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  1. I don't expect 5 lakh pricing for Polo. Will definetly be priced more than Fabia. Expect a price range of 6 - 8 lakh (i20 and Jazz range)
  2. At first I was like WTF. Then went through entire history of Daimler brand and it was interesting to know the facts. Its funny to know that the company that builts Mercedes cacrs doesn't even have the exclusive rights to Daimler name.
  3. I wonder what the Indica owner must have felt after returning to his/her car. it is pathetic. just shows what the cops can do to fulfill there daily "quota"
  4. my opinion - this is as bad as its predecesor. just as ugly. i really wonder why maruti suzuki need to offer soooooo many hatch backs in the market. swift, ritz, wagon R, estilo... and so on.
  5. Toyota bharat wesite says this - 3L crdi, 17" alloys, 7 seats and Multi information Display. diesel with 7 seats is really what would attract customers. People buying pajero and endeavor will move to fortuner for sure.
  6. front looks gorgeous. whats the black stuff on the rear windscreen. that is kinda out of place. also unusual placement of rear door handle into the rear door quarter glass
  7. Cyrus may be someone from JLR/Tata will congratulate her if you buy the jag :-). Read similar experience of Jag dealership at TBHP and looks they sure have tried to make the first impression right.
  8. CRV diesel is available in other countries and there were pictures I guess during oct/nov 2008 about crv diesel being tested in India. its almost a year now with no further news and I guess same will continue.
  9. No surprise. They do make sensible cars that attract a lot of customers. Plus a 10 years 100000 miles standard warranty in US you have a great advantage. For customers who are looking for a great daily car to commute and are not concerned with image and when you get quality comparable to the japanese automakers this is bound to happen. some of there sedans sale for less than 10k$ in US after discounts.
  10. xylo for sure is one ugly vehicle. also from the older vehicles I didn't much like the qualis and the zen classic.