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  1. Hi, I have a 2006 Mitsubishi Cedia Petrol (2.0 L 4G94 Engine). The car is a charm to drive and though I have to work really hard to find spares, I don't plan to sell it off . The car has done 90000 kms as I rarely use it in the city, it has never had a timing belt change because my mechanic kept insisting it does not need one as Mitsubishi parts last long. I am not willing to risk it any more and suffer belt valves on such a great engine, hence want to change the timing belt, have a couple of questions around it: 1. Can I still get OEM timing belt/timing kit from Mitsubishi, if yes, where? I am currently in Chandigarh. Also need help to identify OEM spares against fake replicas. 2. Should I replace only the timing belt or also the pulleys and water pump. My mechanic says it is better to carry on with OEM parts that came with the car as third party spares do not match the same quality, hence leave the pump & pulleys as they are causing no issues and the mileage is not too much , it is just that the stuff close to 15 years old!