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  1. anyway i wud say 4WD doesnt make sense as i Rarely go for off road drive!!! and also i wud change the alpine HU to a Mp3/Dvd one... and am fine with or without silver splash on steering(doesnt make any diff....well atleast for me...)...And it has better mileage than the 2.4 version But rssh u hav a pt there...Its on the costlier side...Maybe it shud hav been priced b/w 15-17lacs
  2. Adi gr8!!!! i too will be gettin the New CRV2.0 Beast Next Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Man excited abt the car!!!!I didnt test drive it...My dad did it....he was more than happy abt the car.... How is the Mileage for the new CRV??? hoping to get 9-10km/l in less powered engine than older CRV... me getting a Silver colored one...M/T.....dunno abt the accessories...iam out of station and i think Dad would hav made it to the minimum:-( .... Any way Will be back home next week to Vrroooom off in the Beast!!!! Me just enquiring abt DVD Player/LCD screens for the car....Heard the car comes with Alpine Cd player/4 alpine speakers...
  3. the crv comes with an alpine cd mp3.... So iam seeing some players like Pioneer- DVH-3950MP JVC kd-dv4406/7406 models.... and LCD screens abt 10" size and roof mounted.... Which is better roof mounted or two screens ard 4" behind the passenger/driver headrests
  4. YUP In A/T the interior looks like Cockpit!!!! but i prefer the Manual Tx I was hoping for toyota to launch its Suv but anyway HONDA Rox!!!
  5. In my opinion White looks like a Taxi!!!! too simple.... Silver looks elegant for this Majestic car...
  6. i have booked MT Yeah the interiors are damn awesome!!!!!!!!!!!..... The new engine 2.0L gives a little more on the mileage... hoping to get ard 10km/l in city..... No sign of diesel option for went ahead with this!!!!
  7. Color chosen is the Whistler silver metallic!!!!
  8. I contacted the Honda dealer...he said 4 Alpine speakers would come with the car.... and he can arrange for Alpine DVD/DIvx player and 7" LCD screen by alpine...he will get back to me about the price. Hope it comes within my budget...So if the company fits the DVD and LCD...I would have to fit only the Amps and Woofer....
  9. thanx 5u3Zero.... Iam enquiring abt the pioneer products in the grey market/showroom.... will let u know soon...
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    honda crv

    mehul Bhp ur right Honda shud consider giving CRV the diesel option..then it would boost the CRV sales Multifold!!!!
  11. I was out of station...but dad had done a testdrive of Captiva and CRV2.0L Both were good it seems....but he as usual preferred HONDA all the way!!!! Though economically Captiva being diesel has an edge...The Quality of Honda wins Hands Down!!!!! So have booked for the car...will get it in two weeks time.... Thanks guys for the advice...i had expected the toyota to launch the SUV....Anyway Honda is Honda...CRV a damn Superb car...but with a petrol option :-( .....
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    honda crv

    I was out of station...but dad had done a testdrive of Captiva and CRV2.0L Both were good it seems....but he as usual preferred HONDA all the way!!!! Though economically Captiva being diesel has an edge...The Quality of Honda wins Hands Down!!!!!
  13. can u guys suggest the specific models for the audio system(not general alpine,JVC but like the GTO series etc)...budget is Rs 25K but can stretch it further... The Honda CRV comes with 6 speakers... So need Specifications for... LCD screen Music Player(DVD/Divx compatible) Woofer Amp Guys please help out!!!!!
  14. 5u3zero thanx for the two piece ADVICE but i want to buy full sys in one go rather than upgrading each part....
  15. hi friends... finally have booked a CRV2.0L .....will be getting the vehicle in 2 weeks ard march end... The car comes with a music system/6 speakers.... can any of you suggest the models for music player(DVD/Divx capable)/Woofer/Amps etc.... many buddies suggest alpine/JVC sets etc...but not the model number/model series... can you please specify the model number for each(player/amp/woofer/LCD screen) Thanks guys
  16. toyota Brand all the way... dunno but many say Scorpio mhawk is good.... but i prefer toyota brand than mahindra or tata.... Brakes are surely superior and reliability/comfort Honda/Toyota stand higher than mahindras and Tatas...In my opinion.....
  17. Iam sorry if you came in expecting me to have written a review...My apologies.. I started this thread so that any of u my friends who have driven it/owns/have test drived could give a good insight of the CRV2.0 i asked for a test drive and was told to wait till feb end!!!!! and we are gonna book the CRV2.0 by Feb end!!!!(good or bad but have settled with that car) Hope someone gives a complete review of this Honda product Note From Admin: A review will come soon.FuelRunGod2008-02-11 10:52:37
  18. harryccc Group: Intermediate License hey there! LCD screen - normal spec, Sony / JVC Speakers: Infinity / JBL (high end Oval) Player: Pioneer / Alpine Woofer: JBL try to buy good speakers, dont compromise on them! Good luck and happy motoring! Thanx Harryccc!!!!! could u give the model/Spec detail for LCD DVD/DIVX/IPOD comp Player Subwoofer the car comes wit 6 speakers(2 front+2back+2 tweeters) so shud i buy only the DVD/DIVX player/Subwoofer/LCD screens and leave out the speakers?? Thanx in advance!!!!!!!!!
  19. mitsubishi outlander is expected to hit markets end of the year at ard 20lacs
  20. I dont prefer Tata/Mahindra makes... The brake performance is high in Toyota/Honda?hyundai kinda iam inclined towards them... Tata sumo had worst brakes...It was termed "Killer" Sumo as it had taken a large toll of lives... also Mahindra Scorpio...the car used to lift on one side while turnin in corners.. so not into these makes.. Anyway thanx for ur suggestion friend...
  21. iam little inclined to Honda/Hyundai/Toyota etc than the mahindra/tata... Tata Nano-Cheapest car- Surely needs an Applaud.... U are looking for the price..For this damn cheap price..its surely a gud bet..and as FRG puts it..Its Safer than Bike!!!! ur not looking into a 50 lac car and criticizing abt body build,performance,etc etc..ur looking at the cheapest there will be constraints!!!!
  22. Heard the Toyota is recalling many innova cars...some oil leakage it seems...but my car is gud...
  23. good car race Video... NJOY
  24. anyone had test drived it?? Hows the captiva against CRV?? Has the captiva come to market??