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  1. what about chevrolet optra magnum diesel.. ?
  2. what you mean by will aveo make a huge difference as compared to cedia.. i didnt get what you said.. which 2 cars.. ?
  3. if you like cedia then go for it.. its a nice car and mitsubishi cars are very reliable as per my knowledge.. my advice wait for auto expo and then decide.. but if you dont want to wait then if not cedia then go for aveo it is quite loaded and its a good car..
  4. why not wait for the fabia.. its price will be around 6 lakhs and it will be a very good car.. its getting launched on 10th jan.. plus if you want to see it you can go to the showroom they will have it on display from 25th dec..
  5. aks316

    Optra Magnum

    optra magnum is a very good car.. i think it is the best of all the chevrolets in india.. diesel engine is a road rocket.. go for it..
  6. go for verna diesel.. it has the best performance in its segment and it is comfortable too..
  7. i think you should go for honda CITY or chevrolet AVEO or hyundai VERNA.. 1.honda city 2.chevrolet aveo 3.hyundai verna sx4 and fiesta are not comfortable for 5 people and they are not fuel efficient also.. if you dont want airbags and abs then go for honda city.. if you want airbags and abs then go for aveo plus it has lot of other features too and free warranty and free service and its a very good VFM car.. if you dont like either of the two then go for hyundai verna.. if i have to buy i would choose honda city or chevrolet aveo..
  8. go for chevrolet aveo or honda city.. they both are very good cars..
  9. ya.. i am also quite dissappointed with GM.. there cars are highpriced at first and when the sales dont pick up they give discounts which makes them a discount brand.. i think GM is No.1 in giving discounts atleast they are good in something.. they did a mistake by discontinuing the opel brand.. and 2nd problem is high maintenance.. they should price there cars agressively like maruti did with sx4 and swift.. optra is the only car which is doing good right now.. i just love the chevrolet aveo but it doesnt have the performance and average.. they should have launched a diesel model instead of launching so many cars like spark, uva and srv..
  10. haha.. ya your right.. but if given a option i would go for aveo rather than sx4.. but then thats my opinon.. honda city is still the best.. how about fiesta and verna.. u find them better than aveo..
  11. optra diesel is a very good car.. the engine is a road rocket..
  12. city is a very good car.. i also have a honda city zx and i love it.. but i think aveo is comparable to sx4 if not better.. because it has better interiors, best warranty, better ride, the performance is the same, better comfort, feature are on par, aveo looks really good.. sx4 aftresales service and resale is better.. but gm has improved on the aftresales service front..
  13. New aveo is launched with improved gearbox and performance.. is it still bad.. and besides in the autocar magazine the performance timing of aveo, sx4 and verna is the same then how can people say aveo performance is bad and sx4 performance is good.. city vtec, fiesta1.6 and verna diesel is best for performance in the segment..
  14. i think for the price aveo is as good as sx4 and honda city.. its a worthy rival to honda city and sx4.. though people trust maruti and honda more..
  15. hi.. skoda fabia is going to be launched in jan and it will be priced around 6 lakhs.. which one will you go for.. fabia or aveo1.4.. ? FuelRunGod2007-10-18 10:17:03
  16. hi.. i am waitng till jan because skoda fabia is coming so i want to see how is it.. it will be overpriced for sure but i want to make sure i buy the right car.. out of the 5 cars aveo, sx4, city, verna, fiesta.. i like the aveo and the city.. i dont like the looks of sx4 and verna, fiesta is cramped and i dont trust ford somehow and that leaves me with the aveo and the city.. now this is supposed to be very easy as many would say city is better.. but i have a honda city and opel corsa and somehow i find corsa better than city.. honda is not the car i love to drive.. its the most untiring car of all, it has good FE, good interiors and its comfortable too and it has the so called honda badge which we indians love but its nt a stable car and it has a very bad ride and build quality and its ovepriced.. and that is when chevrolet aveo comes.. its the best looking car out of all five according to me, good interiors and FE, comfortable, very good ride and build quality and now comes the performance which is where the whole problem is as said by many people but according to what i have heard from the owners and team bhp site its not that bad also and the new aveo is launched which is much better than the old one in performance and the gearbox is much much improved 2.. so whats your take on this.. is aveo a good alternative to the city.. ? is aveos not so good perfomance exaggerated or is it very bad.. ? FuelRunGod2007-09-25 23:22:14
  17. Thanks Aks! Aveo 1.4 is the basic model whereas Aveo 1.6 is the top-end variant. Looks wise (external) it is the same. The difference' date=' however, lies in the extra features that come with 1.6 version, like dirver seat height adjustment, front fog lamps, woody finish on the dashboard and doors, chrome door handles, mp3 player with speakers, etc. There is also an optional version in 1.6 which comes with airbags, etc. In terms of performance, I did not find much difference between the two. So it is just the features and interiors. Having said that, the final choice is absolutely yours. But no doubt, features offered in Aveo 1.4 are more than what is provided in a base variant.[/quote'] hi.. i also find 1.4 better than 1.6 but i want to buy with airbags and abs so i was looking for 1.6.. and ya you are right that aveo has very good features and the model 1.4LS to me is the best.. do you think aiirbags and abs makes a difference in city driving..
  18. yup.. you are right.. honda vtec is the best of the lot except for the price it is very overpriced because of 1 reason honda knows we indians wont mind paying a higher price for the honda badge.. i would go for chevrolet aveo.. i find it a better overall package than the rest.. this is just my opinion.. and all are good cars..
  19. hi.. congrats.. aveo is 1 good looking car.. is 1.6 better than 1.4 as i have heard that 1.4 is nearlly as good as 1.6.. so does it make sense to buy 1.6.. ?
  20. i dnt agree that daweoo or chevrolet is crap.. to me overall it is better than ford any day.. verna, aveo and sx4 are equally good cars with each having its cons n pros.. honda vtec is better than the rest but then it is overpriced for the honda badge..
  21. i want a car with airbags and abs and i was waiting for the new honda city and now that it is launched it is highly overpriced.. i dont think it makes any sense buying a honda city for 9.3Lakhs on road.. and besides i already have a honda city.. i have decided chevrolet aveo but i may wait till march.. the new version has a better gearbox which was the main negative of aveo though i dont like too much of chrome which the new version has..i just wanted to see which car would people go for out of the five if given a choice..
  22. Chevrolet Aveo 1.6 VS Honda City Vtec VS Ford Fiesta 1.6 VS Hyundai Verna 1.6 VS Maruti SX4.. All are top models.. Which 1 will you buy... ?
  23. hi.. i have a honda city gxi and i have taken a test drive of chevrolet aveo and from my experience i felt aveo more solid than honda city and ya it is a daweoo car but its from GM and they make solid cars not as much as skodas but better than honda and toyota.. i dont want a automatic and honda has its own good points.. its is difficulit to compare fabia but as its in the same price range and resale of skodas is better than chevrolet i am waitin for that to come as it is 1 of the eagerly awaited cars..the reason ford fusion hasnt done that well is because of the ford badge and the high price as ford cars also does not have good resale..