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  1. Likes; - Interior, Rear Seats feels more practical now thanks to the increased dimensions/space. - Ingenium Engine's 430 NM torque is ample sufficient & has great touring capabilities. - Suspensions's Ride Quality, Handling balance. - Looks are still its USP. Dislikes; - Base Model lacks flair and should have been avoided at launch as the top model (R-Dynamic) is only INR 3L more expensive than the base S. - Steering Wheel at high Speeds is not great (Remember it has no sport mode & hence the EPS doesn't stiffen up the way it should) - Alloy Wheel Design selected for the Indian spec. is very basic & lacks flair. - HUD missing (Even in the R-Dynamic variant), globally it is offered. VIDEO - http://youtu.be/k3EH1HUEWrw Other Miscellaneous Observations; - 99% of the 2nd Gen Evoque is all new & only the door hinges are carried over from previous/outgoing model. - New Gen Evoque is 14mm taller, 11mm longer & 6mm wider and than its predecessor. Overall a lot of design Inspiration has been taken from the RR Velar eg. Headlamps/TailLamps, Grille, Flush Door Handles etc. - Yet another 9 Speed ZF picking up from the 2nd gear from low speed/standstill, demonstrated in the video @ 9:18 onwards ... - Interior Dashboard design is much more sleek in this new generation of the Evoque. - Wheelbase has increased by 21mm, frees up some legroom. - Head room too has increased at the rear as the new gen is taller. Also the front seats are slimmer & scooped from behind which increases important knee room. - R-Dynamic trim is only INR 3L more expensive than the model tested (S Variant) & you get a much more fancy dashboard and also more features, the touch pro duo & an Meridian Sound System, Digital Instrument Cluster, Clear View Interior Mirror/Camera (Rear View is projected on the mirror to give better visibility) & on the exteriors you do get an R-Dynamic Kit as well. - Steering is well designed (But a bit too large) and gets new Touch buttons that change display everytime you touch them depending on the menu you're in, sort of being Contextual which is really cool. - Water Wading Depth is now 600 mm i.e. 100 mm more than the outgoing model. - The test car had the 2L Ingenium Diesel Engine, 180 hp & 430 nm of Torque. - There is NO Sport Mode, only ECO & Comfort. - The Evoque's suspension overall does a good job in having the stiffness for handling & suppleness for the ride quality. - Tyres were Good Year, Eagle F1 SUV All Season (Made in Germany), Size is 235/60 R18. - Approach Angle is 20.8 (An increase of three degrees compared to the previous generation) The breakover angle is 20.7 degrees (Reduced, may be due to more wheelbase) & Departure angle of 30.6 degrees (0.6 degree increase compared to the previous generation) Final Thoughts; Overall the wow factor which the 1st gen had, has been carried forward in the 2nd Generation thanks to all the Velar inspired design elements. For someone who loves the Velar & finds it too expensive or too big then this generation of the Evoque makes for a perfect buy
  2. Thanks Sachin ! The way Hyundai have designed the Creta the Kia already has an upperhand. Customers will only be attracted by Pano sunroof of the Creta. Rest its Game Over already. Lets wait & watch !
  3. 1st service got done at Shreenath Kia; The service included a General check up & also the under body inspection was done. In addition the AC, Air Filter cleaning was also done. The infotainment(software) was also updated. Was in & out within 2 hours including the wash & the interior vacuuming.
