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    New Passat?

    IMO it can be one of these; 1) strip down version of the passat is on test 2) It is a delivery car (coz the taping looks more for protection rather than camouflage) - Also the taping on the rims - as seen, is done for protection during transit
  2. Wait a minute, what D max is coming ? Is it this; ? ? ? ( as spied ) Or this ??? ( as pictured ) ; If it is the latter it is MAXX BANG for the BUCK If not then IMO the Xenon is a better option
  3. The price difference b/w the Dmax & MU 7 is vaaaast ... @ Isuzu - Keep the Extra 46 hp & 500 cc of displacement with you, i shall buy the D-Max & be satisfied with it Thank you so much
  4. +1 IMO this is how it will look once it is opened;
  5. I somehow dont understand the steep pricing (so what if 2-3 lakhs cheaper than T-Fort) IMO the 3 SUVs' namely Endeavor, MU 7 & the FORCE ONE all are the same in design. & If i were to pick at this point of time (post Mu7 launch) id put my money on FORCE ONE
  6. Looks more like an Estilo Replacement (no wonder the production was stopped)
  7. 3 GT's commercial is out; Specs / Corporate ppt; Product Data Video;
  8. Beat has its positives IMO it is way better looking car, funkier interiors, excellent drive-ability. But still its cheaper than the Figo ? be it marginally but still ... so why not is that a good pricing ? Mind you, i have nothing against the Figo.. IMO it is one of the most rounded package (needs more power under the hood though) - Again not comparing with the Beat ^ Above are more managerial mistakes So what most cos. have done mistakes; Less spoken about Ford the better (eg. Mondeo, New Fiesta etc) In fact Figo was the savior - Also ask the IKON owners regarding spare parts availability & hear them speak , lol Fiat (Tata association) Renaults entry (With Mahindra) Goes on ... so what ? Point no. 6 - There have been many incidents where other car Companies have also been negligent ( For example very recently A customer booked 110 ps Duster he got delivered an 85 ps) Point no 5 - There have been service packages where a car like Spark has almost nil cost for 3 years. Also my Cruze is cheaper to maintain than an Laura ( Previously owned a 1.9 PD L&K ) - Comparing because its same segment ^ Ok, another point where this time i will give a negative point to GM which will be that the SONIC Based hatch shouldve been launched instead of the U-VA, likewise SONIC based sedan other than this. Bala plz remember i am in accordance with your statements but last 3 years GM India has done some good reviving & IMO i think GM needs a pat on the back.
  9. I LOVE IT !!! This 'rolla looks so much more aggressive with the added muscle. Surely a winner Now plz upgrade the 1.4 D-4D
  10. Leaked ? IMO it is official Heres the pdf; BMW_3_Series_Gran_Turismo_PR.pdf
  11. IMO the A-star needs Discontinuation (like Estilo) rather than updation
  12. At last ? IMO GM has always been fair in pricing (since 2009 i.e. post bankruptcy & Karl Slyms role in Indian Operation) The Spark, Beat have done well Infact when the CRUZE was launched it was priced well too Likewise as soon as the Cruze was launched the Magnum prices were corrected & immediately Magnum did good nos. too for a while.
  13. Fun to Drive A/T ; Vento / Rapid Spacious A/T's ; Sunny / Scala Features + Looks A/T option; Verna ^ Above all are Petrols If you want an Diesel A/T only options is Verna A/T The suggestions are made of Sedan A/Ts as your budget is 10L A/T Hatches are available too like : i20,Brio etc
  14. + you get paddle shifters (not present in the base 520, & i think not in the A6 2.0 Tdi as well) + the tires being 235/55 on 17"ers are the widest and the most cushiony as rest are 225 on 55s Also the Jag has a full size spare wheel
  15. All this is very un-inspiring When is the Tsi line up coming in
  16. Exactly !!! Also it is better to respond to beeps than look @ the camera and back it up
  17. LOVE the rear of the bodykit .. front is wannabe aggressive but overall , well done TATA
  18. Any updates ? Plz do consider the Jag XF 2.2 too
  19. Id suggest a JETTA over an ELANTRA
  20. Wraith draws inspiration from the story of the Honorable Charles Rolls, one of the company's founding forefathers and a man who indulged a passion for innovation, engineering and, most importantly, adventure. Rolls was a passionate racing driver, balloonist and aviator winning the praise of King George V, who hailed him the 'greatest hero of the day' on becoming the first person to cross the English Channel and return non-stop in a flying machine. Like Rolls, the new car will embrace the very finest things in life - elegance, beauty, refinement and luxury - to be enjoyed by a new generation of confident gentlemen and women. It will boldly shape the future of Rolls-Royce, building on the success of Phantom and Ghost, targeting to bring new customers to the marque. The WRAITH as is based on the GHOST will be 200mm shorter overall (at about 5200mm) with around 180mm lopped off the saloon’s (GHOST) 3295mm wheelbase. Kerb weight should be around 2300kg, roughly 200kg less than the standard GHOST saloon. The roofline is 60-70mm lower than the GHOST, but the car is still higher than most and offers commanding seating. RR engineers say drivers will also notice greater agility thanks to tauter suspension, bigger tyres, reduced weight and size and a chassis lowered by 10mm Heres a render inspired from the GHOST of the WRAITH;