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  1. They could launch it as a ladies favorite model just like how Suzuki does with lapin in japan (https://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/lapin_mode/) with santro's engine and AMT and Hyundai's name it'll sell like hotcakes among ladies.
  2. This is my first post on this forum so sorry for any upcoming mistakes ahead. Tl;Dr no,the new civic isn't worth it,old one was better. Now we go. This is what no one will tell you. Let's explain why Honda did this unusual combo of petrol auto and diesel manual Honda wanted to launch a diesel auto and petrol manual combo to satisfy everyone. But they didn't had an autobox for the diesel and the closest was of the amaze but for that the torque would need to be lowered and that would have spoiled everything including the legacy of Honda civic in india(not that they saved it but still,imagine Honda civic diesel making 200nm of torque,that would have been another blunder like corolla, just worse.) And given the low sales they knew they were gonna get they didn't even consider investing in anything new and the 9 speed zf at (was in the latest Indian crv) would have took the price to another level so they dropped the idea of diesel auto. But they absolutely needed an autobox so they shunned out the cvt and used it with petrol. It didn't made sense to Honda to offer manual because low sales. D1 segment sedans are a dying breed in india. Otherwise except from engines & gearboxes the 10th gen civic is one of the best D1 segment (apart from octavia) one can get. God.