bike. Aside from the colours posted in this thread and featured in the video, hope the specs will live up to the expectations.
  8. It honestly depends on your preference. However, If I were you, I would choose Yamaha R15. It is also best to ask for a test drive if you are still not sure what to get. Well, if a test drive is an option before buying. There are also a lot of YouTube videos about these two.
  9. Is this the only model that is available? It has a great design but I think this color is not the one for me. I am interested in getting ths in the future but in this pearl white, I might consider not getting it.
  10. Thank you for this. This will be very helpful to new drivers and even the people who are not familiar with the basics of cars during accidents. It is a hard thing to tackle but having this kind of guide will be very good for the unfortunate situation
  11. This looks really nice. It fits the overall aesthetic of being a clean car but also shows its strength. It is not your typical small car because it does have the potential to become a regular car that you see in the streets.