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  1. ABOUT THE CAR Brand & Model: Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi (Diesel) Month & Year of Manufacture/ Registration: July 2013 Manufactured / August 2013 Registered Registering Authority & State: Janakpuri, Delhi Color: Pearl Metallic Arctic White Ownership: 1st Individual Owner A perfect hot hatch for those discerning few who value taste and quality. The buyer of this car would not need to spend a single penny other than on filling her up. SALIENT FEATURES 1) Single owner driven and sparingly used by a person with over 2 decades of experience in owning numerous cars and over 200k kms of driving and riding experience 2) Pearl Metallic Arctic White color 3) Completely accident free with zero insurance claims throughout the life of the vehicle (50% NCB on Insurance Policy) 4) Insurance policy renewed in Aug-2020 so no insurance costs till August 2021 5) Detailed service history with use of only high grade synthetic engine oil throughout the life of the car. Butter smooth performance and ride quality 6) Old battery replaced and new battery installed last year in March 2019. Battery under the warranty period of 3 years and the invoice of the same is available 7) Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC) valid till October 1, 2021 so expense or standing in queues for the same 😎 Last wheel alignment and balancing performed on June 6, 2020 at 60,360 kms and is not required for another 4k kms 9) Last annual service performed on February 1, 2020 so no service costs till February 2021 at least 10) Remote central locking with engine immobilizer and power door locks. Both car keys available 11) Chiller air-conditioning with heater 12) Power adjustable external rear view mirrors with power windows 13) Extremely low running costs with an in-city mileage of around 22 kilometer per litre of diesel. Highway average at around 26 kms per litre 14) Original toolkit 15) ARAI certified 15" NeoWheels Lightweight Machined Undercut Alloy wheels (Model: Drive BMUC BLK TNT) 16) High-end newly fitted (June 2020) under-warranty wide 185-65 section Michelin Energy XM2 tires for enhanced grip and ride comfort 17) Maruti Suzuki Original fog-lamps for better road visibility under poorly lit and low visibility conditions 18) High-end Sony touchscreen music system with Bluetooth and MirrorLink for handsfee operation and easy phone pairing 19) JBL 3 way coaxial speakers at the rear with JBL tweeters in the front for an ambient and superb sound-stage 20) a|u|t|o|F|O|R|M| front and rear custom bucket seats for an elegant and highly comfortable seat fit-out 21) Maruti Suzuki original genuine leather soft touch steering wheel cover 22) Reverse parking camera with LCD color display integrated into the Internal Rear View Mirror (IVRM integrated LCD Display) makes parking in tight spots a breeze ONLY SERIOUS DIRECT PARTY BUYERS CALL KSHITIJ AT +91 97111 49227. PRICE IS NON NEGOTIABLE. BROKERS, PLEASE EXCUSE! Always wear a seat belt/ helmet to ensure you care for your loved ones Cheers PICTURES OF THE CAR
  2. Please ignore the error above as I did find Verna's rear bench to be lacking under thigh support and not at all comfortable.
  3. To answer your question, I would suggest that you drive the Hyundai Verna and VW Vento back to back, preferably taking them around a few twisty bends at speeds of about 50-70 kms per hour. You would notice the reason why Hyundais' are not driver's cars. My brother in law uses the Fluidic Verna and I have driven it on a few occasions. While the car looks fantastic both inside and out, I somehow did not connect with the way the car drives and also didn't find the rear bench to be lacking under-thigh support and not at all comfortable. Guess the low seating owing to a coupe like roof-line is to blame. To be honest, even Hondas' (barring the earlier 1998-02 Z spec models) are no driver cars but they somehow seem to be only marginally better than the Hyundais'. I myself own the now discontinued Santro Xing but don't use it much myself. However, its a small nippy go-kartish car which is so easy to plonk into tight and narrow spaces partly due to the hydraulic steering setup and partly due to its overall small size. However, passenger comfort is something not worth discussing as it suffers from a really bumpy ride. One thing worth mentioning is that Hyundai also seems to be making the most effort of all the other players in constantly improving the quality of their products and their whole range of cars stands a testament to the same. Also worth appreciating is the fact that they don't treat India as a dumping ground for internationally discontinued or highly downgraded products. One can't take away from the fact that they introduced Indians to the Common Rail Diesel Injection technology unlike the Europeans who were marketing a generation old and obsolete Pumpe Deuce systems in their vehicles. The mere fact that they are the only serious challengers to Maruti Suzuki in India is no small feat and speaks volumes of their seriousness about the Indian market. They certainly deserve the respect that they have earned over time!
  4. For something that costs upwards of 1 crore in Indian currency, this is one hideous looking SUV. Not that Toyota is famous for its designs, they could have certainly done a better job than this when it comes to their flagship offerings. Maybe taking help from their Lexus counterparts can help but such a capable vehicle certainly deserves a better silhouette.
