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  1. I suppose the STOCK SIZE is 195/60 R15 If you want a premium tyre COMFORT tread then your options should be; 1) Michelin Primacy LC ^ Yes it is expensive but truly worth it ( Running this setup on my Renault Scala, truly impressed with the ride & handling) 2) Continental Premium Contact 2 ^ was running this setup on my Punto ( 2nd set ) If you want a good blend of both comfort & handling then; - Yokohama DB Series is very good ( currently running these on my Cruze , 215/55 setup) Performance/Handling spec; Yokohama ES 100 (was running on my Punto) ^ Good handling , good tread design but life is short like say 30-35k kms max Regarding upsize i.e. 205/60 i am not sure how good is this , yes may increase the ground clearance by a whisker, may be members here owning a Linea may suggest you regarding the upsize if is a good idea or not.
  2. Recently we at Deutsche Dash Touring had gone out for a run at Kasara Ghat, Igatpuri This was the 1st time took my car for a run in the hilly / ghat sections of Igatupri. Also the 1st time drove a RWD car in the Ghats & i tell you what it sure may not be the fastest run towards Igatpuri but sure was thee most Exciting one Note : Had not engaged Sport + (which de-activates the DTC) as i wasnt too confident also there was light to moderate traffic so was in Sport mode only. I tell you what the Sport mode really gave me a trailer of how things would look like in Sport +. So yes the Sport mode does allow the Oversteer to happen but in a very controlled & safe manner. Couldnt capture pics of the Kasara ghat section, but some pics of the drive id like to share; The line up; BMW Performance power kitted 320d; Audi A4 3.0 Tdi; BMW 530d; & my car ; Some pics from the drive; Brunch halt @ Manas Resort, Igatpuri En Route Mumbai @ NH 3;
  3. Should eat up into the Verna sales for sure. Also today Verna is going into 12-13 Lakh category ( which was earlier CIVIC category) & i see this new i20 sedan will slowly be pushed into the Vedrna category i.e. 8-9 L segment ^ I think we as consumers are " just being played " Does Looks good !!! Fluidic culture has done good to Hyundai designs. However i feel the best adaptation of the Fluidic design was showcased in the Sonata & all the other cars are just wanna be Fluidic
  4. How can u suggest him an Abaarth when he is looking at i20 segment ? Cmon man, I Dont think that will come less than a sticker price of 15L (ex-showroom)
  5. Rightly said, Duster is an old product no doubt. Global markets will see a facelift coming their way early next year & we got the car like about 6 months back. Considering facelifts are launched once in 3 years , that means that the DUSTER is almost 3 years old product sent late to India
  6. Found a pic online of the 2010 Ford Ecosport doing some more than mild off-roading; ^ will our 2012/13 version (4wd variant) handle this, i think hell yeah Note : This is the 1st gen ECOSPORT that was developed in early to mid 2000's for markets such as Brazil & other developing nations & was based on FORD FUSION platform Whereas, 2012 Ecosport is 2nd generation but based on the new Fiesta platform
  7. Expected launch date : 28th Jan ^ Hope theres no delay
  8. The stage is set & soon we will have the DUSTER vs ECOSPORT; ^ Cant wait
  9. And CARS TO GET A PRICE HIKE in JAN 2013 ; http://www.autocarindia.com/News/327030,carmakers-to-implement-price-hike-in-2013.aspx LOL, Whats the point ?
  10. Just give us the LINEA 1.4 T-JET in the PUNTO we will be more than happy
  11. I tell you what , these wheel covers are looking stunning IMO More BUTCH than the 4 spoke wheel design of the top end alloys
  12. In India there is a small niche customer base who cant do without a petrol (even if the Diesel is immensely refined) CRV will surely click there & i think Honda is content.
  13. The DEMAND (of < 10 L SUV's) is there, but the SUPPLY isnt ( Not enough Dusters/Quanto's i.e. too long waitlist ) so it will sell if priced anywhere < 10L If FORD plays BOLD and price the Diesel base @ 7 - 7.5 L then it should be a blind buy again
  14. Nice share !!! After seeing the Phantom escaping unhurt from the above stunts it is surprising to see how the Phantoms in India manage to get a sidewall cut/bubble on their tyre's just says how bad the Indian (specially Mumbai) Roads are, LOL
  15. Many things to say here, but just may not be able to freely say on this platform.
  16. Etios should be a blind buy & if you dont mind looking into the pre-owned segment , do look at the used Civics & Accord they are going really cheap as they are petrols & your running is pretty low too so i am sure you wouldnt mind. Also a pre-owned sparingly used Altis ( petrol ) you can get for about 5-6 L
  17. First Look : 2013 Octavia "VRS" : Spy pics Source : http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2012/12/scoop-new-2013-skoda-octavia-rs-with-vw.html
  18. I get 12-13 km/l in mix highway / city conditions you can expect 10% dip in FE from the 4 speed A/T Fortuner
  19. Fantastic design very aggressive lines. Btw the front look/styling kind of reminds me of the Mitsubishi Eclipse ;
  20. This still looks like the makeover/facelift model. Wait till the all new LR FL2 launches , im sure that will have the designe cues of the Evoque & should make way for 5 + 2 seat config as well. challenging but will be a game changer for sure.
  21. Renault India already manufactures & exports the 4x4 Duster's (under Dacia brand) for the UK market. This launch decision of the 4x4 variant should really keep the buzz alive for Renault if launched on or after the Ecosport launch.
  22. If you dont mind to stretch your budget slightly more do check out / consider the ML " 250" cdi as it is ultra VFM and is a large size SUV, priced @ 45L ex-showroom, will get pricey but lots of car @ that price