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    Hersch got a reaction from BonFre in How is Chevy Enjoy   
    I have sat in both an Ertiga and the Enjoy and to be honest, both have their own sweet spots. While Ertiga would pamper you more with its interior/ exterior design, the Enjoy is a no non-sense MPV with a little spartan interiors but better third row seating comfort as compared to the Ertiga. The comfort levels are somewhat similar in both the cars and so are the performance figures. It would all depend upon how frequently you would be using that third row of seats; if its something that'll happen very frequently, then Enjoy would be a better choice, but if its only going to happen once or twice a month, then Ertiga it should be for you. I would also suggest that you wait for atleast 2-3 months in case you decide to go in for the Enjoy as there were reports of a recall due to some technical snag in the current lot of cars. Would also suggest that you confirm the same with atleast 2-3 GM dealers or better still, with some existing Enjoy owners to get more clarity.
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    Hersch got a reaction from raulaventador in SCOOP: uncamouflaged OPEL CORSE ECOflex   
    These are test cars for Bosch which manufactures components for GM for their European models. The Corsa in the pic above is not slated to be launched in India.
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    Hersch got a reaction from arun96 in USED FIAT LINEA - IS ITS WORTH A DEAL?   
    Too high a price to pay for a Fiat Linea.
    If you are not particular about the fuel type being diesel, you can get cracker of deals on sparingly used Honda Civics'/ Citys' in the same price range. They are very reliable cars and would comfortably last you another 5-6 years. If you are not stuck with buying only a sedan, than there are a couple of hatches which can fit your budget. Since these would be brand new cars, they would offer a lot more peace of mind.
    I suggest that you bargain hard with the dealer as the same vehicle should not be costing beyond 4.3 lacs (checked with a dealer friend myself and as rightly quoted by buddy Sstar above) if its in an immaculate condition with detailed service history available. If he does not budge, move away and I am sure he will call you back within a week to ten days time. Their sales charts sing the story aloud that there aren't many buyers in the market for a Fiat vehicle. Don't throw away your hard earned money on something which you would regret purchasing later (avoid buyer's remorse).
    Best wishes!
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    Hersch got a reaction from bnpbhargav in Diesel vs Petrol: Choosing the Right Car   
    Dear Friends! It is a known fact that diesel has become the fuel of choice for a majority of Indian customers. This is evident from the fact that the overall sales figure of diesel cars which stood at a mere 5% about a decade ago now stands at a mighty 40% of the overall cars sold and is increasing at a faster pace than ever.
    However, anyone who is out to buy a car is faced with the perennial question on whether to buy a petrol car or go in for a diesel. Which option would provide more value for money in the long run? To arrive at an answer, we would have to look deep into a buyer's behaviour in the Indian context. Some of the things we look at while purchasing a car are:
    Overall price (price, discounts, freebies etc.)
    Looks and engine power
    Fuel efficiency
    Features (aircon, ICE, safety features etc.)
    Cost of service and spares

    Coming down to the topic on whether your usage justifies buying a diesel car, we can simply do some maths to arrive at a probable solution. For the purpose of calculation, we would make the following assumptions*:
    Standard average life span of the car - 7 yrs (One would typically sell/ upgrade to a new car post this)
    Standard average monthly running - 1000 kms
    Price of diesel car - 10 lacs
    Overall landed cost of a diesel car - 16 lacs (includes cost of capital)
    Diesel Fuel Price - Rs. 41/ ltr
    Average Diesel Car Mileage - 16kms/ litre
    Diesel Car Service Interval - 1yr or 10,000 kms whichever is earlier
    Diesel Car Service Cost - Rs. 10,000/ service
    Diesel Car Repair Costs - Rs. 1.5 lacs over 7 years
    Price of petrol car - 8.5 lacs
    Overall landed cost of a petrol car - 13.5 lacs (includes cost of capital)
    Petrol Fuel Price - Rs. 75/ ltr
    Average Petrol Car Mileage - 12kms/ litre
    Petrol Car Service Interval - 6 months or 5000 kms whichever is earlier
    Petrol Car Service Cost - Rs. 5000/ service
    Petrol Car Repair Cost - Rs. 75,000 over 7 years

    *The above are nearest estimates used for calculation purpose only.
    Overall cost of ownership of a Diesel Car
    Overall Cost = Landed Cost of the Vehicle + Overall Fuel Costs + Overall Service Costs + Overall Repair Costs
    => Overall Costs = 16,00,000 + {Rs.41/ ltr x (1000kms per month/ 16kms per litre) x 12 months x 7 years) + (9 services x Rs 10,000 cost per service) + 1,50,000
    => Overall Costs = 16,00,000 + 2,15,250 + 90,000 + 1,50,000
    => Overall Costs = 20,55,250/-
    Overall cost of ownership of a Petrol Car
    Overall Cost = Landed Cost of the Vehicle + Overall Fuel Costs + Overall Service Costs + Overall Repair Costs
    => Overall Costs = 13,50,000 + {Rs.75/ ltr x (1000kms per month/ 12kms per litre) x 12 months x 7 years) + (14 services x Rs 5,000 cost per service) + 75,000
    => Overall Costs = 13,50,000 + 5,25,000 + 70,000 + 75,000
    => Overall Costs = 20,20,000/-
    The above high level calculation proves that as far as price is concerned, if your monthly running is below 1000 kms, it is not worth spending on a diesel engine car. Anything above 1000 kms/ month would provide you with fuel costs savings but would subsequently inflate your service costs as well.
    Now comes the question of engine power and refinement; where petrol provides a more linear and refined performance, modern diesels typically being turbocharged, provide a lot of torque once revved beyond a certain rpm range.
    Conclusion: Go for a diesel only if you would be putting on a lot of miles on your odometer; otherwise, a petrol makes better sense anyday.