  4. Likes; - Looks (Exteriors + Interiors) - Engine Performance & Gearbox - Handling & Steering (Sport Mode really weighs up the steering well & is excellent for this segment) - Feature Packed (Its loaded, especially in this all options ticked GTX+ trim) Dislikes; - No Paddle Shifters (A Big miss for this Engine / Gearbox combo and should have been offered at-least in this GTX+ trim) - Ride Quality at low speeds is not that great. - Good Year Assurance Tyres (The size 215/60 R17 is Ok but the compound already feels hard & this selection makes the car understeer in some situations & also puts down the ride & handling capabilities / potential of the Seltos) - The GTX+ variant misses out on the Dual Tone Exterior Colour Option Video; ^ This is a driver focussed review of the 2019 Kia Seltos with the 1.4 Turbo Petrol in the GTX+ trim with the DCT gearbox. There is a talk on the much discussed Dual Clutch Transmission; There is a discussion on Engine Performance, Torque & responsiveness of this engine at various RPM range; Finally talk about the interior & seen here pointing out the irregularities of the screen + cluster integration which should have been seamless; Booking Experience; - I booked the car on day 1 when the official bookings started i.e. 16th July 2019. I had booked the top model in Automatic. - Around early August (about 3 weeks before the launch when the variant break up was released) i confirmed the dealership a GTX DCT variant with the Dual Tone option. (White with Black Roof spec). Was eagerly looking to have the car delivered on the day of the launch.However Kia India wasn't dispatching the GTX DCT variants and also the dual tone option production was uncertain. The waiting went into the month of September and people who had booked the car (like me) on day 1 looked like fools not getting their cars - In the meanwhile Kia announced the GTX+ DCT variant (IMO the late announcement was all a part of the plan which Kia India sweet coated as saying GTX+ DCT was launched due to customer demand which they listened to, however if you closely observe the ads they showcase the model has a sunroof & DCT too, hence it was always a part of the plan well before the announcement) listened to customer demand and i had the option of upgrading my booking around mid September. I was mentally prepared to wait for a few more days anyways coz wanted to get the car now during the festive season of Narvratri or Dussehra (which was an even more preferred date in the family). Upon following up with the dealership & some Kia India officials i was updated that my car will be from the initial 1st lot. Around 21st September i got to know that my car is in production & by late September the car was dispatched from the factory. I was not too keen on the GTX+ variant & would have gladly accepted a GTX Dual tone on day 1 of the launch (or atleast in August) however this was probably a blessing in disguise as i got to upgrade to a GTX+ DCT variant. - Finally took delivery on 8th Oct. 2019 on the auspicious day of Dussehra. Dealership Experience; I booked the car at Kia Rathod Autolink (Vapi, Gujarat) on the 1st day when official bookings started. They were very transparent in communicating every update throughout the deal. Things like Vehicle Handling Charges, Basic Accessories Kit etc. weren't unnecessarily charged. Though i had the option of selecting my own insurance provider (where i got quotes of approx INR 52k, i still went with the official Kia insurance provider which was approx INR 64k as thats what i usually do for the 1st year. Standard Warranty is of 3 years. I opted for the 2 year extended warranty which cost me aprox INR 23k now making the total warranty of 5 years. The dealership was kind enough to give me OE Kia floor mats on FOC basis. Overall Dealership Experience, Positivity & Vibe was a full 10/10. Few Pictures from the Delivery Day; Other Miscellaneous Observations; - The Kia Seltos uses the modified K2 Platform from the Hyundai Kia family & by now everyone is aware this same platform will be used for the upcoming New Generation Hyundai Creta. - My Ecosport is a good handler & this is as good (may be better). However the Ecosport feels heavier & better built (Note my Ecosport is the 2014 1.5 Petrol with the DCT). - The Seltos does understeer & i blame the tyres. - The Paintjob, Glacier White Pearl (in my car) is excellent. The pearls can be observed clearly during day as well as night time. - The bonnet is really well sculpted from the both sides, giving a very muscular stance to the Seltos. - The indicator stalks are really premium to operate. - Rain Sensing wipers modes are visible & selectable through the cluster screen. - The TCU seems to be learning the driving style to adapt the clutch control in different driving environments/situations. - Acceleration in the DCT during the initial launch is slightly slower, but it does make up with faster in gear shift times. - BOSE System is an 8 speaker unit. Most of the people reported mixed reviews. Well i was one of them who initially did not really fancy this system. But with a few quick adjustments in the equaliser settings you can get it sounding better. Also the real test of the system is observed after 50% of the volume range and then you can finally touch the BOSE magic and you'l genuinely appreciate this system in a car of this segment. Im enjoying the music system and no complaints at all - The camera quality of the parking assistance as well as the blind spot monitors is Excellent. - Kia claims it has used a thicker Windshield for front wind noise reduction. In addition to that the overall refinement is also excellent thanks to damping material used in the Dash (Pu + Resin), Optimisation of design to reduce panel vibrations & also the driveshaft uses increased damping to achieve linearity