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  1. Finally i had a test ride of the FZ16 at Pacer Motors, Bangalore.Some of the observations from my side: Likes: Looks: Macho'ish looks and that lovely exhaust steals the show.Enough to set pulses racing. Engine Refinement: The bike felt as refined as the R15 but with a more throaty roar.Even at high revs it never felt strained. Stability. At slower speeds the bike needs to be nudged more as compared to other bikes in its segment.But once speed builds up it is immensely flickable and with that monstrous 140 section tyre the bike was extremely stable.All in all a very good handling machine. Power: Well this is the most tricky part. Power/Performance cravers would be disappointed, somewhat.But make no bones about it the bike sheer torque did keep me busy.I went to test ride the bike with to-enjoy-bent of mind and i was not expecting a fireworks a la RTR. The bike is definitely not as fast as the RTR but it's as fast as the UG3 or the Extreme. And yeah,this bike takes the cake when it comes to fun-to-ride factor(low and mid range).In this case, even the RTR would trail as it's more of a screamer at high revs. The way the FZ made power at top gear at slow speeds did impress me.In city riding would be a breeze in this bike. Dislikes: Display LCD:I really don't know what was the reason for the illegible tacho display which would require a lens to view during daytime!! You just won't notice it while riding. Power at higher rpms did seem to taper off more rapidly.May be because the bike's engine character is more for city runabouts. VFM:This is tricky question.Whoever prefers looks over performance should surely go for this bike and others should look elsewhere or should wait. My friend was not that impressed especially when pricing is taken into account.75k-on road is somewhat steep but hey you don't have any other product like this,Period!! The bike is indeed a good product from Yamaha and it did impress me more than the R15!!
  2. The Cruze might replace Chevy Cobalt or they may position it above the Cobalt in the US of A. And btw, Optra is very much in sale in US/Canada in the guise of Suzuki Forenza!!
  3. Guyz...The new Cruze is based on a different platform and is an all new design made by GM(Chevrolet).This car has made it's debut as the world car. It's not a rebadged Daewoo, FYKI!!
  4. Diesel engined SRV was defintely planned by GMI .But for some unknown reasons that did not happen.Even the supercharged version of SRV didn't work out.It was tested by various magazines and the price of the kit was extremely high.May be GMI has some better plans to play with!!
  5. Btw, I wonder if they would come up with similar versions of SRV and the Estate!!
  6. I haven't ridden the R15 but i have come to know that it has to be launched so precisely(shifting gears) which could even shame those by NASA!! RTR is one heck of a fast bike and provides maximum bang of buck.But in the R15 you get the latest technologies and is a great looker.It's a close call between the P220 and the R15, the R15 only has a slightly better top speed. It all depends on the rider to churn out the best from the Yammy!!chicane18792008-08-23 13:02:32
  7. I have also come to know that there some design elements might be changed for the Asia-Pacific region. IMO, the car has striking looks and i love the overall 'aggressive' character. Some parts do resemble the civic and it's better one at that!! chicane18792008-08-23 09:13:15
  8. The first official photos of the 2010 Chevrolet Cruze!! At its european launch, 3 engines will be made available...112hp 1.6 inline-4(variable valve timing on both the inlet and exhaust) 140hp 1.8 inline-4(variable valve timing on both the inlet and exhaust) 150hp 2.0 turbo-diesel inline-4 A 5-speed manual and a 6-speed A/T will be available. Additional photos of the preview at GM's Lordstown plant in Ohio... This possible Optra replacement will definitely take the Indian Premium Car segment by storm.I don't think GMI will consider changing the monster 120bhp TCDi engine.Newer engine options would only escalate the price, further.Newer Variable Valve Petrol engines are most welcome as the present 1.6/1.8 are somewhat outdated in the present competition. pics:tsikot.comchicane18792008-08-23 06:18:35
  9. Wow!!...nice move by Toyota!!
  10. nice pics!!...the new RTR luks really cool!!
  11. hmmm...let's see wat the upcomin competition has to say abt this move by TATA!!
  12. tat wud be really cool of HONDA, if they do so!!
  13. Hmm gr8 goin by MUL!!!....the sx4 is a gud car n deserves gud sales as compared to the city which is priced outrageously high n is downright overhyped!!
  14. tatz just a photoshopped pulsar!!....HATS OFF to those Pulsar fanboys who keep all those bells n whistles ringin which in turn catapults pulsar's brand image...well expect a 250cc bike frm BAL which mite be launched wid the collaboration wid Kawasaki...but accordin to me,except a refurbished P-220...the pulsar brand name won't be extended to anything more than 220cc!!
  15. well in tat case go for a 100cc 2nd hand bike...n later after u gain experience on the roads upgrade to a 125/150cc bike suiting ur budget!!
  16. Superbly priced car wid excellent interiors!!...this car will definitely sell in huge numbers...will give nightmares to the Spark/WagonR/Estilo n even its own sibling ,the Santro!!
  17. ...wait for the FLAME frm TVS!!
  18. Watz up wid TATA??...the car already had a small boot n they have reduced it further...dunno wat r they upto??...but it's OK for me if they improve the quality levels n the engine refinement along wid the design upgradation!! Note From Admin: Please keep a check on SMS language. FuelRunGod2007-10-31 12:45:03
  19. ...nice lukin lil car...though the dashboard reminds me of the Fiat Multipla!!
  20. well in the 100cc domain the HH bikes have the edge bcoz of tat one sloper engine which was launched way back in still does its duty in the current generation splendor/passion..tatz the main reason for HH success...also the engine is rated high in terms of reliability/fuel efficiency n maintenance costs...the other 100cc engine which comes closer to the above mentioned aspects is the brilliant 100cc engine frm TVS which is found in Star City/Sport!!
  21. hmmm....the 110bhp Getz sounds delicious!!....wonder how it wud perform when u consider the Vernas will be a real scorcher n will bag the title for the "Fastest Small car in the country"!!...i knew tat HMIL will launch the diesel variant of Getz but dint expect the lock,stock n barrel engine frm the Verna!!!...simply gr8!!