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  1. I am Using Mahindra Thar Since Last 2 Years. And I am very Disappointed After Purchasing This Vehicle. Its Mileage is very Very Low And It Does Have A Good Roof. It Have Only A Canvas In its Roof. But According To Its Price Its Mileage Is Very Low. Its Price Is around 9 Lakhs which is Much More Price According To Its Features. The One Thing In this Vehicle I like Good Is its Power. Only Its Power Is Good. Its Look is Average and It Is Not Very Comfortable at all. My Experience with This Vehicle Is not So Good.
  2. It's awesome guys. my uncle recently bought it and it's so luxurious and will surely impress anyone. My friends , if u don't wanna buy, but please test drive once . It's great to have as a car.
  3. My dad bought this car for me in January 2020. Being designer my first attraction would be its appearance. And yes altroz fulfilled all my design aspects. From front and rear look is awesome. Pure airy vehicle. No blind spots while driving. I liked special cruise control of this car. It is working very accurately. Superb build quality. Premium interior and specially I would love to highlight its Harman sound system. Simply awesome. Alloy wheel enhances the appearance of this car. Arm rest is given. AC is working properly. Mileage is good enough. But its engine is not that powerful. I you may feel lag sometimes. I am expecting from tata notors to work on it. Or give another best option of turbo engine which they already have in nexon. Otherwise car is good. Five star rating in global encap which is good thing about this car. Must buy. Value for money Best in segment.
  4. It looks small but it's interior is awesome and it is better than tata nano. This car has more ground clearense.The design of the car is beautiful
  5. On an average I drive around 1500 Kms a month of which 1100 kms is a Express Highway Drive. Despite trying everything like driving at constant speed of 100, maintaining the Tyre pressure, regular serv ice and oil checks there is no improvement in Mileage. It is hardly 9 km /per litre . Company service station also seem to be clueless. Would appreciate suggestions
  6. Today I am going to share my review of Jeep Compass 4×4 variant. This SUV is basically for off roading. I might tell you this is one of the powerfull SUV that I have driven. Today I am going to review on engine. The engine displacement is 1956 cc which generates max power of 173 bhp and max torque of 350Nm@1750-2500 rpm. I can feel the power this engine possess when I drive the SUV. My off roading experience is very good. I totally love this engine and the power it gives. When we shift gear actually we can feel the power. I recommend that it is one of the best engine and quite value for money. Anyone who loves off roading , can buy this SUV.
  7. jagdishsingh

    Kia Seltos

    First of all I am an car owner took SELTOS before 4 months actually its my baby! Yay get to the point. 1.Best safety 6 air bags in top model( gt line) 2.Maximum features in the segment ie air purifier, bose infotainment system 6 inch centre console and many more. 3.Best mileage in petrol company claimed is 13 to 15 almost at highway and as you know in the city the mileage drops down. OK NOW LETS REVIEW MY CAR Best pickup 1.4 petrol good suspension are used also good at bumpy roads moreover good amount of legroom and ample amt of headroom too.A big bootspace a nice glossy finished interior till the date the performance was good never my car disappointed me. SO GUYS I RECOMMEND YOU AS IT WOULD BE THE BEST OPTION IN THE GOOD PRICE AND IT HAS 19 VARIENTS IN TOTAL.
  8. I am using Mahindra Thar since last 2 years. I am very disappointed after purchasing this vehicle. Its mileage very very low and it does have a good roof. It Has only a canvas in its roof. But according to its price its mileage Is Very Low. Its Price Is around 9 Lakhs which is Much More Price According To Its Features. The One Thing In this Vehicle I like Good Is its Power. Only Its Power Is Good. Its Looks are Average and It Is Not Very Comfortable at all. As my Experience with This Vehichle Is not So Good, according To Me The Car Is not Good.
  9. jagdishsingh

