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  1. I would go with hyundai i10 amongst the top 10 that you gave. The i series by hyundai is just my favourite.
  2. One of the best hatchbacks you can get under 11 Lakhs. Worthy every penny. Describing more about the car, it has ample leg space in the front seats and back as well. The seats are pretty much comforting and the build quality is just the best. You wouldn't find any cheap materials or cheap quality plastic anywhere, everything is top notch. Coming to the drive-train section, this 1.2L engine always lives up to your expectations. It is indeed a rocket on the road. 0-100 in under 10 Sec is pretty awesome. The DSG gearbox will never give your any lags while on the road. Switch to sport mode and the car is just ready to rocket!. Coming to the mileage section the city will give you around 10/L and in the highways you can get upto 16/L.( All depends on how you drive). The service is not that cheap, it'll cost you around 10-13k for each serivce(Every 15000Km). There are various dealers available for Volkswagen. The only downside I felt with the car is use of old headlights, ie, No Projector Headlamps which was necessary for better vision at night time. But overall I feel the car is worth every penny!.
  3. Never buy this car as I am really disappointed buying this car, I got my car delivered by May 8 th 2020 and this car is giving me headaches from the beginning itself 1) rattling noise from dashboard, sunroof, loose panels here and there, instrument cluster got hanged several times 2) once my car resist to open and I was stuck outside the car as I was not able to open the door and after opening manually also was not able to start the engine 3)low fuel efficiency as my car is bs4 and the claimed fuel efficiency was 26 km/l and now i am getting around 14 km/l in the highways as I am a very sedate drive and I own other cars tooo and I am getting good mileage in my all other cars as I keep my rpm merely below 3000 all the time 4) the very next day after I got my car delivered I checked the cars bonnet and sealent was not proper as it was like a re worked car that bad was the pasting I reported that and they made it ready after a long fight I had to put my car for one month in service centre to make that OK 5) humming noise from ac vent if air flow level is more than 2 it's a humming and cracking noise and Honda says it normal and during long drives this cracking noise its like old tvs make that sound when signal is cut that kind of noise 6)heavy smoke from the car as my bumper was covered in smoke after long drives 7) noise from. Clutch and they say its normal squeaking noise in a brand new car brilliant engineering from Honda so they say like I need to live with that sound everytime when I use clutch wooow 8)and once that time car runs around 3000 km and my engine warning light along with engine oil popped up and I called Honda they came and told me like engine oil level was down for a brand new car and they refilled it that's tooo really well for a brand new car as my car was drinking engine oil 8)peeling off paint from bonnet in a brand new car never buy this car as even after they know that this car got these issues they never tried to make it proper and they say like they even can't give me a good car once sold its sold really happy Honda for wasting my 30 lakhs hard earned money really regret my decision
  4. I think this is the best car for entire family. As I am already having maruti Suzuki wagon r vxi. But it was maximum 5 seater but if I need to go outing with my parents too so it was not sufficient as kids are grown-up. So I was looking for 7 seater. I saw TUV 300, XUV 500, also innova but finally I select maruti Suzuki ertiga SHVS VDI as the ZDI was more costly with the benefits which I don't need so I purchased ertiga grey colour. It was good experience with It. It's have a very special feature if you are on traffic signal it turns off automatically and as soon as u push the clutch it turns on. Which help to save lots of fuel. Seating is very comfortable. The bad thing is boot space is very small. You need carrier if have a lots of luggage. But overall the best big car for entire family. I m really happy with it.
