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  1. optra magnum is a better car overall.. skoda octavia is a 8 yr old model..
  2. i am going for a test drive next week for aveo, city vtec, cedia, magnum diesel, fabia, corrolla and fiesta..
  3. hey thankz for the advice guys.. ya your rite bro that if i intend to keep the car for 4-5 yrs then i shouldnt be worried about the resale but in the case of gm, ford, fiat and mitsubishi cars resale value is very very bad.. but i wil take your word and go for a test dive of cedia because more than anything else i love driving so if its that good i wouldnt mind buying it.. and about optra its a fantastic car no doubt i took a test drive and i couldnt believe its a gm car as the engine is road rocket and the gearbox is the best of all the gm cars.. about honda city and corrolla i am more interested in the honda city vtec as with the amount of traffic in delhi the size of honda city is not too big and not too small.. i like the fabia but i havnt taken a test drive of it but i am planning to do it soon so lets see..
  4. hi.. i live in delhi.. and i will keep the car for 4yrs.. i dont like the sx4.. ya i think toyota corrolla would be a gud choice.. cedia has a very bad resale.. optra diesel is amazing but the reason i dont want to go for it is beacuse its a gm car.. fiat linea is again a very good choice but then for that i have to wait for 3-4 months after it is launched to see the response.. of all the choices i love the chevy aveo.. but now i am down to four cars.. skoda fabia, toyota corrolla, honda city vtec and vw jetta.. gm, fiat and ford is a big no no now as i have a opel corsa and its a very good car yet it doesnt have a good resale and it hurts..so i am down to four cars - corrolla, city vtec, jetta, fabia..
  5. i already have a civic and the maximum i want to spend right now is 10L not more than that.. i can wait if i want but i dont want to as i want to sell my opel corsa now..
  6. hi everyone.. i am really confused whether to buy a car right now or wait for the new cars to come.. i want to buy in the range of 10 lacs.. my options are.. 1.Aveo 1.6 LT With Airbags & Abs - 7.50L 2.Optra Magnum Diesel LS- 9.90L 3.Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI SXI - 8.90L 4.Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXI - 8.00L 5.Honda City Vtec Plus - 9.30L 6.Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI Elegance- 8.40L 7.Toyota Corrolla H1 - 10L *there are other options also but these are which i like. New Cars Coming In 2008- 1.Fiat Linea - 7-8L - End 2008 2.Fiat Punto - 5-6L - Sep 2008 3.New Honda City - 8L - End 2008 4.Toyota Corrolla - 10-12L - Aug 2008 5.VW Jetta - 10-12L - Mid 2008 *there are other options also but these are which i like. My Requirements - 1.Looks 2.Monthly Running - Not More Than 1000km 3.Reliable 4.Resale Value To Some Extend 5.Sturdy And Solid Build 6.Drive Focussed Car 7.Good Performance 8.FE 9.Preference Of Airbags And Abs 10.Good Aftersales Service I think thats about it.. i have to decide in 10-15 days.. Thankz akshay.
  7. i mean only the driving pleasure..
  8. The Best Drivers Car In The 10L Range.. ?
  9. aveo is a better overall car but fiesta is a better car to drive.. swift sedan looks very bad.. go for aveo.. but if you love driving then fiesta is even better than sx4, verna and honda city.. but the service of ford is not good its horrible thats what i have heard..
  10. so do you think aveo/sx4/city/fiesta/verna are better cars than skoda fabia.. i think skoda fabia is a very good car and the only problem is its not a three box sedan.. as per autocar fabia is a luxury hatchback.. see gm is no.1 in the world but in india its not doing good.. and skoda is doing well in india and that is what matters..i love the fiesta and aveo but i want to stay away from gm and ford cars.. skoda is a brand in india no matter how bad it is outside..
  11. i think it will have a mixed reaction.. not many people will buy it as a 1st car but ppl will but it as a 2nd car.. and being a skoda car it may effect sales of aveo, verna and fiesta..
  12. Finally skoda fabia is here.. It is priced same as mid size cars like fiesta, aveo, sx4, honda city, verna so is it better or it is just overpriced for the skoda badge.. can the fabia beat them.. ?
  13. i would take the vtec.. though its expensive and it doesnt have the features of sx4.. the reason to buy honda city vtec is the engine.. and i am not saying sx4s engine is bad but the vtec is better.. buy the airbags and abs model..
  14. Skoda Fabia Diesel Price List - 1.4 TDI PD 69BHP Active - 6,65,249 Classic- 7,04,655 Ambiente - 7,94,724 Elegance - 8,49,437 Skoda Fabia Petrol 1.2 HTP 69BHP Active - 5,56,309 Classic - 5,95,826 Ambiente - 6,58,281 Skoda Fabia 1.4 69BHP Elegance - 7,48,827 All prices mentioned are on road prices delhi..
  15. when is this car coming to india.. ?
  16. which car will you buy out of the five.. ?
  17. aks316


    hey post some pics of your car.. it will help us to understand better.. 1 of my frnd is planning to buy a bmw 3 series and this may make him rethink about it..
  18. i have nothing against cedia.. its a good car and if ur budget allows go for it but it doesnt have a resale though aveos resale is also not that good but it will be better than cedias.. cedia is a better car to drive than aveo.. both are good cars buy either of the two.. i like the aveo better..
  19. and if you can increae your budget then buy 1.6 variant with airbags and abs..
  20. aveo is a good car.. you wont regret it.. buy aveo 1.4 LS or the limited edition.. and black and cashmere colour suits aveo the most.. and its a very good looking car.. it has a better feel than honda city.. let me know what you have decided..
  21. god bless him n his family.. may he rest in peace..
  22. In india if ford or gm makes a mistake it gets hyped up whereas if honda/toyota/skoda/maruti/hyundai makes a mistake nobody talks about it.. i have heard people saying that skoda owners are not happy with there car or it is expensive to maintain but still people are buying skodas.. honda city and toyota corrollas build quality is pathetic but still people buy it because its reliable and fuel efficient and ya its a brand.. people had a problem that opels are very expensive to maintain but they dont mind paying for skodas.. and i dont understand when other countries dont have to pay a high price for brands like honda, skoda then why are they making us pay.. i know duty in our country is high but still they can price it lower than the actual..
  23. ya go for honda city... but i have read the fabia review and it is quite good and it has lot of features for the price.. you can even go for aveo1.6 with airbags and abs which will cost you the same as honda city exi..
  24. ya.. though i am not a big fan of honda city and i own it too.. i have to agree its a very comfortable and reliable car and its been 2 years i havnt had any problem with the car.. though i still think aveo is not a bad cat at all and if its not better than the rest its not worse also.. in my opinon it is as good as city, sx4, verna and fiesta.. and i have seen reveiews of aveo on team bhp forums and they all seem to be happy with the car.. the site is http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/
  25. if diesel.. verna is better than fiesta.. and if you can increase your budget then optra magnum.. it is one of the best..