    Kia Sonet

    This is my favourite car. When I saw add of this car in T.V then I was so happy, I like its advertising system and My dream is to buy this car. I love its automatic system , its start by a watch and When I buy this car I was very happy, Its have comfort sit, smooth gear system, power staring, power window and many more, I am so glad and happy for buying this car.
  10. Good spacoius car work good interiors and exterior. Engine power could have been better. Buy it assuming it's without navigation. Honda literally cheats you in this aspect. They don't bother to provide any service or update for this application after buying. Totally disappointed.
  11. I am from Coimbatore and just done a family trip to Ooty with boot full luggages and all seats with passengers. It was a awesome experience with my first three row seated car. Pick up was more than adequate, need to shuttle btw Gear 2 and Gear L on steep slopes. But you will get used to it. It never went out of power if slotted in right gear with AC full time. Can't actually comment on mileage as of now exactly. Buy approx it shows 10-11 in bumper to bumper city traffic, 12-13 in moderate city traffic and 13-15+ on highways. Mostly depends on individual driving style. But, I say this is a decent mileage for this car. And the pleasure, smoothness of driving and luxury of captain seats , you will eventually forget the point of mileage. Suspension is fantastic. It is almost effortless to drive and you will not feel the bigness of the car. I see this as a luxury car in budget and mileage should not be a concern. You can keep this car for ever until you decide to part with it. It is Maruti and very very reliable. I have a Alto of 2006, Celerio Automatic of 2014 still running very strong.
  12. I bought this car in 2016 from chandigarh as I liked the appearance of car too much. Basically I bought car for my personal use and I have alternative vehicle also but after 6-7 months I noticed that car is not starting when I left car unused for approximately 1 month I thought that battery plugs might have got loose bu this was not the problem. As I'm from Himachal pradesh so my village is located at hilly area where snowfall lasts for atleast 2-3months and after that I somehow managed to look up the problem with mechanic and he checked that if you will not use car within 5-6 days it will take time to start and this only happens in cold area in plain areas this problem is not at all. Secondly, now there are coming cracks on chasis. Now I feel like I wasted money rather I would have bought maruti jeepsy.
  13. Yes, since this model is discontinued you will have to get it repaired mandatorily at service centre where they will quote you more if the parts are available as it will be rare to find them. Also, this cars like indica will make you go through high maintenance cost as it is this old. I request you to stay away from this deal and find something else. Best is to find a second hand car from a relative or someone that you know so that you can be assured about the running condition of the car and its genuinity.
  14. Great mahindra jeep thread. Love to see the community of jeep still so loyal and going strong. Really a classic car which everyone had such a pride in owning it which I still remember when I was small as a child.
  15. Great maruti 800 thread. Love to see the community of 800 still so loyal and going strong. Really a classic car which everyone had such a pride in owning it which I still remember when I was small as a child.
  16. if you are a new driver and want to master the aart of driving, i would recommend to definitely purchase a second hand car at first. It will provide you the leverage of driving the car without the risk of brushing it anywhere in parking or on road and make you a great driver.
  17. I agree even i was reading some reviews over here and was able to arrive at an almost similar conclusion to what you said. Although i agree with @CarCrazyASTL that upper class riders who prefer automatic cars wont be opting for this car but it is a very good option for us as a middle class earning person.
  18. There has always been a problem with respect to permissions and tax when there comes to conducting such global events like these. Sometimes, government should subsidise taxes and be considerate in terms of permissions as that would attract more global events to India. The scale of this event like F1 is very huge and it would also help promote more such sports. Government should also focus on other sports than only focusing and promoting cricket.
  19. hey hello welcome to the forum. feel free to ask/ share anything you want
  20. I was really small to attend an F1 race in 2013. I really wish F1 racing starts again in India. really looking forward to it. Does anyone know why the race commission cancelled Indian GP from the championship schedule? Also, it will be cool to see MOTO GP happening in India. Obviously the scene of racing fans has increased in the country as compared to 2013. What are your views? Please feel free to share your views and opinions.
  21. Are they still conducting this races. I would love to see one happening live that too in a place like mumbai
  22. ABS is very helpful when car is being driven for long routes. I was just saved because of ABS in my previous trip to Nainital.
  23. why did you stopped updating photos they were good
  24. just visit any car accessories shop in your area where you get music players and other cosmetics done for your car. There you can inquire about the types of camera ranging from 3k-5k and get it fixed depending about your budget and need. It simple one hour procedure.
  25. you got some great number of views on your videos mahn. keep posting those great review videos