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  1. ANHC or Fiesta 1.6S

    go for honda city..
  2. Best sedan below 8 lakhs

    honda city - its a honda, aveo - VFM package, Verna - strong aftersales service, comfort, fiesta - best drivers car, sx4 - good car but personally i dont like it coz of cheap quality, linea - excellent car but poor aftersales service..
  3. Best sedan below 8 lakhs

    this is my preference.. 1.honda city 2.chevrolet aveo 3.hyundai verna 4.ford fiesta 5.maruti sx4 6.fiat linea

    good choice bro.. aveo is a very good car but under rated.. go for cashmere as aveo looks the best in that..
  5. hi all.. my brother is planning to buy a car and his budget is around 5-6 lakhs and he wants a sedan.. he likes aveo and accent both but he is more inclined to accent because of gms bad reputation and the problems they are having but he finds aveo better.. accent is costing him around 5.40 L and the Aveo is costing him aroung 5.6 L on road.. so which one should he go for.. he doesnt like desire, ikon, logan and he doesnt want a small car.. what is the future of accent? what is the future of gm? please advice. thank you.
  6. accent or aveo base model.. ?

    he doesn't like indigo also.. he likes aveo as it looks good and its vfm package..
  7. BMW 5 series hatchback!!

    it looks awsome..
  8. new honda city vs hyundai verna diesel mo

    Honda city has better handling, better brand image, better looks better engine whereas Verna has better ride quality.. fuel efficiency is the almost the same but the difference is petrol and diesel.. the interior quality is almost the same.. if given a option i would pick the new Honda city..
  9. Fabia Vs Mid Size Cars..

    Finally skoda fabia is here.. It is priced same as mid size cars like fiesta, aveo, sx4, honda city, verna so is it better or it is just overpriced for the skoda badge.. can the fabia beat them.. ?
  10. VW Jetta

    it will be launched this month and it will have 2 engines.. 1.6 petrol and 1.9 diesel and it will be priced around 13-16 lakhs and in my opinion at this price it is overpriced just like laura though they are both good cars..
  11. hi everyone.. i am really confused whether to buy a car right now or wait for the new cars to come.. i want to buy in the range of 10 lacs.. my options are.. 1.Aveo 1.6 LT With Airbags & Abs - 7.50L 2.Optra Magnum Diesel LS- 9.90L 3.Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI SXI - 8.90L 4.Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXI - 8.00L 5.Honda City Vtec Plus - 9.30L 6.Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI Elegance- 8.40L 7.Toyota Corrolla H1 - 10L *there are other options also but these are which i like. New Cars Coming In 2008- 1.Fiat Linea - 7-8L - End 2008 2.Fiat Punto - 5-6L - Sep 2008 3.New Honda City - 8L - End 2008 4.Toyota Corrolla - 10-12L - Aug 2008 5.VW Jetta - 10-12L - Mid 2008 *there are other options also but these are which i like. My Requirements - 1.Looks 2.Monthly Running - Not More Than 1000km 3.Reliable 4.Resale Value To Some Extend 5.Sturdy And Solid Build 6.Drive Focussed Car 7.Good Performance 8.FE 9.Preference Of Airbags And Abs 10.Good Aftersales Service I think thats about it.. i have to decide in 10-15 days.. Thankz akshay.
  12. hi everybody.. i am interested in buying a skoda fabia and its been 2 months and they still havnt called me for a test drive but they keep calling me & asking when i am booking the car and i keep replying them with the same answer i cant buy a car without test driving it.. the car was launched in jan and they still dont have a car for a test drive and they behave as if i am the only 1 who is interested in the car they are so arrogant and rude.. so now my interest again is going towards chevy aveo the car i simply love but i didnt buy it coz i bought a civiv in feb so now i have a chance to buy it.. what say people should i go for the chevy aveo or wait for the test drive of skoda fabia which i dont know when i will get..
  13. i like skoda company but the way they think they are as good as a bmw or mercedes it is quite funny because they are simply not that good.. i am a fan of german cars and solid build quality and skoda is a very good co.. i mite go for fabia but as if now i think it is better to wait for the new city.. my other option is aveo so can some1 tell me the mileage of both 1.4 and 1.6..
  14. do we have to pay anything for the cashless ownership offer.. ?
  15. what... i didnt get you.. which will be good for me chevy aveo or fabia.. ? any news on when is the new honda city going to be launched.. ?
  16. which other cars should i consider in the range of 8 lakhs..
  17. hi.. if i buy fabia it will be diesel and not petrol.. i am thinking of aveo but what is the mileage of aveo 1.6 as i want airbags and abs in my car.. i live in delhi and i dont know about the delivery but i have heard the mileage of fabia diesel is pretty good but engine isnt that fast or refined.. i went to moti nagar silvertone showroom.. any news on the new honda city and when it is going to be launched.. i guess the only way skoda will learn is when another german brand comes to india and give it competition and thats y i think gm did a big mistake of stopping the opel brand in india..
  18. Need Urgent Help: Budget 6-7 Lakhs

