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  1. Hi, Please help confirm if the Nexon Petrol lag/performance issues are much perceivable in slopes, overtakes, city b2b drives with full load; Or Is the issue manageable and still fun to drive as an independent SUV (without comparison). Also is there any considerable issue in NVH levels (for family), Gear/Clutch in Nexon petrol. I need to decide between Nexon Petrol or Diesel based on the performance difference (if it is huge). Preferring petrol variant based on usage (around 1250kms monthly) and higher diesel cost. Is it worth it to buy Nexon diesel just for the marginal increase in performance. Please confirm. And does the Diesel variant requires any frequent usage of the car Or Can it be kept idle for long time too (considering Covid). Also relatively w.r.t Venue turbo petrol, is the Nexon petrol still a better car without much compromise considering as a comfortable, fun to drive, safe, value package, Or, Venue is much better than Nexon? Thanks & Regards, Nathan JP