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  1. Hello everyone I have booked online Meteor Steller with customisation pack on 14.12.2019.I have opted for customised Seat,Footpegs,Bar End Mirrors,Silencer and Windshield all costing @12k . As per company policy they will not hand over my standard parts, cost of which are included in my ex showroom Meteor Steller. Now to my surprise cost of all customised parts which I opted is same across the counter at dealership. So is it not that had I booked standard bike without customising I would have saved my 12k rupees? I could have bought all those parts across counter at dealership, which are covered on warranty at same price and above that retained my standard parts on stock bike. All I am getting for customisation is personalised sticker with max 14 letters on tank of bike which definately is not worth grand 12k I request Autocar to take up this issue with RE for proper redressal.