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  1. Hello can anyone five me the details of the speed run 2009 regarding venue, time and date and also their is any pass to view the event. wants to see the speed run
  2. If i happen to own a car in the future i would definitely buy a bike. A bike is very handy when you need to head to the neighborhood shop or to the nearby store for bill payments and etc. whereas comparing to a car its a pain to take the care to the nearby stores where there is a lack of parking space and its also pain to drive for such a small commute Plus a bike is very convenient to park and drive in the city .
  3. First of all i would like to ask what are your requirements like whether the car be driven by you or chauffered how much kms u would drive in a month what would like in a car like space ,comfort and fuel efficiency etc.. how long you would keep the car and resale value is a top priority i would suggest if you have such a budget then you should go for honda city..its the best car in that segment..although i10 would be perfect to drive in the city ...but with the honda city you would get the hang of it after a few drives
  4. yes i also agree with @ sudeepd...our U-VA is giving around 12kmpl in city and 17kmpl in highway
  5. yes i agree with bluesapphire...a 2002 palio at 1.65 is damn expensive...and fiat after sales service is a issue...its improving but still not with par as that of hyundai or maruti.. i guess you should try the hyundai santro as the car is very good and its maintenace is very cheap...n one advice if you go in a hunt for a hyundai santro..just check the exhaust and listen to it while exhausts gets very noisy soon if not maintained well
  6. well personally i feel UVA has both the combination of Swift and Getz..i mean to say what swift lacks in space whereas UVA is very spacious.. and getz comprises on handling departments which is good in UVA not the best as in Swift.. we have owned for nearly 18 months and it get better day by day.. i personally feel that it is a tad underpowered but u don't feel so much in the city.. and if you go in for a UVA then i suggest to look for ivory gold colour...the colour is really cool.
  7. well fabia is a good car but skoda are expensive to maintain i.e. servicing and spare parts are very high and the petrol skoda won't fetch you a good resale value.. well you can wait for the jazz which is going to be launched very soon ..and being a honda it would be relatively cheap to maintain and also fetch a high resale value as compared to fabia
  8. the palo is gud n has solid built...but its nt gud in terms of resale value plus the overall fiat service is nt gud..though its improving but not on par wit hyundai maruti or tata... we hav a U-VA in our family n really impressed by d car...well i suggest dat u test drive all d 3 den make ur decision Note From Admin: Please take time to type out your posts properly SMS lingo is prohibited on the forum. Any other such post will be deleted. FuelRunGod2009-03-13 12:51:25
  9. well currently i don't hav any personal vehicle but we hav one ivory gold colored chevy U-VA in our family
  10. rssh is rite..GM America Wont affect GM India...n speaking about the car it is good and has an excellent ride .. it is well balanced car in terms of handling n ride comfort..
  11. well for ur advice. i hav a u-va LS model. it is serving as well..overall d car is gud..fe is around 12-13 kmpl in city and 16-17kmpl in highways. d boot space is decent compared to santro and i10..but the difference in boot space is not much as compared to getz..
  12. i will go 4 THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE....i.e..a beemer BMW
  13. yes roadangel s rite...preserve it.....
  14. me to loved the skoda bcoz of the build quality, mileage in terms of diesel n the shrill power u get in the 1.8 TPI engine. not a owner of skoda but test drove one skoda laura DSG box last year. n was vry much pleased with combing driving pleasure n fuel efficiency fact we even looked for skoda fabia when buying our nxt car..but the delay in launch made us decide on another alternatives...lookin for a test drive of skoda fabia