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  1. wagon r is the best with cng
  2. The wonderful service it provides force motor is the brand which provide the total quality of the vehicles to ensure us that we are having good time in safari or in any journey thank you very much force for giving us the total quality for all the times
  3. Tata harrier is made on the platform of range rover. It is safe. It has a 2.0 l kyrotec fiat diesel engine. Petrol is no available now. It is spacious . Boot space is massive. the cars looks awesome. But the negative thing is many features are missing . Which you will get to see in hector. But in the field of performance hector cannot beat harrier. it is fast smooth . Gear is good . Cornering are good. But for the manual version the clutch distance is too long. and other bad thing is the steering looks weird. Another thing which should be changed that is the rear seats cannot be reclliened. In one word tgis car is awesome. The automatic version is good.
  4. People never under estimate this car.one of the best suv car.more comfortable.body make with iron.strong body.u can use ruffley.may this car have more capabilitie than other SUVs in this price.may u cant find any car in this price.benefit for joint families.some technical issues were happen
  5. This should be your dream car.trust me , this car has set off the all suv and sedan cars behind. This is a smart car .it has the most advanced technology in it.5 airbags. Even in the rough road it feels smooth, suspension and tires they have put is of best quality. There is no engine noise , I have seen it myself .and also its quite affordable , if u have a big family this car should be it for you . Its safe , affordable, efficient, and sustainable.no high maintenance. Voice modulation technology makes this car the most coolest suv in the history of autos .plz do buy this car
  6. Celerio is the cheapest car that give us AMT(Automatic trasmission) in it and the feauture of this car is pretty decent because of the low price, Mileage of this car is around 23 to 25 kmpl, Legroom is enough for a 6 foot long men to sit comfortably, Overall its a good low budget family car with AMT.
  7. Nissan's one of the most car selling manufacture company cheap and best product is nissan magnite. It would have been the best if non turbo had 1.2 cc engine as well but looks and comfort is the best . no doubt at all.
  8. Pros- Awesome looks in and outside car . 180 mm ground clearance. Best in class music system of Harman. Better cushioned seats. Better steering wheel. Ride quality awesome. Suspension is awesome. Maintenance is not much costly. Mileage is okay in city and highway both. Safety is paramount in the car. Cons- Engine refinement is not up to mark as rivals. Lagging in low RPMs. Power is bit low as it's 3 cylinder engine. Overall best in class. Go for it.
  9. Quality is good, it has good off road capabilities too and also has good ground clearance which allows stress free driving on worst and broken roads. Cabin is a quite pleasant place to be in, soft leather seat are comfortable both at the front and rear. Interiors don’t look impressive but quite acceptable and overall fit & finish and plastic quality is pretty good. Seats are comfortable with good amount of legroom and headroom. Cabin insulation filters out the engine noise really well, braking performance is also good, it has good amount of stopping power.
  10. It is a very comfortable vehicle. The shoulder space and knee space is much higher than any other vehicles. The boot space is also very high. The 16" touch screen display can be used to watch HD videos. The sunroof is one of the most attractive things that HONDA has provided in this vehicle. There are some cons also - It could have been better if there would have been start stop button and keyless entry. The pick up is the most important issue with this vehicle. It has got a low pick up. The gear changing is not as smooth as Verna. There is no speed sensing door lock and there is no armrest either. There is also no cruise control.
  11. Think of offroading vehicles in India and most will think of the Thar or the Gypsy. But the underdog here is the Force Gurkha. Dont judge it by its looks. Its a pure bred offroad machine which goes anywhere, making its own path. Few people know about its capabilities as a serious offroad vehicle. It is one of the best out there. What works in its favour: The brilliant low range and 4x4 capability. With just about any kind of path, the Gurkha can juts glide over effortlessly. When you put it in 4L, thats when the magic happens. Mud, slush, snow, dirt- it rules any and every terrain easily. It is butch and big and is a beast when it comes to where the road ends. What doesn't work: Everything else. Looks are bad. So are any creature comforts. Agreed its for offroading mainly but since its a road legal car, buyers would expect some amount of features that make it fun to drive. On road, its no fun to drive at all. The 80bhp that the engine puts out struggles to get it going. Handling is not that great either. Interiors are minimal and nothing to boast of. The snorkel is a nice touch though, and it is also functional. It is a lifestyle product, catering to the niche of the niche. So anyone who buys this has to be a serious offroading enthusiast else they wouldn't enjoy the beauty and purpose of this car.
  12. Hi friends ! I am sharing experiences about the Tata sumo Grande . My father purchase , five years ago that car . But on that five years , doesn't one day it can be satisfied us. Its have many problems , and issue that makes dissatisfied condition. The first problem is their cheap plastic interior . My mother Also have a omitting problem so , she is avoided normally traveling with cars . Sometimes , its cannot occur . But that sumo was always comes plastic smells . We are servicing Various times , but that smell was not going .The breaks are not that much satisfied condition . It cannot be working properly . The car stability is really less . Even 90 / 100 km/ hr. The looks are very shaky . The comfort was zero percent . If you are travelling on bad roads then it cannot be good for our backbone and health. The does not support from customer care , even when I speak to local or regional service center . I am complaint one time on pune head office Also . But they cannot take any action. Or any response was coming. The car was started giving Various kinds of noises . Sometimes it cannot be start at every morning , otherwise it can be stopped between the road. The test drove the sumo Grande as well as the safari , actually found the grade more comfortable to drive than Safari . Especially , the turning radius had reserved safari on U turn . Which got cleared in one go. The overall drive was ok or average as per my experience.The sound quality was not satisfied . Even they are does not able to capture the range of radio. I am not satisfied that car . I am not comfortable on that . It can be less durability . Because , every month it has created new problem , new issue . So we are not able to drive it .
  13. Few vehicles do as many things as well as the 2009 Honda CR-V car.This car is so comfortable for each and every person and it also spreads throughtout the world which bring revolution, however it is much and more expensive than the others( almost.25Ls) but it has hidden many features such as powercontrol system, the interior portion looks like a room with decorated with many things The worst feature of this CR_ V car is only its fuel consumption eats more fuel it only gives 10_ 15km/l which is not best for surviving( business) Anyway, its look is best and better than the others shiny and gives impression
  14. I am Using Mahindra Thar Since Last 2 Years and I am very Disappointed After Purchasing This Vehicle. Its Mileage very Very Low And It Does Have A Good Roof. It Have Only A Canvas In its Roof. But According To Its Price Its Mileage Is Very Low. Its Price Is around 9 Lakhs which is Much More Price According To Its Features. The One Thing In this Vehicle I like Good Is its Power. Only Its Power Is Good. Its Look is Average and It Is Not Very Comfortable at all. As my Experience with This Vehicle It Is not So Good. According To Me The Car Is not Good.
  15. The KIA cars are are not performing their jobs well I don't get satisfied by the product is used in in car manufacturing there are a lot of issues I am going to to discuss some front headlamps and foglamps are getting foggy & moisturised on every rainfall the disk brakes of front wheels are get rusted after getting drived in water logging areas sometimes instrument clusters shows warning light in yellow colour which requires to visit you to showroom to get solved & they solve the problems by removing battery connections which leads to delete customized settings in infotainment system.