  5. When you go through this review please be patient and make some time to go through the entire essay. A sizable portion of Imperial Japan's history is testimony to the fact that the Japanese have largely been a race of unconquered people up until the 18th century when they eventually fell pray to scheming European and American colonizers. However their supremacy in the art of war has been beyond the slightest of doubts since time immemorial and that has been displayed in numerous conflicts, even as late as the World War II theater. Why they are a master race of warriors? Well they know a thing or two about high precision Engineering and metallurgy! I mean who can ignore the Katana, the quintessential sword! Ever since the Japanese stormed the international auto markets with their brands of two and four wheeled performers, they have never let down the users, be that a 9 to 5 office goer or a tarmac tasting, swashbuckling racer! When it comes to biking the BIG 4, namely Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, have always had precision "surgical" machines to offer. But sadly India has never been a serious theater for the Big 4 since her independence from the Raj up until recently.very recently that is.But what do we have now? We have the Yamaha R15! 1) Styling: Are you a true blue racing devotee? Then this is for you. Are you a young chap out to impress lovely ladies? Then this is for you. Are you a suave, chiseled gentleman who always keeps his cigarettes in the left shirt-pocket? Then this is for you. Yamaha could not go truer, more accurate with the styling aspect of this bike. If the R15 V1.0 chose to impress with its subtle marriage between racing and commuting ergonomics, the V2.0 took a racier approach manifesting in a form that made it almost identical to its liter capacity sibling the R1. And mind you, every bit of the styling, from the twin headlamp cluster to the air scoops, from the up swept exhausts to the pushed-back foot backs - every bit of it has been crafted keeping functionality in mind. You wont find a single area of the design that makes you feel "guess they went a bit over the top with this bit".my rating 12/10.you need to seriously lean in to the corners to know how the turn indicators do not actually touch the tarmac! 2) Engine and Performance: It has been quite a while since the R15 was launched in the Indian market. A lot has happened between then and now. We have been indulged with the KTMs, the new Pulsar siblings including the fuel injected Pulsar 200 SS, the Royal Enfield Continental GT 535, the Kawasaki Ninja siblings, the Hyosangs and so on and so forth; each bike in a league of its own and screaming quality and performance. But do you ever lose taste for say Hayderabadi Biryani because you were given some nice Chinese for lunch? No! The R15 may have an apparently tiny heart, but you got to ride it to understand its magnanimity! You got to ride it hard to unleash the beast within, a beast that toasts on the tarmac like a razor gliding upon a bearded jaw. Yet it does not let you feel pain, not even a tad bit! Slight vibrations can be felt between 60kmph and 70kmph. But after 70kmph all the way up to 135kmph all you have is BLISS.if the road permits you ring the throttle. I have had my share of biking time on the baby KTM RC200 and the bigger KTM RC390, both quite capable machines in their own rights. In terms of acceleration or time taken to sprint to triple digit speeds or top speed for that matter, the KTMs outperform the R15 by a noticeable margin. But what instantly strikes you in case of the R15 is the uniform distribution of power and torque output across the entire rev-range. You never feel out of breath, you never feel that you are choking your ride. You are reassured by the calmness of the engine time and again and after a while you begin to sing merrily in unison with your machine. The MRF tyres that do duty on the R15, both the V1.0 and V2.0, serve well to create an unbreakable bond between the bike and the tarmac. Even the leanest of turning angles will keep you planted on the bike at torching speeds. And please - DO NOT THINK that Fat tyres give better grip! That is a HUGE misconception!.my rating 12/10 3) Maintenance: You got to love your bike. Nonetheless the R15 is not a demanding bike by any means; you need not pamper it. You just need to take it to periodic trips to the workshop for oil change and stuff. Things wont fall off in the middle of the road because you were a 1000 KMs late for the scheduled pit-stop!(Enfield users, I am teasing you with this!). And then who can not vouch for the legendary Yamaha build quality?.my rating 10/10.be careful about the mechanics employed by your local dealer though. They have this tendency of swapping parts with bits manufactured by underrated substandard manufacturers! 4) Fuel Economy: For a thorough bred racing machine that produces 17BHP of raw power(this figure may seem small compared to the stock Enfields and KTMs and Pulsar AS/SS 200 series, but when you experience the way the power is delivered you get to realize that panache emanates not from beastly outbursts but controlled relentlessness) the fuel economy is splendid at an average of 30Kms/liter of petrol.my rating 10/10 5) Comfort: The bike, the V2.0 in particular, is a dedicated racing machine and gives a damn to the pillion. Expect your girlfriend to complain and eventually refrain from riding behind you on this machine. For those of you who are not used to a dedicated racing stance, you may find your wrists aching after a while. But do not worry, you get used to it and after days spent patiently adjusting with the stance, you get to find the sweet spot on the seat. after that it is all about hitting ignition and zooming ahead!.my rating 10/10 6) Handling: I will say two words and not more - "SURGICAL PRECISION"! .my rating 15/10 As I approach the end of this looooong review and as I remember to laud you, my readers, for patiently bearing with my blabbering, I need to mention a very important bit - the Daytona racing kit. You get to have the entire Daytona modification kit for around 35 grands from selected dealer outlets. But its worth spending that kind of doe - every bit of it. From high lift racing cams to lighter exhaust pipes, you get what you pay for - things ooze with quality and when you eventually hit the tarmac with the Daytona racing kit installed you get to reach Mecca my dear friends! The performance leaps to uncharted territories! Those of you who might face difficulties shelling out close to 1.5 lakhs for the bike can try a used R15 too. This bike is indestructible and however thrashed and banged it may appear from the outside after prolonged rape, the bike remains a granite wall on the inside. A thrashed R15 V1.0 can be had for a mere 50K anywhere in India and you just need to spend another 10-15K to get it back on the racing track. Do comment on and share my review if you have found it useful. I love riding and talking about bikes! Ciao!
