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  1. @yamahaR15 - Hey there, thanks for reading. Your reply is true.
  2. '@krace - Hey there, thanks for reading. Yes, very neatly put. Civic is indeed inclined towards driving pleasure whereas Corolla is for the family person.
  3. @archit - Hey there, thanks for reading and appreciating.
  4. @speed Hey there, Thanks for reading. Yes, a boring feminine Toyota indeed.
  5. Hey all, The title has a typo. It is Corolla, not Cotolla. Sorry about that. Enjoy reading!!! Note: Title has been updated.zander2008-09-22 13:21:21
  6. Ever since their launch when anyone was asked about their choice of a compact/sub-compact family car, the small crown
  7. @bluesapphire - No, we aren't emplyees at Mitsubishi.
  8. Hey there, Thanks for reading. @archit - Kits? I am not sure it comes with any kits unless custom made. Yes, we agree. If this is altered by someone with decent taste, one could make it look stunning. @krace - Agreed @bluesapphire - We have no idea. Sorry.
  9. @archit - thanks for reading and appreciating. Yes, it is the new Lancer. @vibhor - thanks for reading. Kindly click on the last line "Lancer CJ ES" - it will show you the picture of the car.
  10. Prior to this time, Mitsubishi Lancers and Evos where miles apart when features where kept in mind. Although that was the case, it was quite hard to differentiate an Evo from a Lancer as Lancer owners often modified their cars to look like the Evo. But, this time Mitsubishi made both variants look the same. So, the ego clashes are eliminated. The other amazing thing is that both these variants come with Active stability control, traction control, ABS, EBD and brake assistant. The only non-visible difference left is the power and AUD 20 to 25,000 price tag. Obviously, the Lancer is cheaper. Since, this is a quick review I shall merely compare the main features. If price tag is and power is not an issue, blindly go for the Lancer CJ ES, VR or VRX. Yes, I am most certain it is better than its competitors, Honda Civic VTi, Suzuki SX-4 and Toyota Corolla Ascent. The Thailand made Civic is a FWD, 1.8L, 138hp that can run 14ks
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  12. Hey all, one of our team members was at the Barret-Jackson auction where the first ZR-1 was sold to Dave Ressler for $1,000,000!!!
  13. Hey all, Muaah!!! looking forward to testing this one. ZO6 was fantastic!!! This, I reckon will be a whopper!!!
  14. Hey all, for the city roads and given the choices, Innova would satisfy.
  15. Hey all, I readily agree with "The VTEC guy". Nano can replace autorikshaws but not taxis.