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  1. Hi folks , will share my personal experience of Baleno car which is exclusively sell through Nexus showroom. Baleno is a premium Hatchback car with good leg room space and comfort sitting arragement with elegant look. The negative side of this car is the curb weight which is around 1100 kg and engine power around 1100 cc; due to light weight the balancing of car at above 100 km/s is difficult as well as the power is pathetic. Poor quality of plastic used is detestable and at high speed gives vibration as well.Built up quality is so aweful hence safety is always in risk.
  2. Maruti Suzuki Dzire is a very good model of Maruti Suzuki, we have so many leg space under the seats, according to Indian middle class family can also buy Maruti Suzuki Dzire, blue, black, red, white, and green colours are trending colours in India , we have a deck behind the car which have good space and Maruti Suzuki dealers are very good to customers we can use two types of fuel in Maruti Suzuki Dzire according to they are fuel tank one is petrol and second one is diesel , I love Maruti Suzuki Dzire.
  3. Hi friends, today I am share some important information about the Hyundai Verna E 1.4 CRDi. This is a good sedan car but its value is high. In this price it has not much features it not comes with alloy wheels and much more. But its look is very nice. It has 1396cc eigne which is good. But its price is very high.
  4. Harrier without 4wd will always be just another car. It was supposed to be an indian rugged car for indian roads carrying the legacy of cars like safari which had a lot of indian fans.whats the point of land Rover platform and all those stupid drive modes when the car is made for city drives.the moment tata launches it with 4wd , harrier would be an instant hit
  5. I am Using Mahindra Thar Since Last 2 Years. And I am very Disappointed After Purchasing This Vehicle. Its Mileage is very Very Low And It Does Have A Good Roof. It Have Only A Canvas In its Roof. But According To Its Price Its Mileage Is Very Low. Its Price Is around 9 Lakhs which is Much More Price According To Its Features. The One Thing In this Vehicle I like Good Is its Power. Only Its Power Is Good. Its Look is Average and It Is Not Very Comfortable at all. My Experience with This Vehicle Is not So Good.
  6. It's awesome guys. my uncle recently bought it and it's so luxurious and will surely impress anyone. My friends , if u don't wanna buy, but please test drive once . It's great to have as a car.
  7. My dad bought this car for me in January 2020. Being designer my first attraction would be its appearance. And yes altroz fulfilled all my design aspects. From front and rear look is awesome. Pure airy vehicle. No blind spots while driving. I liked special cruise control of this car. It is working very accurately. Superb build quality. Premium interior and specially I would love to highlight its Harman sound system. Simply awesome. Alloy wheel enhances the appearance of this car. Arm rest is given. AC is working properly. Mileage is good enough. But its engine is not that powerful. I you may feel lag sometimes. I am expecting from tata notors to work on it. Or give another best option of turbo engine which they already have in nexon. Otherwise car is good. Five star rating in global encap which is good thing about this car. Must buy. Value for money Best in segment.
  8. It looks small but it's interior is awesome and it is better than tata nano. This car has more ground clearense.The design of the car is beautiful
  9. On an average I drive around 1500 Kms a month of which 1100 kms is a Express Highway Drive. Despite trying everything like driving at constant speed of 100, maintaining the Tyre pressure, regular serv ice and oil checks there is no improvement in Mileage. It is hardly 9 km /per litre . Company service station also seem to be clueless. Would appreciate suggestions
  10. Today I am going to share my review of Jeep Compass 4×4 variant. This SUV is basically for off roading. I might tell you this is one of the powerfull SUV that I have driven. Today I am going to review on engine. The engine displacement is 1956 cc which generates max power of 173 bhp and max torque of 350Nm@1750-2500 rpm. I can feel the power this engine possess when I drive the SUV. My off roading experience is very good. I totally love this engine and the power it gives. When we shift gear actually we can feel the power. I recommend that it is one of the best engine and quite value for money. Anyone who loves off roading , can buy this SUV.
  11. jagdishsingh

    Kia Seltos

    First of all I am an car owner took SELTOS before 4 months actually its my baby! Yay get to the point. 1.Best safety 6 air bags in top model( gt line) 2.Maximum features in the segment ie air purifier, bose infotainment system 6 inch centre console and many more. 3.Best mileage in petrol company claimed is 13 to 15 almost at highway and as you know in the city the mileage drops down. OK NOW LETS REVIEW MY CAR Best pickup 1.4 petrol good suspension are used also good at bumpy roads moreover good amount of legroom and ample amt of headroom too.A big bootspace a nice glossy finished interior till the date the performance was good never my car disappointed me. SO GUYS I RECOMMEND YOU AS IT WOULD BE THE BEST OPTION IN THE GOOD PRICE AND IT HAS 19 VARIENTS IN TOTAL.
  12. I am using Mahindra Thar since last 2 years. I am very disappointed after purchasing this vehicle. Its mileage very very low and it does have a good roof. It Has only a canvas in its roof. But according to its price its mileage Is Very Low. Its Price Is around 9 Lakhs which is Much More Price According To Its Features. The One Thing In this Vehicle I like Good Is its Power. Only Its Power Is Good. Its Looks are Average and It Is Not Very Comfortable at all. As my Experience with This Vehichle Is not So Good, according To Me The Car Is not Good.
  13. jagdishsingh

    Kia Sonet

    This is my favourite car. When I saw add of this car in T.V then I was so happy, I like its advertising system and My dream is to buy this car. I love its automatic system , its start by a watch and When I buy this car I was very happy, Its have comfort sit, smooth gear system, power staring, power window and many more, I am so glad and happy for buying this car.
  14. Good spacoius car work good interiors and exterior. Engine power could have been better. Buy it assuming it's without navigation. Honda literally cheats you in this aspect. They don't bother to provide any service or update for this application after buying. Totally disappointed.
  15. I am from Coimbatore and just done a family trip to Ooty with boot full luggages and all seats with passengers. It was a awesome experience with my first three row seated car. Pick up was more than adequate, need to shuttle btw Gear 2 and Gear L on steep slopes. But you will get used to it. It never went out of power if slotted in right gear with AC full time. Can't actually comment on mileage as of now exactly. Buy approx it shows 10-11 in bumper to bumper city traffic, 12-13 in moderate city traffic and 13-15+ on highways. Mostly depends on individual driving style. But, I say this is a decent mileage for this car. And the pleasure, smoothness of driving and luxury of captain seats , you will eventually forget the point of mileage. Suspension is fantastic. It is almost effortless to drive and you will not feel the bigness of the car. I see this as a luxury car in budget and mileage should not be a concern. You can keep this car for ever until you decide to part with it. It is Maruti and very very reliable. I have a Alto of 2006, Celerio Automatic of 2014 still running very strong.