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  1. 800 is a real economy car we can't say its cramped. Its offers the comfort and space for the price u pay rt? So i would say maybach Since it cost 3 croes and only 5 or 6 are able to travel rt? Joking yar.
  2. Hi guys, I am a guy who has a great passion for the vehicle zen. I am from trivandrum, kerala. I own two zen , M800 and pulsar150. One of my ZEN is a 98 model carb and the other is 2005 model mpfi. Maruthi 800 is 1992 model carb and my pulsar 150 (Dtsi) is 2004 model. I think i will be having a great time with u all..
  3. Which is the best for zen? Will i be able to use a 14" alloy in ZEN?
  4. Maruti New ZEN (not estilo) - 15(city) and 19(highway) Maruthi old ZEN (with full automech exhaust kit) - 14(city) and 17(highway) Marithi 800 (stock) - 18(city) and 21(highway)
  5. I am having a Automech Freeflow exhaust sytem for my Zen. I am in the process of changing my car. If anyone needs the free flow kit can message me so that we can make a fair deal. The kit includes the whole system from the manifold (header) to the tail end.