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  1. Though this is 'badged' as an RR Sport, IMO there are much chances of this being the EVOQUE XL (LWB) Check out this story; http://www.carmagazi...-Range-scooped/ Also i found another spy pic of the 'badged' RR sport, with may be the garage owner, LOL
  2. The XJR is having the same engine present in the XFR-S ; XFR-S does the 0-100 sprint in 4.4 secs. The interesting thing is that the XFR-S weighs about 1987 kgs & the larger XJ R weighs 1870 Kgs (XJ Super Sport weight taken for reference) So the 0-100 timing of about 4 secs is quite achievable. * Weights as per Jaguar website
  3. 8L discount is being offered on the 530d(M-Kit Version)
  4. Did you check out 525 d ? The new 525 now develops 218 hp (previous was 204) also good discounts going on on it as the LCi is round the corner
  5. XJ supersport already does 0-100 in 4.7 secs The XJR will be about 4 secs XJ SS is kerb weight is about 1870 kg as comparing to an M5 i.e.1945 kg This is gonna be one quick KITTY for sure Source : http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/News/Search-Results/First-Official-Pictures/Jaguar-XJR-2013-first-official-pictures/
  6. There would be many people ready to buy the ring at that price, well IMO it is not 'only' about buying, but also 'maintaining' the track (which is very expensive & one of the reasons for the debt) May be BMW-Audi-Merc should co-partner this buy. The above car companies use the ring on a regular basis hence they can afford the purchase price & the maintenance cost as well. Also in the long run they will be able to write these cost off "Development/R&D cost" and benefit tax savings.
  7. May be to install the jet black 'sunfilm' ... (typical of launch cars/show stoppers) Or may be for a last minute polish/wax job Or may be denting/painting (may have been damaged in transit) Just saying
  8. I still feel this variant should have eyed <5L tag for the base
  9. Swift DDis should be the best option (Great looks, good comfort+handling, & also Zdi has integrated music system & off course Maruti is a safe bet when u want to resale too), & also now there is an offer going on Swift D for an instant delivery ; http://motoroids.com/news/maruti-suzuki-offering-instant-delivery-of-swift-diesel-variants/ ^ should'nt be missed as the waiting list is normally pretty long 2nd option to consider is the i20 diesel
  10. The 'Ring is For Sale' (and it's scaring me)... If you haven't heard already, the Nürburgring is for sale. The whole thing, lock, stock and karussell. Depending on your viewpoint, it's either an amazing opportunity or a woeful state of affairs that illustrates everything wrong with the government and politicians of today. But what's scaring is imagining who is looking at this big for sale sign and thinking that it's an opportunity. Jens Lieser, the state-appointed liquidator, has gone on record to say that the whole thing is for sale, not just the concrete jungle of arena, museum and impotent rollercoaster. A potential buyer could walk away from the table with the F1-spec Grand Prix circuit and the humongous money-maker that is the 20.8km Nordschleife. Maybe it will be sold in pieces, maybe it will be sold in one chunk. Not only is this some prime real estate, but it's practically the centre of the automotive universe. And how many parties are interested? It began with 50, and at the last count we're down to "between 5 and 10" serious buyers. "And not a single Oligarch or Sheik amongst them,' we're assured. Wonderful(!). " There's no way the government can hang on to something like the 'Ring. The EU are all over it. From the EU's point of view, the German government has been caught red-handed spending taxpayers' money on a private project to the benefit of only a handful of 'businessmen'. Domestically the Nürburgring is competing with other circuits like Oschersleben, Hockenheim and Lausitzring. Within the EU it's butting heads with greats like Le Mans, Silverstone and Monza. When Government-owned businesses are competing against the private industry, it all has to be above board and 100% transparent. The only thing clear about the Nürburgring in the last few years is that it's swallowed over 400 million euros of taxpayers' money. That's not fair, is it? It doesn't matter that it was wasted on a bunch of crap like the rollercoaster and the boulevard. They are going to sell it. They're going to wipe their hands of the whole sorry mess, take a paltry cash sum (offers are in the region of only €125 million for the whole thing) and by doing that they're going to throw the whole region to the wolves of independent capitalism. All I can hope for is a fair and equal battlefield, where the local hotels and businesses like Rent4Ring get to offer their products on an equal footing to the new track owners... wish us luck! " Source : http://bridgetogantry.com/2/index.ph...t-s-scaring-me
  11. Punto replacement, the RENAULT SCALA has arrived now Daily drive & yes chauffeur driven
  12. + 1 to that, i agree Thank god i dont have to make a choice, coz i anyway drive a Fortuner
  13. New spy photos of the 5 Lci taken at the BMW official photoshoot; Lci vs Current gen; If you notice BMW has added a "line" from the headlights to the grille possibly because they want a better transition into the next gen 5-series model, which will most likely have the headlight-grille connection which has been seen on the F30 Mechanically the 5 Lci should get a reworked steering, rest same. Tentative official launch : NY Auto show
  14. Current polo is just about 4m The sub 4m sedan should be an interesting looking car
  15. Yes, indeed bulky, but seems it is a big improvement from the previous gen Rodius; Which looked utterly hideous
  16. Ssangyong Rodius; ^ Manhindras to be Evalia, Ertiga competitor.
  17. Production ready Suzuki S Cross (C-Segment Crossover); Teaser video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7dCcHtagmQ8
  18. Looks crazy enough to be the most powerful FERRARRIIIIII !!! However the name should been inspired from various italian racing horses like a Tornese or Crevalcore. Or may be " FIERA " (translates to WILD ANIMAL)
  19. The Wraith revealed; http://www.autocarindia.com/News/335335,rolls-royce-wraith-revealed.aspx
  20. I doubt this is the upcoming 5er LCI IMO Looks like an uncleared 520i inventory
  21. I think this should do that job even better
  22. Mercedes will soon be offering this six-wheeled version of the G63 AMG. Was originally developed for the Australian military back in 2011, the G63 AMG 6x6 officially will go on sale in October 2013. Currently, Mercedes is expecting sales of between 20 and 30 units annually. In action; Pricing should be aprox : U$ 457,000 Making new G63 AMG 6-wheeler second most expensive Mercedes-Benz car after the SLS AMG. This simply means that the new variant will cost three times more than the standard G63 AMG.
  23. Hey Shitij, Thank you ! The positive thing about the Bimmers are that they somehow feel <50 km/h then they are actually clocking so yes @ 185 it felt pretty stable. Have clocked 255 km/hr as per HUD (should be 5 km/hr speedo error as factory quoted top speed is 250) FE in city limits (traffic + internal highways) is in the range of 8.5 - 9.5 km/l On highways if you have a light foot + ECO pro mode & manual mode (too maintain low rpm) you can easily achieve 13 km/l. On high spirited runs FE can get as low as 4.5 - 6 km/l