in acceleration noise. - My favourite part of the interior design is this FLAT BOTTOMED steering wheel which is of exceptional quality, feels great to hold and use. Haptically perfect. - Horn sound tone is Excellent (Note: Its a Dual Tone setup) Kia India interestingly claim its 3 dB louder than competition. - HUD: I keep it tuned down in city limits. I do have to adjust my seat position as per the HUD screen which is not a good thing. Im aware about the HUD adjustments in the infotainment but still do have to go low down & then you lose the entire SUV upright seating. Hence that's just left for the highway while driving hard its a great visual to have without taking your eyes off the road. - Also as many people are already aware the HUD screen pops up with the press of a button, so if in case you forgot to put the screen down & are already outside the car, with the remote press the lock button it will automatically go down, just the way mirrors fold in by themselves. - The Sunroof is of decent size, hope people dont try coming out of it & say its too small. - The Sound Mood Lights can be changed from a variety of selection, however the dashboard ambient lighting remains red. - The interiors are very well lit at night and a nice place to be in, However the Power Window switches (only 1 switch gets illumination) & the mirror controls buttons are not having illumination is a slight disappointment. - Drive Selector Modes (Sand/Mud/Snow) on the Seltos remind you that the car can go OFF ROAD, but then you CANT because the Seltos is Front Wheel Drive. Best to keep your Seltos safe than to get carried away with those modes. - The keyless entry button is only on the driver side, im used to having it on both the sides in my Fortuner. - The Key Fobs (2 Provided) are of extremely good quality & feel very premium. Conclusion; So to conclude things i'd want to say that with the wide price bracket & various variants on offer there's a Seltos out there for everyone shopping in the 10-20 L price bracket. With the amount of bookings the Seltos has garnered, Kia India has proved that Car Sales are no longer dominated by any particular country or brand but by technology, features & futurism. P.S. - Shall keep on updating this ownership thread on a regular basis with pictures, FE Data, Road Trips & Other Experiences. Thanks for your attention
  5. Good News, earlier this week Porsche announced a 7 speed Manual for this 992 Gen 911
  6. Likes; - Engine Performance - Handling & Steering - Puts down power on the road very well for a RWD - Easy to Drive Fast Dislikes; - No Manual Transmission Yet - Rear Seat Space was disappointing - Indian pricing needs at-least a 12-15% downward correction The video includes a quick exterior walkaround; ^ The car was in this tremendous spec of Agate Grey Metallic + Satin Aurum Wheels combo It was my dream to breach the 300km/h speed barrier & thanks to the German Autobahns was able to fulfill this. Few moments are life changing & this was one of them; ^ What a feeling !!! Other Key Points & Observations; - The variant of 911 i was driving is the all new 992 Gen. Porsche 911 Carrera S. - The 911 had a good view out & a nice overall visibility which is much confidence inspiring when driving hard. - Strangely the car is not that easy to drive at slow speeds, particularly difficult to place in small city streets, overtaking larger vehicles in road construction temporary lanes on highways partly due to the increased wide body width of this gen 911. - It was good to see Porsche retain an analogue Revv Counter right in the line of vision. - Don't know why there is no HUD on offer on such a driver focussed car, was a big miss. - The rear camera is not that good. - The Porsche Communication Management's 10.9 inch touch screen was of just the right size & flawless in its operation. - Short tout gear lever is a good experiment, but im not a fan. - Cabin Quality is good for the sports car it is, but with the way it is priced in India its not special enough. - Bose sound system was good. - The 3L Turbo Flat 6 makes about 450 HP & 530 NM, which are not fancy figures but ENOUGH to keep you entertained & propel the car forward gear after gear. In-fact was very confidence inspiring to go full throttle and the car was putting down the power very well. - Redlines at about 7500 rpm which is good for a turbo petrol. - The Engine sounds sensational when going all out. - The PDK was a real strength when going all out no doubt but did feel jerky at low speeds. - Paddle Shifters felt good, but needed to be slightly larger. - The steering feels great all the time with ideal communicative feedback providing good grip & stability during high speed cornering. - Not sure whether my car had 4 wheel steering or not. - I personally did not like the way the pop out door handles were implemented, not a fan of those & found them complicating. - Brakes were excellent & so was the pedal feel. - My car did not have the nose lift feature, considering how low the 911 is, it would be an obvious necessity for prospective buyers here in India. - I crossed 300 km/h at-least on 5 occasions & the best top speed i could achieve was 315 km/h in the 6th gear & not 7th or 8th. - Do note that the variant of 911 (Carrera S) i was driving was a RWD. - I drove the 911 for about 410 kms. From Berlin to Leipzig & back to Berlin. - On full tank it has great fuel range of aprox 750 kms. Probably my car was equipped with the new optional 90 L Fuel Tank (that's huge). - The 911 was running on Super 98 Octane fuel. P.S. - The speeds done were on Unrestricted sections of the German Autobahns, hence no road closures were required to attempt such speeds. Im not a professional racing driver but i do have prior experience of driving on such sections in various other cars in Germany over many years.
