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  1. Sweet This should take care of the VW CROSS POLO
  2. More teaser pics of the WRAITH surface up, this one form RR's recently updated FB cover page; Some spy pics of the WRAITH undergoing testing; Side profile somehow reminds me of the '68 Mustang Shelby GT; Rear 3/4 view; Rolls-Royce says, the Wraith will be “the most dynamic, powerful, and beautiful car in the company’s history.” IMO this car should reveal the darker side of Rolls Royce Brand
  3. Exactly !!! A premium pick up truck would be like a Fortuner Pick up truck or may be Pajero Sport ( like Triton pictured above ) Just one should start and the other sill follow the trend
  4. I couldnt find Torque pro on Appstore ( i-phn) But there is OBD2 which is a free app
  5. Safe ? IMO being a Minor DONT DRIVE !!!
  6. Good to see premium brands offering a larger variety of options in their basket. Being a CBU why not ? On 2nd thought the Aventador wait list is already too long (> 12-16 months) As Aventador production is limited to 600 units per year. These two articles here where the 1st link says the story about India & 2nd about the global shortage too ; 1) http://news.yellowpages.co.in/catego...hini-aventador 2) http://www.hauteliving.com/2012/07/l...nth-wait-list/ I dont know how Lamborghini copes with the demand of the Roadster. Suppose say there are 25 ready customers for the Roadster. Knowing the demand globally Not more than 10 Roadsters will be allotted to India. So what about the rest 15 ? Premium ? Why not No doubt the customers of a Lamborghini wouldnt mind paying premium like this man here; http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1...r-waiting-list DEMAND and no SUPPLY will back fire
  7. I think both are different cars (blue is hatch & white is the CS version), i say this referring to the C-Pillars of the respected cars are different IMO
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    Hey ZUBER , welcome to the ACI Forum
  9. Happyy New Year to the ACI Family , Keep REVVING !!!
  10. Driving dynamics wise no doubt the 5'er is better But the 5'er will get an LCI update any time soon So the A6 will be a better bet (do keep in mind the A6 is FWD)
  11. Punto will get an updated version soon dont put your money there. + the service is an issue If you liked the Ritz you would love the Swift D too (better dynamics + Better looks) So i think Swift D would be an apt 1st car buy
  12. The food @ Manas resort is just average. Service is also very average again. Road side im not sure if there are any good dhaabas. But theres one called " Bhagat Tarachand" a bit before the Kasara ghat toll naka which is pretty good & highly recommended. Theres great parking too. Nope we hadnt hired any professional photographer. My friend clicked the pics rest was edited by me Glad you liked the pics
  13. Theres only one battery i.e. located in the boot It was thru BMW Financial Services. The ex-showroom cost is aprox 38L Regarding driving down i agree it would have been more fun but doing so with an un-registered vehicle is always a task to get thru the police checks etc ( even though had a CRTM ) ^ It is ok to ferry it for a short distance like from Maharashtra to Gujarat ( i have done it many times before on previous buys ) but this was different so did not take the risk. Yes, regarding the decision over the 5'er i agree the 5'er would have been more practical may be more snob but theres one thing you cannot ignore when you're buying your first bimmer & that is Power .... HORSEPOWER
  14. Nope, not at all. Taigun will definitely launch in < 10L segment. Also, VW already have a car for the 20L Segment; That is the Tiguan;
  15. Also to mention the coming of ABARTH brand in India for 2013 is a aggressive move by Fiat.
  16. You may have got this right, if you refer Autocar India Jan edition (pg 19) it states that the Abarth Punto may be launched for an affordable price tag of 6-8 lakhs (local assembly) How did u know this ? U work for Fiat or something man ? Ha ha ?
  17. Seasons Greeting from BMW; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gga4eS4iafY Have a BLAST this holiday season & ROCKET into the NEW YEAR, the BMW way PS - Do notice the "M" powered jingle bells track being played in the background
  18. Maruti is forgetting its an VVT under the hood and not a DDIS. I think post the K adaptation to their engines, they have gone "K"razy with their pricing
  19. Thats a good render, but tell you what lets keep our fingers crossed that Hyundai dont give such a poor looking sedan to us. The market is already flooded with bad looking boot jobs (like Dzire, Amaze etc) Lets hope this is a pretty one.