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  1. ya you are right that skoda fabia will be released as a hatchback but it will be priced around 6-7 lakhs which is more or less the same as chevrolet aveo.. and i also personally like the solid feel which is why i was thinking of chevrolet aveo over honda city.. it feels more solid than honda city though it may not be as solid as skoda fabia..
  2. hi.. thankz for the reply but i was comparing SKODA FABIA with chevrolet aveo and honda city and not skoda octavia.. so whats yout take on that.. ?
  3. is skoda fabia better than chevrolet aveo.. the only thing which is stopping me from honda city is tht i already have it so i m looking for other than that.. vios will come around 2009 and jetta will compete against civic and octavia..
  4. see the only problem with honda city is it doesnt feel solid at all but then if i think evry car has positives n negatives..
  5. is chevy aveo 1.6 better than honda city gxi idsi or is honda still the better car.. ???
  6. i also think i should go for honda.. but lets see.. let the new one come.. i also heard they will put the vtec engine in the gxi version..
  7. is honda city worth its price or is it overhyped just for the honda brand.. ??
  8. it is vry confusing to buy a new car nwdays.. but ya ur rite abt aveo being jack of all trades and master of none..
  9. thankz a lot.. i think i will wait for the new honda city and then buy just to be on the safer side..
  10. ya .. i love the looks of aveo.. and i like the build quality of gm cars.. its like my heart says aveo and the brain says honda city.. since the new honda city is coming i think i should wait.. the only thing which can make me wait for the jetta is that it has a better brand image than chevorlet and they make very solid cars.. do you think sx4 or verna or fiesta better than aveo.. ?
  11. when is the new honda city coming any idea.. ? i heard it will have all the safety features abs airbags.. i will be driving most of the time.. what about aveos euro ncap rating it scored just 2 stars whereas in us ncap it scored a 5 star rating hw is that possible.. is honda city more safe than aveo.. ? what are the positives of both the cars according to you..
  12. so u mean to say that aveo is as good as city.. i want a midsize sedan and optra is little bigger.. i have heard that toyota vios and volkswagon jetta is coming soon so should i wait for it.. how will you rate vtec and aveo 1.6s performance.. & what according to you are the drawbacks of both the cars.. honda is not givivng any features wheras aveo is fully loaded..
  13. i will be keeping the car for more than 4 yrs so resale is nt a big issue but ya fuel effciency n performance shuold be good.. i already have a honda city gxi so i was interested in buyin other than honda city.. i dnt like the looks of verna and sx4 whereas i dont trust ford.. aveo has a better build and ride quality than honda ciy and after driving opel corsa i find honda too light but honda has a better brand image.. how will you rate aveos brand image..
  14. hi.. i am planning to buy a car soon and my budget is around 8 lakhs.. i have shortlisted honda city vtec and chevy aveo 1.6 with airbags and abs... which one should i go for..