  7. Likes; - Exterior Look, Upright Stance & Image - Interiors Still Rugged but Modernised - Modification Potential - Exclusivity (In India) Dislikes; - Though we get a full import but only one engine option & no 2 door variant. - No Manual Transmission option for India - Ride Quality (At Low Speeds), Handling & Steering feel (At high speeds) - Pricing (In India) VIDEO; Other Key Observations; - The variant i am driving was the 'Sahara'. - This gen Wrangler is codenamed ‘JL’ (replaces the ‘JK’). - There's a lot of wind noise at higher speeds (120 km/h +) Because of the lack of headliner & the overall construction of the Wrangler. - Great View of the Squared off hood, hinges while driving is reassuring that you are JEEPING ! - Exterior, specially the front face of the Wrangler stays true to its heritage with the iconic round headlamps & the 7 slat grille design. The Rear retains the spare wheel and newly designed typical bolt on look for the tail lamps. From the Side thanks to the massive fenders which by the way can accommodate 35" tyres, the high ground clearance & boxy proportions give the Wrangler a very confident 4x4 stance. - There was a time when i was running really low on fuel where i had about 30 miles range remaining with 26 miles distance to cover for the destination & no sign of fuel stations on that freeway hence had to take an off ramp into a local village to get fuel. That time i was tracking the Fuel Economy & it returned aprox 9.5 km/l which is not bad for the size & weight of this Jeep. - The engine was the 3.6L V-6 Engine ( I believe its the same 'Pentastar' engine of Chrysler, Dodge etc. ) - The V6 engine is smooth but lacks low end grunt. - The 2L Turbo Petrol launched in India is supposed to be 35% more economical & has 50 NM more torque. - Gearbox was an 8 speed Automatic unit. - Handling is good but still feels truck like. Enjoyable at low speeds but high speeds you may not feel adventurous. - Ride Quality gets better with speed. - Though the Wrangler is large and imposing but the interior is not exactly spacious. - Interior as i said earlier is very rugged plus has elements such as exposed roll bars, thick pillars, upright windshield & meaty switch gear all adding to the Jeeps character. - I could not take the Wrangler off road but it felt like a true Off Road Warrior. - Jeep India recently (9th August 2019) launched this latest gen Wrangler in India for INR 63.94L (All India, Ex-Showroom Prices). Conclusion; The 2019 Jeep Wrangler has the right blend of Jeeps History, Ruggedness & technology to deliver a proper Modernised Jeeping experience. PS - This review has been compiled after driving the 2019 Jeep Wrangler for more than 1200 kms over many days in various cities, across many highways & different weather conditions.
  8. Likes; - Acceleration & Instant Torque - Gadgetry - Space - Ride Quality Dislikes; - Steering Feel (Vague for cornering & fun) - Lack of Buttons (Everything, right from the mirrors to the AC vents have to be controlled via the screen which can be distracting & irritating) Concerns; - Long Term Reliability - Battery Recyclability VIDEO; The video consists of some acceleration pulls, discussion on performance, ride quality & handling as a 1st time Tesla driver; A talk about the minimalistic interior + the 15" screen; & the recharging experience; Other Key Observations; - The car can be accessed via its app, but as mine was a rental i had a KEY, just like a credit card or your hotel room key, TESLA provide this cool solution, impressive for short term but long term i think you will miss inserting the key & cranking the engine as that's a lot more emotional. - Things like adjusting the steering too has to be accessed via the steering and adjust via the audio control knobs on the wheel. - There are no door levers inside the cabin as the doors open with a push of a button. - The maps were great & never lagged. - The maps with the real time traffic also had some cool graphics of the cars around & those would turn red if they are too close & activate the steering correction. - To open the trunk and also the glove box you have to access the screen. - Roof is all glass and goes all the way upto the trunk. Point to be noted is that it doesn't open at all. - The leather used for the seats is vegan (not sure why, may be just a fancy way for saying synthetic) - Should have no maintenance and very low running cost in the initial years. - Exteriors, the looks are subjective but my spec. did look the part in this white with dark rims combo. - Ground clearance is kinda low, for India it will need correction. - Cameras all around do record stuff too. Conclusion; I had the Model 3 with me for about 3 days and drove aprox 300 miles in an around LA, California. To conclude things it will be fair to say that the Model 3 is an very attractive package for both the young and old audience out there. Even the enthusiast will like it for it's speed & performance. But it still feels like an electronic appliance and in the long term if the parts start to fail, it may not be as easy to fix as our conventional mechanical cars & that time this may feel just like an disposable electronic device. Being a petrol head & not much of a fan of EV's this was a refreshing experience for me, however I did not really fancy owning one after driving it. If this is the future i'd like to own one eventually & not grab it immediately.
