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  1. yaaar zavo i expected ur inputs but tu kis gal te enna kush ho rehan??/
  2. sudeep read ur last line latter, so for that ,go through the thread carefully once again and u will know why i started this thread and i never said my clutch was worn out,in fact i said my cars clutch was perfectly fine until one fineday it goes bwooo for all the people who think i over ride clutch let me tel u that "80% for my cars running is on highways and secondly i don't like to sit on the clutch paddle then how did this happen
  3. sudeep thanks for the advice,but i know what is clutch over ridding is and i know i don't ,i don't need to perform that expensive experiment and this is not the first or the only car i am drive,why does only skoda clutch goes bwooo and this clutch problem actually is coz of flywheel of skoda cars,which is a established fact in europian market ,that octavia and octavia 2 face this problem very frequently,but in INDIA who cares when i there r people like zavo and may be u also who blame the customer instead, taking a insight into problematic situation
  4. javo does it again, wah wah wah..... r u really a 1976 born or u just wrote that in ur profile, coz it does not reflect in ways u react to things.
  5. FRG if they did not respond till now,they will not in future,i guess they did not go through Autocar any other method, i can take up now
  6. wah ZAVO well done,i knew hor koi bolle na bolle tu zarur kuch bakwas karinga, keep it up any other suggestion, a driving school is coming up soon,i'll make u its principal,u can take a lecture on how to piss of people on road
  7. i don't understand , how do people have so much time to waste fighting each other on a forum over english,im know more than u,etc etc......only 20 % people have something usefull to say,other just fight.i'll arrange a place and all these people can fight it out. there is a scarcity of mature people on this forum
  8. if u want a suv,forget inova and tavera,they are nor suv by shape or by performance on terrain which are meant for suvs on city roads all 4 r the same,even sx4 would be the same. comparing scorpio and safari scorpio is for more reliable and sound engine safari for tons of comfort,looks,space,and offroad pleasure. i personally like safari,coz thing i missed in safari was the engine power and thats set right in 2.2l safari which is a pleasure to drive
  9. sorry people after a long time im back here,skoda did not do anything so got my car rolling ,spent 31,000 on clutch,presure and fly wheel and 1800 on labour,original spares same as the set which came off. got my complaint printed in autocar also this month but no word from skoda yet,may they just don't care. FRG did u hear anything from skoda
  10. zavo may be u have 2 - 3 different dealers in mumbai ,but in punjab there is only one dealer krishna motors and he has a monopoly in punjab,may that makes them stubborn. and as far as dealing is concerned, te dealers de hun paerran ch laett ke clutch change nahi karra sakda mein, if this is how they deal,i'll show them how it should be.
  11. arpitag>>> u got that dam right,thats what the fight is all about
  12. even after a letter to MD,skoda no use, even he or his assistant forward the letter to the same after sales people, who again said sorry sir not our fault ,we cannot assist any further. One thing i discovered,at skoda they don't like to mail back, u will have to run after them to get a reply.>> but they sure are good at choosing punch line>>obsessed with quality>>
  13. i got a reply on the letter i sent to MD skoda,saying that they have forwarded my complaint to service department ,and someone will soon get in touch with me
  14. FRG any problems with ur safari, coz i'll most probably sell my skoda thinking of buying a safari 2.2 any expert suggestions
  15. FRG u like safari or photo is just like that i like safari a lot and the 2.2 ,pushy engine