  5. Hi Everyone! I have been driving the Corolla Altis for sometime and am not satisfied with the audio quality of its stock stereo setup. It was alright initially but now when I sit in my better-half's Swift, I feel her after-market stereo which I only got installed throws out the sound quality which seems miles ahead of what I experience in the Altis. I have observed that the stock stereo sounds crisp and clear at low volumes but gets rattly at even medium or high volume. Another thing is that it seriously lacks rich low frequency bass. I intend to keep the car for one more year at most and hence I am not wanting to fiddle/ replace the stock setup. Since I do not like listening to loud music, I am looking to add a sub-woofer to at least make it sound reasonable. I have been looking online for some solution in this regard and came across a product by Blaupunkt (see link: http://www.blaupunkt...ts/single/4247/ ). This one is an active under-seat sub-woofer and from what I could gather, would require minimal modifications to the stock setup or wiring. I have read a couple of reviews online, the sound quality is also reasonably good. The best part is that it saves all the boot space that a typical sub-woofer setup usually occupies without compromising much on the sound quality. Need some advice on whether this product is worth spending and does it deliver what it promises. Also if anyone is aware of a similar but better product, please let know. Thanks and Cheers!!!
  6. The Jazz would come with the same ground clearance as the City. I would suggest that you look at the Xylo H8 Airbag version as well. It is a very solidly built car, albeit the cabin plastics and design is not the best in class but not overtly disappointing either. It would tick all the boxes in your list and more; has a great ground clearance, very supportive and comfortable seats even in the third row, a smooth and powerful engine, and ABS and Airbags to take care of the safety aspect. Moreover, it is very drivable both in city and on highways. And the best part is that the 3 pasengers won't have to sit on a single bench and rub shoulders; they can enjoy the comfort of captain seats in the second row (the 7 seater option) while the third passenger can sit in the third row in somewhat equal comfort. The third row seating and the seating comfort overall in the Xylo is somewhat better than that in an Innova and this is coming from someone who has owned an Innova in the past. Add to all this the benefit of triple row airconditioning and you would certainly not complain. Its a complete VFM offering, something definitely worth your attention.
  7. Try out the Honda City, the Mahindra Scorpio & Xylo, the Tata Safari/ Storme and if you are not bashful of the unorthodox, the Fiat Aventura and the Hyundai i20 Active. I would personally pick the City in case I decided to go in for a sedan and Scorpio in case I decided for a SUV.
  8. Only a matter of time when VW and its cousin company Skoda launch their all new respective Indian range toppers - the Passat and the Superb in the market. Both are extremely good cars and have the potential to make life tough for not only the A class, the B class, and the A3 but also put the potential buyers of the CLA, the C class, the 3 series, and the A4 into a dilemma. A lot would depend upon the powertrains that find their way into the Indian variants though.
  9. Do take your family along for a back to back test drive of both the City and the Verna and I am sure you would finally settle for the Jap.
  10. I don't think removing the liquid would make any noticeable difference to the tyre noise getting filtered inside the cabin. Yes, getting the tyres aligned would definitely help the cause but that doesn't seem to be the culprit here. It might have more to do with the combination of one or more of the following - the tyre tread pattern, their rubber compound and also the road surface that you typically drive on. Would suggest that you go for a better compound and tread pattern once the OEMs are up for replacement.
  11. The Fortuner is a great car and packs in a lot of space in all three rows of seating. The middle row seats are pretty comfortable as well. In case most of your drive is within the urban confines with occasional trips to the highways, I would suggest that you do test drive the Hyundai Santa Fe as well. In case you are not restricted to buying a SUV and take pleasure in owning a sedan, there are a lot of options within a budget of 30 lacs. I suggest you to take a trip to the nearest Audi showroom and it might surprise you the kind of deals they might put on offer. In case you are willing to wait and are not in a hurry, the new VW Passat is due to be launched soon. I happened to see one on my recent trip to Germany and I can tell you that the car does make a big impression. It looks very mature and elegant and fairly big at the same time. I am myself waiting for the launch to happen and might go for it later during the year. Happy Buying!
  12. Wow! This car looks terrific, somewhat like Civic Type Rs meant for Europe. Guess it time again for shopping! Any ideas when the launch is planned as gong by the pic, it looks sooner than expected? Hope they price it sensibly this time around.
  13. A golden rule to be applied in case of buying a used car - 'Never buy one which you can't afford to run brand new'. The simple reason is that no matter how good the condition is, it can never be as good as a brand new vehicle. Hence, it would make you spend more when it comes to service and repairs. For those who are budget conscious and need to put high mileage every month, my advice would be to go for a diesel hatch with low mileage on odo; preferably a Swift/ Dzire or an i20. For those with low running in a month, a City or SX4 would be a perfect solution. It is always advisable to stay away from discontinued cars as much as possible as the spares become more and more hard to find and expensive to procure with every passing month. This is also one of the reasons why these cars are available at dirt cheap prices in the second hand market. Lastly, if I were to have a budget of 4 lacs, I would have bought a new hatch instead of going for a second hand vehicle. It would have been a new i10 or a Swift Petrol, though it might have pushed me to go over my budget a bit.
  14. This looks like an Audi Q3, Range Rover, and Suzuki Grand Vitara mixed well together and shrunk in size. Looks promising none the less.