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  1. As the Cherokee is built on the same platform as the M-Class so even if the car is priced at 45L ex-showroom for the Diesel V6 it will undercut the ML by a good 10L & for people who understand cars the Cherokee would make more sense over the ML.
  2. F30 3'er is more driver oriented with an increased rear seat space more comfortable ride quality a larger dimension exterior making it look almost like a 5'er ( from rear & rear 3/4 angle) overall a very balanced sports sedan. Where as the Q3 though it is marketed as an "SUV" but it isint one, it is more like a Hatch " on steeroids " If you want a proper SUV with a commanding presence in the premium brands (as you say that your family is more inclined towards an SUV) at that price do consider these; 1) Volvo XC 60 ( D3) - 35.25L 2) 2012 LR Freelander 2 - 37L ^ Above are ex-showroom prices
  3. I suggest do consider the Verna A/T too , it will be a VFM not so much of problem with the After Sales like the VW/Skoda brands Also if you are looking at a "Spacious" petrol A/T well look no further than the Nissan Sunny A/T & if you want the same in a " prettier nose & boot " you can wait for the Renault Scala Petrol A/T which will launch in a couple of months from now. Regarding the CITY no doubt it still is the benchmark when it comes to petrol sedan < 10L but hey , there will be a " All new City" coming by early 2014 as the current gen Honda City is close to the end of its lifecycle.
  4. Regarding the compactness & cannibalizing may be youre right, but if you see for example Indigo eCS & Indigo Manza are actually similar but both doing good numbers so why not this ? In India if you give anything with a boot it will sell, but a large Hatch theres still time for that market to mature IMO
  5. PUSH START is now a feature which is being given in most " non driver oriented " Cars like the Micra / Sunny too , i think if the Auto Manufacturers get innovative with the positioning of the START Button, like on the GEAR LEVER or next to the GEAR , or something like VOICE MODULATED / VOICE CONTROL engine start , it will get more engaging , & these features make more sense on performance cars.
  6. Do check out the Renault Scala , i think it is one of the most beautifually designed nose & boot job done for a hatch to sedan conversion. Should slightly crawl over your budget but should be worth it.
  7. Yes, with your kind of running i.e. 1200 kms/month , a diesel will always be a sensible buy considering long term usage & resale value.
  8. The cat just got WILDER Finally a shade of blue that can take on the Estoril Blue fan following on the BM's ( M5 , F30 M sport ) Indeed it is a looker in motion, but this Jaguar could have with better rims as these look very Aftermarket'ish
  9. Though this " A" hatch looks better than the B class but the "A" should be launched in the sedan avatar as it will be a much better proposition and taste success immediately.
  10. I say this coz the CRUZE has spoilt me with this feature my BM has Passive start mut no Passive Entry & it gets irritating if you get used to "not" taking out key from pocket
  11. Finally it was time to get the car detailed ( exterior ) Kamyo guys arrived @ 9 am sharp at my place. The process consisted of Washing/Shampooing > Polishing > Glazing > Paint Sealing Here are some WIP pics; Special importance to the wheels on my instruction My all White Brigade now showroom fresh Kamyo Team Strength : 4 people Total Duration : 2hrz 45 mins Total Cost : Rs 4000/-
  12. Regarding the DRIVE & SAFETY; The drive is a pleasurable one especially the Ghat section after Neral is fantastic, Note it is equally risky, so do honk on blind curves ( because of the regular ferrying cab's over confident driving style ) The safety of parking at Dasturi point is fairly safe picking up the right spot is the key ( if possible carry your car cover )
  13. I think FORD is planning a Diesel AT trump card, may be thats the reason for the delay
  14. ^ Though the A4 comes close to the price tag of 320i but lets not forget the A4 is a Front Wheel Drive
  15. Truly should be a great deal considering it will be a RWD turbo petrol, 0 - 100 aprox 7.5x sec Even the pricing of 28.5 L * is sweet as against; Mercedes C 200 BlueEfficiency Rs 32.13 L * Audi A4 1.8 TFSI Rs 29.26 L * * All prices ex-showroom Mumbai A review of the 320i; http://performancedrive.com.au/2012-...ne-f30-review/ Another performance video review of the 320i;
  16. Not really , any way the Maruti is not being able to deliver the Dzire on time ( way too long waiting ) as the production is sometimes down or too slow. The launch of Amaze will not affect the sales as the market & demand for such cars is so huge.
  17. Verna as it is mostly CITY driving, And more feature rich than the Vento. VW makes one of the best M/T stick shifts , surprisingly you did'nt like it. However the Vento makes a strong case for itself for more Highways use. Also the After Sales Service wise or warranty wise the Hyundai will be better/cheaper in the long run.
  18. After seeing these designs it seems clear the new gen TATA SAFARI (whenever launched) will be killer looking + VFM ( Bye Bye XUV then )
  19. Another spy pic doing rounds on the internet ; The rear looks so non appealing, almost can be mistaken for a VAN Why launch such a product ?
  20. Thanks to Autocar team for the event. No doubt the Performance show is getting bigger & better by the year PS - Need better parking facility