  9. Nice to see a report of an high mileage GERMAN, well done !
  10. Pros; - Engine Power & Exhaust Note (Fastest Accelerating Sedan In India with a great sound in RACE Mode) - Grip (4Matic+ Makes it easy to put down 612 HP & 850NM) - Handling & Braking (This combination boosts confidence for spirited driving) - 9 Speed MCT Unit (This Gearbox never Disappointed) Cons; - Seats from the AMG GTR tend to get uncomfortable in long journeys (Best to pick regular Sport Seats) - Exhaust Tips at the rear are FAKE (Shockingly disappointed) - The car came with a host of safety features but wanted to talk about the Brake Assist, which is tricky as the car auto brakes when detecting another car in front specially when you are changing lanes on a crowded Indian highway this system is bound to get confused. It did majorly surprise me on the 1st occasion, thankfully not at high speed, Hence i kept it off. Sadly you cant turn it off for good, everytime you start the car you need to turn it off again. VIDEO; The video starts off discussing the Supercar culture in Mumbai which has become pretty monotonous; Then i discuss why the twin turbos are placed between the cylinder banks of this 4L engine, 4Matic + System, 9 speed MCT unit & other details of this Mercedes AMG E63s; Key Observations & Highlights; - This 4L V8 engine has 612 bhp & 850 NM of torque, yes Mercedes has given this car more power than even the AMG GTR. - Though this car has a twin turbo setup the turbo lag is non existent & thats majorly because the turbos are located within the V & not outside the v8 hence giving instant throttle response whenever needed. Mercedes call this arrangement the HOT V. - This car also has the cylinder de-activation tech, where if you are driving in comfort mode this will turn into a 4cyl instead of 8, providing better economy & all this is pretty seamless & you dont realise this transition at all. - The car can run on regular fuel, though i filled Power (1 level up over the regular fuel) but if it ran flawlessly on that fuel then i believe it should do OK on regular fuel too. (Note: F10 M5 ran on regular fuel as well) - The 4Matic+ does an excellent job to give whatever physical traction is available before the electronics kicking in & Thank god this is an AWD in regular modes as its any way scary & with a RWD only it would have been pretty dangerous to drive on street (concrete roads particularly) roads & specially during monsoons. - Thanks to the 4Matic+ the 0-100 km/h is achieved < 3.4 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating sedan in India. - To engage Drift Mode you have to be in RACE Mode & pull both the paddles for 5 seconds, this smartly disengages the AWD & turns into a 100% RWD. - Drift Mode was unavailable (de-activated) on my test car. - The gearbox is NOT a dual clutch, also not a typical torque convertor, but this is a 9 speed AMG Speedshift MCT, here the MCT stands for MULTI CLUTCH TECHNOLOGY (Not sure how many clutches though) - With so much power this car needs good stopping power & thanks to the 6 piston brakes up-front it does really well, i barely used engine braking which says that i was confident that the brakes are working well & wont get me into trouble. (Note: The car was on optional Carbon Ceramics) - The car came with 20" rims, but still thanks to the soft compound Pirelli PZero tyres & the Air Suspension the ride quality is good enough for a super sedan, it has shades of the regular E-Class again thanks to the magical Air Suspension i.e. When in Comfort Mode. - Loved the steering (Elecetro-mechanical unit) - The car has LSD (Limited Slip Differential) which aids traction to achieve those acceleration times. - The E63 S comes standard with with dynamic engine mounts. These dynamic mounts are meant to instantly and variably able to adapt their stiffness to the driving conditions and requirements. - The ground clearance is good enough, if you are careful you'l NEVER scrape the belly. - The car does come with a suspension/ride height raise feature too which takes care off the nasty bumps. - The E63S as a package is hard to fault, so if you can afford one of these @ INR 1.5 cr Ex-Showroom it will surely not disappoint. But with so much of gadgetry & electronics maintaining an AMG post warranty will be another challenge altogether. Conclusion; So overall it pains to see that the entire motoring experience has watered down to photoshoots of cars, instagram posts, tags & shoutouts. If you are a supercar owner & happen to own one such super sedan which probably is as FAST AS A LAMBORGHINI as fun as a BMW M car & feels as safe as an AUDI QUATTRO irrespective of whether you are driving in the city, highway or in traffic this surely makes it a perfect Family Man's SUPERCAR.
  11. FYI - The current model on sale & the model in these spy pics both are "2nd generation". Hence the one spotted is the 2nd gen refresh / facelift.