    if you are satisfied with the gm service y dont you go for aveo.. its a good value for money car.. and you can get the top model for 7.5lakhs with airbags and abs.. the performance is good and features are also good.. it is quite spacious and ride quality is one of the best.. quality is very good but its brand value is not as good as honda.. maintenance is low and mileage is good.. resale will be little low.. i think you should either go for honda city or chevrolet aveo.. they both are good cars with honda having a little advantage because of the resale and brand value..
  19. Maruti SX4 or Toyota Corolla

    Have you considered any other option like.. aveo, fiesta, city, verna, cedia, optra.. aveo, fiesta, city, optra, cedia they all have airbags and abs though verna comes with abs only.. they all are good cars and i think you should once go n see them and take a test drive also..
  20. Maruti SX4 or Toyota Corolla

    corrolla.. its a better car anyday..
  21. Aveo 1.4 -- 500kms Review

    hi rakesh.. about the safety issue it performed good in the nhtsa crash test but it performed badly in euro ncap crash test so it is difficult to say whether its a safe car or no and even if it is unsafe it doesnt make other cars more safe.. the honda city and corrolla has a very light body still they sell like anythg and i find both the cars unsafe.. and about the gearbox it is better now though not as slick as honda citys.. as fas as i know it wont give you more than 12 in the city and 15 on the highway.. if the aftersales service in your city is good and you are sure that you wont have problem with availbility of parts you can go ahead and buy aveo its a vfm car and its as good as verna, sx4, fiesta and city.. jus remember aveo will have a very bad resale and if you planning to keep it for more than 4 yrs then it shouldnt bother you.. verna, sx4 and city will have better resale than aveo and fiesta.. and i myself really like aveo.. hope this helps.
  22. Chevy's LATEST defect free Aveo 1.4

    hi.. since you live in a small city please check the aftersales service and parts availbility of Gm cars as it can pose a big problem for you in the future.. hyundai and maruti has better aftersales service and parts are never a problem with them.. i like the aveo also out of verna and sx4 but before buying just remember it wont give you a good resale no matter what the dealer says.. gm and ford cars dont have good resale.. verna and sx4 both are good cars.. if aftersales service and parts availbilty is not a problem then i think you should go aveo since you like it soo much and its a very good car.. but if you love driving then take a test drive of fiesta i am sure you will love it but check there aftersales support and parts availbility also as ford service doesnt have a good reputation and there parts are generally very expensive.. you can also consider skoda fabia as it has good interiors, solid build, good fe, nice ride & handling but engine isnt that good and its overpriced and aftersales service is not the best and parts are expensive.. hope this helps.
  23. Aveo 1.4 -- 500kms Review

    hi rakeshsinha.. why is honda city and hyundai verna not in your list any specific reason because they both are very good cars.. can you tel me your requirements and where do you live so i can advice you better..
  24. Chevrolet Epica 2.0d LT

    it wil be priced around 15lakhs..
  25. you can go for aveo 1.4 base model.. the on road price in delhi is 6.50L without discount.. from your choice if you can digest the looks and cramped rear seat then go for desire.. if you dont care about resale then go for aveo uva or logan..