  6. Honda, being one of the most premium brands in India is best known for its premium quality cars and rock solid stability. I had the opportunity to extensively test drive their entry level hatchback car – The Honda Brio. Brio is available in both Manual and Automatic Transmission. For city commute, where maneuvering cars in traffic is an art and lack of parking space in every corner feels heavy, it is always best to opt for a hatchback! Looks and Design Exterior: The Front Chrome Grill embedded with the Honda logo looks kind of exposed for such a small car. Yet it looks decent and cute. Headlamps are large and bold and the fluidic pattern really conforms to the car’s posture. Windows are large and visibility is clear. The only thing that can be no-like factor is the rear. The hatch is made of glass and is unacceptable to many. Car is available in a wide variety of colors. Tafetta White and Crystal Black Pearl looks best. Interior: The interior is plush and premium. The same from Honda City – dual tone beige interiors, ample space both in the front and rear. Seats are comfortable and the dash looks stylish. The three spoke steering adds to the dynamic character of the car and gives a sporty feel to the driver. Performance: The 1.2 iVtec engine does wonders. Although I can’t comment on the on-road mileage yet I am confident it will give no less than 13kmpl for city commute. Engine is silent and powerful. Even with AC on, pickup is brilliant. I can easily reach to 80kmph in 3rd Gear. The engine delivers 88 ps at 6000 rpm. Engine does not strain when being revved – state of the art Honda engines.. The low torque is good for city commute. Braking is sharp and gives confidence over short stopping distance. Gearbox is butter smooth – gulps into slots easily. The car may be small, yet it is heavy. Turning Radius is something that you would fall for – Trust Me!! Even I was amazed with such a small turning radius – will really help in small bends. Power Steering is too good – handling is superior on high speeds. AC is powerful, does a good job even when temperature reaches to 38+ in Kolkata. The Driver’s dash is integrated with Triple Analog Meters – feels like you seating are in a cockpit during night. Steering mounted controls, Tilt Steering adds to the many diverse features of this car. Some negatives: The Rear Hatch is a hate or like factor. When fully loaded the car strains a bit with AC on, may touch one or two speed breakers. In Built Stereo is decent if not brilliant. Honda Service is good but it is costly. The on-road price would come around 5.7 Lacs (in Kolkata). Certainly, not a Love at First sight for me but overall a good package for a family of 3 if you are planning to use your car for more than 80% city commute. Cars to look out for in this Price Band: Maruti Swift, Maruti Ritz, Maruti Wagon R, Hyundai i10, Ford Figo, Chevrolet Beat, Tata Indica Vista 90, Nissan Micra, Volkswagen Polo. P.S. The Pre-Sales Service of Pinnacle Honda - Kolkata consists of trained, well mannered people. They know about the product and mostly knows how to deal with prospective customers. They answered with all my queries and never even pushed me once to buy this car.
  7. This car is good looking HATCHBACK in India. Hyundai Elite I 20 is a good looking hatchback. It offers smooth ride and engine works smoothly. The interior is also impressive with dual tone color and chrome finish. The seating arrangement is fine with a comfortable seats and enough leg+ thigh room. If drive with care, you will not feel any bumps on road. The boot capacity it has is 285-liter which is sufficient for the huge luggage. It is loaded with almost all the comfort features like rake&reach steering, key-less entry, 16"rims and rear air-con etc. On the bad side, the petrol version of Elite i20 lacks many features. More over, the rear headroom is not sufficient for the taller person as sloping roof at the back somehow eats cabin height. car millage is little bit poor around 13- 14 km/ltr but reliabilty is this car is very good value for money